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Genealogy Page for Relatives of Mimi Torchia Boothby

Tom Torchia                       Lucia Melino                        Perryman Bashore                       Winnie Langley                        Maddalena Terza
Go here for the Boothby Surname Page
British Boothbys This lineage history was supplied by David Boothby of Hertfordshire, England
Transcribed Birth, Marriage, and Death records of selected italian towns, here
Ellis Island records of Sersale Natives
Go here for Hall and Bashore
Go here to meet LIVE italian relatives in Sersale
POINT a great organization for Italian Genealogists
Meet my grandparents, Tom and Maddalena Torchia
Meet my other grandparents, Lucy and Jim Fressola
See where the Fressola Family came from Atena Lucana
Melino Surname Page
Sersale Vital Statistics: Index of births for 1806-1870's : Vital Statistics  Not all done yet, but check it out!!
19th Century Calabrian Names for men
19th Century Calabrian Names for women
Italian Given Names
14th century Florentine names for men
Old Occupational names in English
Mickey Maffei's Recollections another cugino!
Go here for photos of Thomas and Winnie Boothby
The Langley Family Database
Click on the portrait to read Josiah S. Boothby's affadavit for a pension for his ill health suffered because of his tour of duty during the Civil War
More about Josiah:
Read the Oregon Blue Book entry about him!
Read the biography about him in "The History of Umatilla and Morrow Counties"
For a look at the Woodcock Genealogy page done by Clarence Woodcock click on the WOODCOCK!
The Smith Brothers. Ira Smith and his brother
Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet


Lest anyone think that I am responsible for amassing all this information about the Boothby family, let me tell you, it is not so! Richard Duran & Lorene Dodd have contributed an enormous amount of information towards this project, especially for Josiah Stewart and Josiah Thomas Boothby. There have been many others (For example; a librarian in the Idaho State Library in Boise, Idaho who got me started.) whose names I can't remember, but without their help, I would have gotten frustrated and quit a long time ago. Thanks to all. A project like this takes a lot of people! If you have also made a contribution to this effort, and I have neglected to mention your name, please write to me, and I will acknowledge you here!

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