Henry Long and Rachel Anderson

Henry Long and Rachel Anderson

Family Background

       Henry Long was the second son of Joseph Long and Catherine Foster. Henry was born in Virginia in 1795 or 1796. The "Joseph and Catherine" Bible gives Henry's birthdate as July 12, 1796. The date of July 29, 1795 was extrapolated from a notation in a Bible kept by the family of Henry's youngest daughter, Susan. That notation said he died August 16, 1867, "being 72 years and 18 days old". Susan's family believed Henry was buried in the Old Prairie Lea Cemetery in Caldwell County, Texas.
       Henry Long married Rachel Anderson 1 May 1814. Rachel Anderson was a daughter of Samuel Anderson and, it is believed, Rebecca Black. Rachel was born about 1799, based on her age of 51 in the 1850 census. She died on July 29, 1865, according to the "Joseph and Catherine" Bible record. The dates of Henry and Rachel's deaths are recorded on a separate "DEATHS" page with a handwritten heading of "Henry Long's Family". Besides Henry and Rachels' dates, the death dates of Rebeca Caufelt and Samuel A. Long are listed there.
       After Rachel's death, Henry married the widow Elvira Elizabeth Grady on June 28, 1867. On July 24, 1868, Elvira Elizabeth Grady Long filed a claim for a pension based on Henry's service in the War of 1812. The claim states that her deceased husband Henry, at the time of his enlistment, was "about nineteen years old, blacksmith and farmer, 5 ft. 10 inches high, light sandy hair, blue eyes, fair skin."
       Papers in the pension application files further state that Henry Long served as a private in the company commanded by Captain John Jackson in the Tennessee Militia Regiment of Infantry commanded by General Coffee, in the War of 1812. Henry was drafted in Bedford County, Tennessee, serving from November 13, 1814, until May 16, 1815. After his discharge, Henry lived in "Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, and came to Texas A. D. 1849, lived in Caldwell Co. from about 1850 to 1867 time of his death", according to the pension claim.

1830 census

1830 census
Bedford County
30 - 40 Henry Long was 35 in 1830
one under 5 James
three 10-15 Sam, 12 or 13
Joseph B., 11 or 12
Andrew about 10
two 20 - 30 could have been younger brothers, other relatives, or hired help
one 30 - 40 Rachel
one under 5 Sarah was five
one 5 - 10 Becky
one 10 - 15 Catherine 11

Bedford County, Tennessee

    The Bedford County Historical Quarterly of Shelbyville, Tennessee, reports that the old Mt. Pisgah Methodist Church was located in the middle of the present Mt. Pisgah Cemetery, about one mile west of the present Methodist Episcopal Church at Singleton, and was active as early as 1821. In 1832, the first land deeded to the church was deeded to an eight man commission made up of Joseph Smith, John Gore, Henry Long, William S. Carpenter, James Long, Enoch Floyd, Michael Holt and Willie B. Snell. Our Henry Long was a minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church. William S. Carpenter was Henry's brother-in-law. This Henry Long at Mt. Pisgah was probably our Henry.

     The 1840 census of Jackson County, Alabama, has a Henry Long who is probably "ours". There was no Henry Long in that county in 1830, when ours was in Bedford County, Tennessee. The 1840 census of Jackson County, Alabama, also includes Rachel and Henry's second son, Joseph and his wife. Jackson County, Alabama is just across the state line from Franklin County, Tennessee. Franklin County records include the marriage of Henry and Rachel's daughter Catherine Long and Jackson Garner. So it appears that our Henry Long migrated from Bedford County, Tennessee, to Jackson County, Alabama, after John's birth in 1836, but before the birth of their daughter, Susan, in 1837. Their son, Sam, was in Texas by 1837.

1840 census

    The Alabama 1840 census for Jackson County shows on p.60:
    Henry Long 0110101-1111101

    Joseph Long 0000100-0000100

one 5-10 John C. was 5
one 10-15 James was 14
one 20-30 Andrew was 20
one 40-50, Henry was 45
one under 5 Susan
one 5-10 Elizabeth
one 10-15 Sarah
one 15-20 Becky
one 20- 30 Catherine
one 40-50 Rachel
Joseph's household included one male and one female, each 20 to 30 years old.

    Joseph B. Long married Emmaline McCoy on Feb. 10, 1839. They are next to Daniel McCoy, Emmaline's father.

Henry in Texas

       Henry and his son, Sam, had a mercantile or freighting business in Caldwell County, Texas. He also worked as a blacksmith and was an ordained Methodist minister. He was a member of the of Hopkinsville Masonic Lodge #183, at Waelder, Gonzales County, Texas.


    Henry and Rachel had ten children, according to research done in the 1930's by Enid Long Barker. They were:
  1. Samuel Anderson Long
  2. Joseph Blackburn Long
  3. Catherine "Katy" Long
  4. Andrew S. Long
  5. "Becky" (Rebecca) Long
  6. Sarah "Sally" Long
  7. James S. Long
  8. Elizabeth R. "Betsy" Long
  9. John C. Long
  10. Susan Gaines Long

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