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     Heilbronn is a district (Kreis) in the north of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Neighboring districts are (from north clockwise) Neckar-Odenwald, Hohenlohe, Schwäbisch Hall, Rems-Murr, Ludwigsburg, Enz, Karlsruhe and Rhein-Neckar. The district-free city Heilbronn is completely surrounded by the district.

     The origin of the district is the Oberamt Heilbronn, which was created in 1803 when the previously Free Imperial City of Heilbronn was incorporated into the kingdom of Württemberg.  In 1926 about half of the Oberamt (old district) of Weinsberg was added. In 1938 the it was recognized as a district, and in addition to the previous Oberamt parts of the dissolved Oberämter Neckarsulm, Brackenheim, Marbach and Besigheim were added. The city Heilbronn was not included into the district. In 1973 the districts were reorganized, and part of the dissolved districts Sinsheim, Mosbach, Buchen and Schwäbisch Hall were added. In next two years 5 municipalities were incorporated into the city and therefore left the district, which got its current borders in 1975.

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The following are surnames of persons, found within our databases,

as having been either born, married or died in this location.

McVicker; Moreland; Pinnell; Scruggs and allied families



Bozarth; Peiffer; Quigley; Rhubart and allied families




Dellinger; Knecht; Pfeffer; Silar and allied families


Barth;   Herzog;   Klein;   Ruppert

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Kirchardt;   Lehrensteinsfeld;    Tiefenbach



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Country: Germany; State: Baden-Württemberg; Admin. Region: Stuttgart; District: Heilbronn

Coordinates: 49° 12′ 0″ N, 8° 59′ 0″ E

DESCRIPTION: Kirchardt is a town in the district of Heilbronn in Baden-Württemberg in Germany.  Kirchstadt forms the core of a municipality that also includes the villages of Berwangen and Bockschaft.  The population of the overall community is 5,500 inhabitants of which 3,700 live in Kirchstadt.   Neighboring communities to Kirchstadt are Bad Rappenau, mass Bach Hausen, Gemmingen, Eppingen, Ittlingen all in the Heilbronn district, and Sinsheim in the (Rhein-Neckar-Kreis).

FAMILY HISTORY NOTES(s): Anna Barbara Klein born here in 1695.  She married Johan Georg Barth here in 1715.    Michael Herzog born here in 1700 husband to Maria Elizabeth Gossner and son-in-law of Johann Andreas Gossner and Maria Margarethe Ruppert (see Lehrensteinsfeld).

INTERNET WEB LINK(s):  www.kirchardt.de;  Kirchardt - Wikipedia; Kirchardt-Wikipedia (German page);



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Country: Germany; State: Baden-Württemberg; Admin. Region: Stuttgart; District: Heilbronn;

Coordinates: 49° 8′ 0″ N, 9° 19′ 0″ E;  DRIVING DIRECTIONS: From: Frankfurt Au Maim Airport 60549;  To: Lehrensteinsfeld  74251 Total Est. Time:  1 hour, 36 minutes;  Total Est. Distance: 105.64 miles;  , (see a driving map at our image gallery).

DESCRIPTION: Lehrensteinsfeld is situated in the district of Heilbronn and the administrative region of Stuttgart which are located in the present day German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.  The town comprises an area of 6.22 km ² and has a population of 2092 (31 Dec. 2006).  Neighboring cities and municipalities around Lehrensteinsfeld are Heilbronn (city district), Weinsberg, Ellhofen, Obersulm, and Untergruppenbach.

      Historically Lehrensteinsfeld is comprised of the village of  Lehren first found in documents as early as 1257 and Steinsfeld was first mentioned in 1384.   By the late 14th century both villages were recognized as a common community, and were in the possession of the Lords of Weinsberg.  Later the owners of Lehrensteinsfeld changed several times.  In 1649 Field Marshal Ludwig von Schmidberg became the ruler of  Lehrensteinsfeld, and his descendents continued in this capacity until 1778.       In 1805 the town became a part of the district of Weinsberg located within the  historic territory of Württemberg until the district was dissolved in 1926.       During the 17th century many Jewish families moved into this area, and in fact filled the the empty houses vacated by the many Protestant families emigrating to America.  By 1850 about one-third of Lenrenstensfeld’s population was Jewish.  Their presence ended in 1938 and the synagoge built in the 17th century is still in ruins.

FAMILY HISTORY NOTES(s): Maria Margarethe Ruppert born here in 1673.

INTERNET WEB LINK(s):  Lehrensteinsfeld (wikipedia);  Maps, Weather, and Airports for Lehrensteinsfeld, Germany; Deutschland-Navigator » Lehrensteinsfeld



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Country: Germany; State: Baden-Württemberg; Admin. Region: Stuttgart; District: Heilbronn; 

City: Gundelsheim;   Coodinates: 49 ° 17 '55.32 "N, 9 ° 12' 9.72"

DESCRIPTION: Teifenbach has a population of 650 persons. Since 1975 the village has been a part of the city of Gundelsheim.  Tiefenbach was founded in 773 as Diepenbachan and  is first mentioned  in the Lorsch Codex.  1806 fiel der Ort nach Auflösung des Deutschen Ordens zum Königreich Württemberg . 1806 was the place after the dissolution of the Teutonic Order Teifenbach became a part of the Kingdom of Württemberg in 1806.

FAMILY HISTORY NOTES(s): Several researchers point to Tiefenbach, Franckenland, Germany as the place where Joan George Barth was born in 1686.  Frankenland is also called Franconiais a region of Germany comprising the northern parts of the modern state of Bavaria and a much smaller region in northeastern Baden-Württemberg called Heilbronn-Franken.  Tiefenbach is a village of 650 inhabitants in the city of Gundelsheim located in the Heilbronn district of Baden-Wurttemberg.  Johan Georg Barth emigrated to America sometime between 1722 and 1724, on the same ship as the Weidler family from Kirchardt, Germany. 

INTERNET WEB LINK(s):  Tiefenbach (maplandia,com); Tiefenbach-Wikipedia (German page);

Homepage of Gundelsheim;


Gazetteer of Populated Places


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CITIES: Bad Friedrichshall;   Bad Rappenau;   Bad Wimpfen;   Beilstein;   Brackenheim;   Eppingen;   Güglingen;   Gundelsheim;   Lauffen;   Löwenstein;  Möckmühl;   Neckarsulm;   Neudenau;   Neuenstadt am Kocher;   Schwaigern;   Weinsberg;   Widdern


TOWNS: Abstatt;   Cleebronn;   Eberstadt;   Ellhofen;   Erlenbach (Württemberg);   Flein;   Gemmingen;  Hardthausen (Kocher);  Ilsfeld;  Ittlingen;   Jagsthausen;   Kirchardt;   Langenbrettach;   Lehrensteinsfeld;   Leingarten;   Massenbachhausen;   Neckarwestheim;   Nordheim (Württemberg);   Obersulm;   Oedheim;   Offenau;   Pfaffenhofen;   Roigheim;   Siegelsbachl;   Talheim;   Untereisesheim;   Untergruppenbach;   Wüstenrot;   Zaberfeld


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A view of Lehrensteinfeld


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