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     This web page is dedicated to the compilation of books that have shown to be of value in the furtherance of research into the families names identified within the three sub-sites of this website.  The collection is primarily derived from four online sources: (1) Google Book Search;  (2) the Family History Books Collection at Family; (3) Internet Text Archives: American Libraries;  and (4) a subscription site.    We’ve also included some additional websites where you may find more books.  You can see them below in this “Introduction.” 

     The major portion of our library is dedicated to books about places we’ve identified as locations where our ancestors lived.   We’ve found that the local and county histories are of great value because they usually contain information beyond the basic data regarding birth, marriage, and death.  These books are a wonderful source of information for researchers with ancestors from that location. Not only may it provide you with information on the time and place in which your ancestors lived that will help you place them in historical context, but it may also provide you with very specific information about your ancestors. Even if your ancestors are not mentioned in the biographical sketches much can be learned about the lives of our ancestors by reading about the lives of others who lived during the same time period.

     The Google Book Search works just like its web search function.  When a book with content that contains a match for your search terms is found it will be linked to your search results.  If the book is out of copyright, or the publisher has given permission, you'll be able to see a preview of the book, and in some cases the entire text.  If it's in the public domain, you're free to download a PDF copy.    If you find a book you like, click on the "Buy this book" and "Borrow this book" links to see where you can buy or borrow it.  You can also Create your own library with Google Book Search where you can label, review, rate, and of course, full-text search, a customized selection of books.       The majority of the books in this library that have been derived from Google Search are those that provide the Full View of the entire book.  The “full view” will allow you unlimited examination of the contents.  You will also have the ability to download the book and even view the contents as plain text that allows you to cut and paste information to your own database.       Some of the titles in our library provide only a Limited Preview, (LP).  These books are still in copyright, and are displayed with the permission of publishers and authors. You can browse these "limited preview" titles just as you would in a bookstore, but you won't be able to see more pages than the copyright holder has made available.  When you've accessed the maximum number of pages allowed for a book, any remaining pages will be omitted from your preview. You can order full copies of any book using the "Buy this book" links to the right of the preview page.

     The Family History Archive is a collection of published genealogy and family history books. The archive includes histories of families, county and local histories, how-to books on genealogy, genealogy magazines and periodicals (including some international), medieval books (including histories and pedigrees), and gazetteers. It also includes some specialized collections such as the Filipino card collection and the “Liahona Elders Journal.” The books come from the collections of the FamilySearch Family History Library, the Allen County Public Library, the Houston Public Library – Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research, the Mid-Continent Public Library – Midwest Genealogy Center, the BYU Harold B. Lee Library, the BYU Hawaii Joseph F. Smith Library, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Church History Library.

     The Internet Text Archives: American Libraries sub-collection feature resources from many libraries favored by family historians such as the Allen County Public Library, Brigham Young University, The Library of Congress, Newberry Library  and the Smithsonian Institution Libraries.  The entire Internet Text Archives presently contains 1,806,540 items of which 1,204,287 items are in the aforementioned American Libraries sub-collection.   The Text Archive collection is open to the community for the contribution of any type of text that is free to read, download, print, and enjoy. Some have restrictions on bulk re-use and commercial use.  By providing near-unrestricted access to these texts, this website hopes to encourage widespread use of texts in new contexts by people who might not have used them before. is the largest online source for family history information, including the web's largest collection of historical records. The books in our collection have been identified at the Ancestry Card Catalog.  Books from this source are designated with a $ as this is a subscription site.  Even if you don’t subscribe to you should try the link you are interested in because access to some of the books is free.  Each one of the book title links will take you directly to the search box for that volume.  Below the box you will find the source information needed to cite the text.  

