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This is McMillan family history of those who emigrated into the area of South Georgia. Others would emigrate far and wide in the United States. It begins with Malcolm McMillan who emigrated to Wilmington in North Carolina from the Port of Greenock, in Scotland, along with his wife, Catherine (McArthur), and three sons, Daniel, Archibald, and Gilbert.
The following is the ancestry of the compiler. We are grateful for the research and book regarding these, and other McMillan lines. The book, Record of McMillan and Allied Families by Robert H. McMillan. Hardbound, 424 pages with US and Scotland photo pages - still in print. Click here to request author's address.

Malcolm McMillan, Sr.
GGGGG-Grandfather of Rachel Mavis Tomlinson-Mims

Generation No. 1

1. MALCOLM MCMILLAN, Sr. was born 1716 in Kintyre, Scotland, and died 1805 in Cumberland Co., N.C.. He married CATHERINE MCARTHUR. She was born 1716 in Kintyre, Scotland, and died 1805 in Cumberland Co., NC.

On ships list by A.R. Newsome in Records of Emigrants from England and Scotland to North Carolina, 1774-1775, Malcolm is listed as age 58, with his wife and three of their sons, Daniel, Archibald and Gilbert. They landed at Wilmington, N.C. on board ship Ulysses. They were traveling with other friends and family members, which are listed in the book, Record of McMillan and Allied Families by Robert H. McMillan. They traveled up Cape Fear River to join relatives and friends in Cumberland Co.
Malcolm McMillan settled near his two sons, John and Malcolm Mcmillan, who had emigrated to Cumberland County earlier in the year of 1774.
Malcolm McMillan's will was probated in 1805 in Cumberland Co, N.C.

Generation No. 2

2. MALCOLM MCMILLAN, Jr., the son of Malcolm and Catherine McArthur, was born 1746 in Kintyre, Scotland, and died 1825 in Richmond Co., NC. He married MARY MCINTYRE Abt. 1773 in Kintyre, Scotland. She was born Abt. 1748 in Kintyre, Scotland, and died in NC.

Malcolm and his brother, John McMillan who were Scotch Highlanders sailed from Greenock Scotland and landed at Wilmington, N. C. early in the year 1774, before their mother and father arrived later in the same year. They traveled up the Cape Fear River and settled in Cumberland County, N. C. near friends and relatives already living there.
The first Census of North Carolina, 1784 to 1787, lists Malcolm McMillan living in Richmond Co., N.C. Richmond was created in 1779 and Robeson Co., N.C. was created in 1776.
The first Federal Census was taken in 1790. This Census lists about 15 McMillan families, living in Robeson Co., N. C.
After the death of Malcolm McMillan, Sr. in 1825, the court in Richmond County, N.C., appointed Malcolm McMillan, Jr. of Robeson Co. NC as administrator of the estate of his father. This administration was in the court for 10 years and finally settled in 1835.

Generation No. 3

3. DANIEL3 MCMILLAN, son of Malcolm, Jr. and Mary McIntyre, was born 1778 in Camden Co., N. C., and died 1838 in Irwin Co., Ga.. He married MARGARET SMITH 1806 in Camden Co. GA, daughter of ARCHIBALD SMITH and JANE MCARTHUR. She was born 1785 in Cumberland Co., N. C., and died 19 Sep 1819 in Irwin Co., Ga..

Daniel McMillan received a land grant in 1804, of 201 acres of land, in Camden Co., Ga., from the state of Georgia. This lot is located about 7 miles south of Nahunta on Highway 301 south, the land borders the highway on the east side. By 1808, he owned all of lot #114 in Camden Co., GA. When Margaret (Smith) McMillan died, Daniel buried her in the southwest corner of this property. She lies in an unmarked grave in this old cemetery, where in 1930, a small church was built nest to the cemetery. He and his family are listed on the 1820 Camden Co., GA Federal Census.
In 1826, Daniel sold this property, and with his children and slaves, moved to Irwin Co., GA, 5th District, where he settled and built a log house. This house, which has been remodeled several times is still standing.
This became the first established McMillan home place and family cemetery in South Georgia. The cemetery is located across the highway from the home place. Slaves are also buried in this family cemetery. The head markers were made of cypress, neatly cut board 1 inch thick, 6 inches wide and round on top.
Daniel McMillan is buried in this cemetery in an unmarked, bricked up grave about 12 inches above the ground, cemented over the top. The well-kept cemetery is still used by all the family in that community today.
Daniel and his family are listed on the 1830 Irwin Co., GA Federal Census.
Daniel sold the home place in 1835 to his oldest son, John.

Generation No. 4

4. ARCHIBALD4 MCMILLAN, son of Daniel and Margaret (Smith), was born 08 Jul 1814 in Montgomery Co. Ga., and died 27 Feb 1898 in Osierfield, GA. He married MARGARET "PEGGY" YOUNG 19 Dec 1839 in Irwin Co., GA, daughter of THOMAS L.YOUNG and MARY BEATY. She was born 20 Aug 1826 in Irwin Co., GA, and died 22 Oct 1902 in Osierfield, GA.
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Archibald was born in Camden Co., GA, now Brantley Co. In 1826, his father, Daniel sold this land and moved the 5th district of Irwin Co., GA. This property later was cut into Berrien Co., when it was created in 1856.
This old home place is where "Archie" grew up and married. He is buried at Osierfield, Ga., in the private McMillan cemetery there.
In 1973 the old home was still there and the first McMillan cemetery is across the road on the west side of the highway. The original cemetary has a wrought iron fence around it.
Archibald and Peggy joined Brushy Creek Primitive Baptist Church in Irwin Co., GA in 1866.
In 1840, one month after he married, he purchased 490 acres of land from his wife's father, Thomas Young for $50.00 This is where Archie and Margaret built their home and lived until death.
Archie's oldest son, John, settled just east of Osierfield and it was here the McMillan family cemetery at Osierfield was started. This is where Archie and Peggy are buried.

Generation No. 5
5. ARCHIBALD M.5 MCMILLAN, son of Archibald and Margaret "Peggy" (Young) was born 29 Jan 1852 in Irwin Co., GA, and died 29 Mar 1934 in Lenox, Colquitt Co., GA. He married NARCISSA LOTT 06 Dec 1877 in Coffee Co., GA, daughter of JOEL LOTT and BEADY VICKERS. She was born 10 Mar 1860 in Coffee Co., GA, and died 20 Aug 1930 in Lenox, Colquitt Co., GA.
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In 1880 "Archie" sold his property in Irwin Co., GA and moved to the eastern part of Colquitt Co., GA, where he bought a farm near the county line of Colquitt. This is where he and his wife, Beady lived until their deaths. They are both buried in the McMillan Cemetery in Colquitt Co., GA.

Generation No. 6

6. MARY LEE6 MCMILLAN, daughter of Archibald M. and Narcissa (Lott) was born 03 Dec 1879 in Cook Co., GA, and died 23 May 1913 in Lenox, Colquitt Co., GA. She married LEVIN G. TOUCHTON 12 Feb 1900 in Colquitt Co., GA, son of WILLIAM JEFFERSON TOUCHTON and LUCINDA CINDRILLA ROBERTS. He was born 18 Apr 1875 in Echols County, Georgia, and died 01 Nov 1952 in Brooks County, Georgia.
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Mary Lee McMillan Touchton died in childbirth, and is buried in the McMillan Cemetery in Colquitt Co., GA, along with her mother and father.

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