A tax on the use of Hair Powder was introduced by an Act of Parliament in 1795. Citizens who wore powdered wigs (or powdered their hair direct) had to obtain a certificate from the local Justices of the Peace to confirm that they had paid the annual tax of one guinea


Hair Powder Tax Certificates, 1796 and 1797


Title  Names       Surname     Position      Town         1796  1797

Mrs      Ann                  Adams            wife                Towcester      1796    1797

Mrs                              Blakemore     house keeper Towcester                  1797

             Isaac               Coburn, jun   apprentice      Towcester      1796                }

                                                            inmate             Towcester                  1797    }

Mrs      Mary                Cook               house keeper Towcester      1796    1797

Mrs      Elizabeth        Deacon          wife                Towcester      1796    1797

Mr        Samuel            Deacon          house keeper Towcester      1796    1797

             Elizabeth        Drayson         house keeper Towcester      1796

Rev       J. T.                 Flesher          son                  Towcester      1796

             Letitia             Flesher          daughter        Towcester      1796                }

                                                            spinster          Towcester                  1797    }

             Hugh                Gibbs             inmate             Towcester      1796

             Ann                  Grant             wife                Towcester      1796    1797

             Thomas            Grant, Esq     house keeper Towcester      1796    1797

             William            Grant             son                  Towcester      1796

Mrs      Elizabeth        Gurden           wife                Towcester      1796    1797

             Susanna          Holbrook       daughter        Towcester      1796    1797

             John                Jenkinson      house keeper Towcester      1796    1797

             Jane                Kerby             wife                Towcester      1796

             Sarah              Perkins          wife                Towcester      1796    1797

             Ann                  Pinckard        daughter        Towcester      1796

             Rachel             Pinckard        house keeper Towcester      1796

             William            Pratt              house keeper Towcester      1796

             Edward           Sabin             house keeper Towcester      1796    1797

             Sarah              Sabin             wife                Towcester                  1797

             Timothy           Watkins         inmate             Towcester                  1797

             Nicholas          White             house keeper Towcester                  1797


Note that “house keeper” means a householder, NOT a servant, and “inmate” is a
lodger, not someone living in the Workhouse