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Surnames Found In Our Databases

Surnames Found in Our Databases


The LINKS below will take you to an updated listing of all surnames as posted

 in our three databases at the Rootsweb WorldConnect Project.


Tom’s Paternal Ancestors:

Bozarth, Peiffer, Quigley, Rhubart and allied families

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Our Maternal Ancestors:

McVicker, Moreland, Pinnell, Scruggs and allied families

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Fred’s Paternal Ancestors:

Dellinger, Knecht, Pfeffer, Silar and allied families

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Surname Resources at RootsWeb

Surname Resources at RootsWeb


Surnames at RootsWeb

Select A Letter:

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Surname List Finder

Trying to find a surname list? Don't know which of 8,000 possible variant spellings it might be listed under? This tool finds sound-alike matches for a given surname from among RootsWeb's thousands of surname lists. Please give it a try!

RootsWeb Surname List Finder


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RootsWeb's Soundex Converter

Use this link to find the soundex code for a surname, plus other surnames/spellings sharing the same soundex code.

Soundex Converter by RootsWeb


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Surname Message Boards

The world's largest online genealogy community with over 17 Million posts on more than 161,000 boards.

Message Boards - Surname Search


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Surname Mailing Lists

The LINKS below will take you to an updated listing of all surnames having mailing lists at RootsWeb.

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Rootsweb (get to roots)

Rootsweb (get to roots)

Rootsweb (get to roots)

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surname variations


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The genealogy research tools listed below can give you a head start in thinking beyond

the modern conventional spelling as to how a name might have been spelled in the past.

·      Top 10 Tips for Finding Alternate Surname Spellings & Variations - Thinking 'out of the box' is often required when it comes to finding your ancestors in genealogical indexes and records. Many genealogists, both beginner and advanced, fail in the quest for their ancestors because they don't take the time to search for anything other than the obvious spelling variants. Don't let that happen to you! Get inspired when searching for alternative surname spellings with these ten tips.

·      WeRelate:Variant names project - The purpose of this project is to create a comprehensive database of name variants that should be searched whenever a particular name is searched.

·      Surname Changes & Variations - Your family's surname has most likely not always been the same one you have now. Learn how and why our ancestors' surnames have changed through the centuries and get tips for searching for these alternate surname spellings and variations.

·      The Name Thesaurus - A ground-breaking technology for finding Surname and Forename variants.  This useful genealogy research tool has identified 385 million variants for 5,929,000 Surnames and 26 million variants for 1,246,000 Forenames, as well as gender identification for more than 220,000 Forenames.


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armstrong_scotland (98X120)mcvicar-mcvicker (98x127)shepherd-devon (98X127)

     Many family historians are interested in finding the “family crest” or “coat-of-arms” for the family they are researching.  As such they tend to associate a particular image to their ancestral lineage and consider it as their heritage.  Although this is not entirely accurate the search for a particular coat-of-arms does provide and interesting feature of a family history presentation. 

     Before exploring and citing a particular “coat-of-arms” one must understand two fundamental facts: (1) the coat-of-arms was not awarded to a family or a name, but to an individual. This is why there is often more than one coat of arms associated with a given surname. Unless you can trace your family history to one individual, as verified by reliable sources, then the best that you can hope for is to find a coat of arms that is the oldest for a given name from a given region or the one most frequently used; and (2) beginning in the 19th century, the crest which appears on the helmet was mistakenly dubbed a "family crest" by some, and has become an inaccurate synonym for a full coat of arms. A coat of arms is defined as a group of emblems and figures (heraldic bearings) usually arranged on and around a shield and serving as the special insignia of some person, or institution. 


The following websites have images of a wide variety of crests, coat-of-arms, and badges.

They may also feature additional heraldry resources as noted in the accompanying descriptions.

·        All Coats of Arms - An alphabetical list of over 8,500 images.

·        All Family Crests.comContains thousands of images plus meanings of symbols used in the charges.

·        Family over 10,000 popular surnames that can be searched by nationality.

·        Ancestor -  A-K, L-Z list, of surnames with corresponding free online sites to help locate coats of arms. 

·        Coat of Arms Store Surname Index / Crest IndexThe largest index found of arms from around the world.

·        The Tree Maker alphabetical surname listings of family crests and coats-of-arms

·        Historical Names.comfor each surname this site provides information about its Origins; a brief family history; the motto; and description of the coat-of-arms and crest.

·        Coats of Arms from Ireland & around the World This FREE site is a gallery of coats of arms or heraldic graphics.

·        Genealogical Journeys in Time - alphabetical surname listings of family crests and coats-of-arms

· - High Quality 300 dpi JPG files to use freely to print for your own personal use.

·         Coat of Arms / Family Crest Gallery- alphabetical surname listings on the following pages:  A-B;  B-C;  D;  E-F;  G-H;  H-I;  J-L;  M;  M-O;  P-R;  S;  S-U;  V-Z

·         World of HeraldrySite has images of clan badges and heraldic seals. Coats-of-arms are displayed by nationality. 

·         Surnames With Coats of Arms on the Internetlinks to family sites containing arms for a single surname.

·         5 dollar coat-of-arms.com24 sample coats-of-arms are displayed for each letter of the alphabet.

·         Blazons at -Search for a name in the largest armorial collection in the world containing nearly 120,000 European heraldry arms.  (Website in French)

·         Coats-of-Arms at Virtuous Planet – High quality images that include Irish Septs and Scottish Clan Badges as well as Coast-of-Arms from most European countries and America.

·         Family Crest Finder - the world's leading online catalogue of family crests.


The following websites have images of a wide variety of arms, crests, and badges and are listed by nationality.

They may also feature additional heraldry resources as noted in the accompanying descriptions.


