Jackson Foreman and Priscilla Fuller

Jackson Foreman and Priscilla Fuller


        James Jackson Foreman married Priscilla Fuller in Talladega, Alabama, 3 September 1836. He was born about 1820, in Georgia, son of Edmond/Edmund Foreman. She was born about 1820 in Tennessee, daughter of Tryon Fuller.
        Priscilla's sibings were:
        Benjamin F. Fuller m Mary (Bagley?)
        Daniel Fuller m Elizabeth Gilleland & Catherine Franklin
        Lany or Laura Fuller m Benjamin Frieze
        Ezekiel Madison Fuller m Mary Maranda Foreman
        Nancy Fuller m William Ray
        Sarah "Sally" Fuller m Millington Sims
        William S. Fuller m Gezilla Drennan
        Sylbert Almyra Fuller m Uriah Delaney
        Mary Caroline Fuller m Isaac Lawler

In Texas

        Jackson J. Foreman and his wife, Priscilla, were in Caldwell County before 1860. Their children were Mary Elizabeth, William, Sybit/Sylbert Eliza Arzena, Captain Edmond, Maranda, Drucilla, Matilda, Thomas, Texana, Drucilla, Harriet Ellen, Martha Cordie. Census records for this family are very confusing.
        Priscilla Fuller Foreman died January 19, 1876, in Caldwell County. She was buried in the Wells Cemetery. After her death, Jackson Foreman married Ellen Nora Head on Sept. 5, 1878. She was a widow with children from a previous marriage. They had a son, James Andrew Foreman in October of 1879. That branch of the family knew J. J. Foreman as "Captain". That was certainly a popular name in the Foreman family. James Jackson Foreman reportedly died about 1883.

Mary Elizabeth

        Mary Elizabeth Foreman was born 21 Aug 1839 and died 6 April 1882. She married James Black Long in Caldwell County, Texas 17 January 1861. James was the eldest son of Willam F. Long and Mary Elizabeth Black.
        Mary ("Sis") and Jim Long had five children, four of whom lived to adulthood. Their daughter Etta married James Henry Lawler, son of Isaac Lawler and Mary Caroline Fuller. Their granddaughter, Enid Long Barker compiled a history of the family about 1930, which supplies most of the details in the present account.

William Andrew

        William Foreman is not named in the family outline compiled about 1930. The Wells Cemetery in Caldwell County has a marker believed to be for William Andrew Foreman b 18 Nov 1839 d 2 Oct 1862 soldier C S Army.

Sylbert Eliza Arzena

        Sybit/Sylbert Eliza Arzena Foreman was born 8 Oct 1842. She married Thomas Elwood Kelley in Caldwell County, 1 Jan 1868. She was called "Puss" or "Aunt Puss", had red hair and weighed 110 pounds. She died 6 July 1891. They had eight children.
         Children of Sylbert Foreman and Thomas Elwood Kelley:
Mary Ella Kelley b 24 Oct 1870 d 11 Nov 1951m 11 Jan 1893 Tom Jackson Kelley
Charles Edward Kelleyb 11 June 1872d 17 Oct 1873
James Jesse Edward "Bud" Kelleyb 11 June 1872d 7 Oct 1938m Lola Rozelle Magee 13 Dec 1894
Robert Lafayette Kelleyb 6 Nov 1874d 3 July 1944m Mary Etta Clark 18 December 1895
William Walter Kelleyb 28 August 1877d 1962m Ida Hinton Jolley 1898
Minnie Kelleyb 14 October 1879d 31 Oct 1916
Wiley Kelleyb 10 August 1881d 23 July 1955m Willie Ann Burditt 9 November 1904
Lizzie Pb 3 April 1885d 4 Oct 1908m John J Johnson about 1903

Captain Edmond "Cap"

        Edmond is listed next in the 1860 census. It is believed that Edmond was actually "Captain Edmond", and should have been listed as 13 or 14. Cap Foreman was married twice.
        "Cap" Foreman's first wife was Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie" Gilliland, daughter of Gideon B. and Jane Long Gilliland. Jane was the sister of James B. Long who married Cap's oldest sister Mary Elizabeth. Cap Foreman and Lizzie Gilliland had four children.
William B Foremanb 19 Dec 1867d 8 Mar 1925m Ella Carter
Robert J Foreman b 1872 d 1873
Ida "Birdie" Foremanb 1876d 1952m Dave Ward
Hattie Foremanb 178d m Bronson Fox

        His second wife was Margaret Ida Lawler, daughter of James H. Lawler and Etta Drew Long. Ida's mother, Etta Long, was James and Mary Foreman Long's daughter. Ida's fahter, James H. Lawler, was son of Mary Caroline Fuller and Isaac Lawler.
        Cap and Ida Foreman had seven children. Cap was remembered as a tall man. After 1900, Cap and Ida lived in Clay and Young Counties. He died in 1926.
Mattie Alice Foreman b Mar 1881 d 1963 m Oscar Fox
James Teague Foreman b 19 March 1885 d 23 Dec 1951m Josie Graham
Fletcher Foreman b Jan 1881
Cordie Foreman b 26 July 1891 d 1 March 1988m August Tack
Carl Foremanb 8 July 1895d 23 Nov 1959m Mamie Kirkland
Jay Gaston Foremanb July 1897
Zola Foreman

Maranda and Drucilla

        Two daughters appear in the family in 1850 who are found in no other record. Maranda, aged 6 in 1850, and Drucilla, aged 5. Both must have died before the next census.


        A daughter named Matilda was born 6 Nov 1846 and died 6 Oct 1854. She would have been 13 in the 1860 census, had she lived.

James Thomas

        The next child in the 1860 census is Thomas. The family outline says he lived in Palo Pinto County, Texas. The 1900 census shows Thomas J. Foreman, age 49, in that county. That would have made him about 9 in 1860, instead of 14. His family says he was born July 17, 1848 in Lockhart. That reinforces the information that the family came to Texas in 1847, after the births of Cap in 1846.
        His name was actually James Thomas Foreman, and he was know as "Tom" or "J. T.". He married Laura Yarborough.
        The family moved to Palo Pinto County in 1874, settling first at Dodson Prairie.
        He died on 28 May 1924 in Strawn, Palo Pinto Co., Texas. He and his wife, Laura, are both buried in Palo Pinto Cemetery. They had eight children.


        Texana was born in 1853. One published record of Clark's Chapel Cemetery shows her tombstone with a birth date of 17 Feb 1853. The family outline shows September 17. She died 13 Nov 1886. She was married to Robert P. Kelley 18 Jan 1871. They had five children. She was tall with dark hair. Robert P. Kelley was brother of Thomas Elwood Kelley, above.


        Drucilla is next in the 1860 list, at 4 years old. She was not reported in the family outline. Families sometimes gave a new baby the same name as a child who had died before, so maybe there were two Drucillas. The eldest daughter of this family, Mary, named one of her daughters Etta Drew/Dru, perhaps in memory of her own sisters.
        She is not found in the 1870 census, either.

Harriett Ellen

        Harriet Ellen appears in both the census and family outline. She was reportedly born 7 November 1859 and died 12 November 1864.

Martha Cordie

        Martha Cordie was born about 1860, based on the information that she was 16 when her mother, Priscilla died in 1876. Since that death was in January, Cordie may have been born in 1859.
        She married Richard W. Carruthers in Caldwell County, Texas, 13 Dec 1876. They lived at Joshua, Clay County, Texas. She was a tiny person with red hair. Eight children are listed for Cordie and Dick.

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