     Hathi Trust Digital Library is a digital repository for the nation’s great research libraries, This website brings together the immense collections of partner institutions.  HathiTrust was conceived as a collaboration of the thirteen universities of the Committee on Institutional Cooperation and the University of California system to establish a repository for these universities to archive and share their digitized collections.  The perferred place to start searching  this website is at the  Ancestry and Genealogy collection  where the online content related to genealogy, family history, ancestry, etc..  to search the entire digital library go to their search page.  When using this site you will have the following three search options: (1) a catalogue search for information about the items in the collections; (2) full-text search for words that occur within the items; and (3) a collections search where you may browse, search, or make HathiTrust collections.  In this e-library you can download ebooks, dictionaries

and manuals for FREE.  This electronic library is organized to quickly find and download books you are searching for.  If you can't find what you are looking for their administrators will know about it and they will add the ebook within a week. If you aren’t sure about the book title or author

type in the search form a word or part of word.

     The Open Library is an initiative of the Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form.   There are millions of records in Open Library. You can add digital copies books to the library that you’ve written. You can keep track of your edits if you open an account.  It's a wiki too, which means anyone can edit or correct it anytime.   Other projects include the Wayback Machine,,, and

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Descriptions of Libraries

Descriptions of the Various Research Libraries

General Reference

British Isles & Ireland



United States


General Reference Collection

General Reference Research Library

The General Reference Collection

currently contains books on the following topics:

Ethnic / Religious Groups;     Family Genealogies / Histories;     Genealogy;

Geography;     Heraldry;     Military:      Names;     World History    

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British Isles & Ireland Library

British Isles & Ireland Research Library

The British Isles & Ireland Locations Specific Collection

currently contains books on the following topics:

England: General Locational and County Specific References

Ireland: General Reference; Ethnic & Religious Groups; Geography; History

Northern Ireland: State and County Reference

Scotland: State, County, Local, Reference

Wales: General Reference

The British Isles & Ireland General Reference Collection

currently contains books on the following topics:

Biographies;   Family Histories;   Geography;   Heraldry;   History;    Names;    Misc. Topics       

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France Research Library

France Research Library

The France Reference Collection

currently contains books on the following topics:

Family Histories;   Heraldry;  History;   Names;   Misc. Topics

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GermanyResearch Library

Germany Research Library

The Germany Reference Collection

currently contains books on the following topics:

Ethnic / Religious Groups;   Geography;   Heraldry;   History;   Local History / Records:   Military;   Misc. Topics     

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United states research library

United States Research Library

The United States Locations Specific Collection

currently contains books on the following topics:

State-Wide Reference: Biographies;   Ethnic Groups;   Geography;   History; 

 Military;   Miscellaneous Topics;   Records;   Religious Groups

County And Local Reference: Histories; Records

The United States General Reference Collection

currently contains books on the following topics:

Bibliographies;     Biographies;  Geographical (Reference);     History  (U.S.);     Immigration & Naturalization;

     Migration (U.S.);     Military History (U.S.);   Records (U.S.)     Reference (Genealogical)    

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WWW (tan left)



WWW (tan right)

The Google search engine

 button  and following web

sites    may     provide    you

Google Search (yellow)

with additional information

to assist with your research

about   this   topic. 

The following links may help you locate and obtain many Family History Books Online.

·          Project Gutenberg

·          Open Content Alliance

·          Canadian Libraries

·          Universal Library

· - Thousands Free Books

·          Making of America Project

·          The Open Library

·          Family History Books Collection- Family

The following links may help you locate and obtain many of

the rare and hard-to-find books necessary to your research.

·         Higginson Book Co. - Booksellers

·         Stacey's Bookstore

· Search for New & Used Books

·         genealogy book links

·        Powell's Books - Used, New, and Out of Print

·        Kinship Catalog

·        World Cat Search - collections of over 10,000 libraries


We recommend that you use the following external links to obtain additional books.  

Ancestry Search F&LH
Internet Archives American Libraries 3
The Open Library (button)
HathiTrust copy
Family Search Book Button copy

... simplifies searching for our

ancestors by identifying

 and linking to the freely

Genealogy Book Links

available digitized American 

biographies, genealogies

and history books ...


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About this webpage

About This Webpage

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You are welcome to download any information on this page that does not cite a copyright. 

We only ask that if you have a personal website please create a link to our Home Page.

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