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We have many old photographs that we want to share with you. Here's a list of the ones we have, along with a short description. If you want to see the full size photo just click on the picture. If you recognize any of the "unknowns" please let us know.

Photos from the family of Dora Mansfield & Albert Brown:

Albert Brown

Albert & Dora Brown

Dora Brown

Dora & family

Orville's family

Orville Brown

Orville & family

Orville & family

Gertrude & Mina

David, Orville & Van Brown

Brown McClanathan Wedding

Dora & Alberts grandchildren

New Year's Eve

McClanathan Family Homestead

Albert Brown's Cheese Factory

inside cheese factory

Whitelaw Cheese Factory

Vienna Village

Photos from the family of Frances Myrtle Mansfield & Walter J. Bork:

Frances Mansfield


Frances & Walter

James Bork


Photos from Rory & Patty Marggi Montgomery:

Milo Mansfield

Emma Armstrong


Alice Armstrong

Benjamin Armstrong


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