Naturalization Records

Naturalization Records

Declaration of Intention, Court of Common Pleas, Wyoming Co. New York, October 1843

United States of America Of the June Term, to wit, State of New York the 6th day of October 1843 Wyoming Common Pleas Wyoming County: I, James Tobin, an alien a native of Ireland, now a resident of Java in said County, do declare and make oath that I arrived in the United States of America in the year 1836 that I am now aged about 46 years, and that it is my bona fide intention to become a Naturalized Citizen of the United States and to renounce and abjure forever all allegiance and fidelity to every foreign prince, potentate, State , Sovereignty, whatever, and particularly to the Queen or Sovereignty of Great Britain & Ireland whereof I am a natural born subject.

Subscribed and sworn to this 6th day of October 1843 before me--Nelson Wolcott, Clerk of Wyoming County



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