·        Coat of Arms Store Origin of the 40 most common surnames; sept coats-of-arms; Irish Names and Origins; Crest and coast-of-arms.



·        Scottish Family Crests - hundreds of high quality images A-Z for coats-of-arms.

·        Clan Crest Scottish Badges - high quality images A-Y

·        Scottish Clan Badge Gallerymany badges are displayed on official tartan.



·        French Family Crests - hundreds of high quality images A-Z of family crests and coats-of-arms.



·            Coat of Arms StoreHas a list of most common German surnames as well as samples of coats-of-arms.

·            Coat of Arms for Kunz/Kuntz, Kern, Fischer and related Familiesassorted German and some English

·            German Family Crestshundreds of high quality images A-Z.



·            Danish Coats-of-Arms - high quality images A-W, also includes some bookplates.

·            Dutch Family Crests  - high quality images A-Z.

·            Portuguese Family Crests - high quality images A-S.

·            Russian Family Crests - high quality images A-Z.

·            Spanish Coat-of-Arms – a varied collection of arms and shields.



·         Heraldry on the Internet - This site is designed to help conduct heraldry research on the Internet.

·         Armorial Gold's Heraldry Dictionary - This Free heraldry dictionary is based on the works of Elvin (edited by Marvin Beatty) from his original manuscript of 1879. Corrections have been made, and additions from the Armorial Gold Library have been added.

·         Heraldic Translator

·         Symbolism of Heraldic Colors, Lines & Ordinaries  - This site gives the most commonly accepted meanings and descriptions that have been gleaned from a variety of sources.

·            Heraldry & Genealogytopics include origins of heraldry & coats of arms; heraldic devices; sources for heraldic material;  heraldic clip art collections, etc.

·            A Glossary of Terms Used in HeraldryThis excellent tool has been adapted for online use from the book written by James Parker in 1894.

·            Roger the Herald's Notes on Blazonry for Beginners – This page should be printed out and utilized for persons who are new to reading descriptions of coats-of-arms.

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map a sWorld 1(pink)urname

Map A

World 1(pink)

The maps, tables and information presented about names on this website are derived from the analysis of large databases of name records across the world.  The database holds approximately 300 million people in 26 countries of the world, representing a total population of 1 billion people in those countries. In total there are 8 million unique surnames and 5 million unique forenames from 26 countries in Europe, America, Asia and Oceania.  The roots of the names are derived using the OnoMap classification of names ( which classifies names into groups of common cultural ethnic and linguistic origin using surnames and forenames.  This website displays chosen a series of administrative geographic boundaries for mapping the names data. These are broadly divided into three levels of geography: (1) Country level, as shown in the initial World Map; (2) Region level, which divides countries in coarse administrative regions; and (3)- Locality level, which subdivides the above regions into finer administrative localities.  A detailed list of the different geographical areas shown for each country can be found here.  


Public Profiler World Names (logo)

Click on this LINK to see more information about the distribution of a surname.  You can get greater

detail for any of the following maps by clicking on the area, i.e state, county that you are interested in.

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Web resources




WWW (tan right)

This search engine may

provide you with additional

Google Search (yellow)

information to assist with

your research about this topic.

General Surname Resources

·          Your genealogy research of a surname can be facilitated by use of Surname Web. This website links to the majority of the surname data on the web, as well as to individual family trees, origin and surname meaning if known, and many other related genealogy resources. 

·            Surname Finder provides easy access to free and commercial resources for 1,731,359 surnames. On each surname specific "finder" page, you can search a variety of online databases all pre-programmed with your surname.

·           Use the following link to get access to millions of genealogy and surname records with a FREE surname search at The Genealogy Register.

·           Linkpendium Surnames - Web sites, obituaries, biographies, and other material specific to a surname.

·           Cyndi's List - Surnames, Family Associations & Family Newsletters Index - Sites or resources dedicated to specific, individual family surnames.

·  - Family History and Genealogy Records - The largest collection of free family history, family tree and genealogy records in the world.

·           Top Genealogical Websites - These mighty roots resources compiled by “Family Tree Magazine”, will give you the power to bust through research brick walls and find answers about your ancestors—all from your home computer.

·           KindredTrails (Surname Websites & Resources) – the surname resources area of the Kindred Trails webpage contins hundred of links to surname information and resources.  In addition it maintains links to family surname sites submitted by other researchers.


Surname Origins, Meanings & Variations

·           SurnameDB Free database of surname meanings - This site SurnameDB.Com contains a large FREE to access database (almost 50,000 surnames) on the history and meaning of family last names.

·           What's In A Name - a survey of Forenames and their origins and relationships to other names.

·            All Surnames Genealogy Resource - Find online genealogy resources for a surname.  Connect with others researching the same family name.  Search online data to find the surname genealogy including free genealogy databases, queries, free searches of large databases.

·           Surname Sites Directory, Name Meanings - The Surname Sites Directory is sorted by traffic popularity. The sites that receive the most daily traffic will be listed as the top directory results.

·           English Surname Dictionary Provides histories of surnames.  Alphabetical sorting of a thousands of surnames which allows one to survey the entire list for similar spelling variations.

·          Behind the Name - Etymology & History of First NamesThis website looks at the etymology and history or all types of given names.  Use this website to peruse Browse names and their meanings and Browse other topics in the glossary.   In addition find worthwhile information regarding:  Etymological elements in given names;  List of languages;  Articles and current events about names;  Frequently asked questions about names.


our genealogy reference library

Our Genealogy
Reference Library

library_clipart1 right

The following Link will take you to our library of genealogy reference volumes.   Here you will find a special section of books about NAMES that may assist you with your research In addition, there are texts pertaining to ethnic and religion groups, family histories, and general genealogy reference.


 Research Library – Table of Contents

searching the web (gold)

Surname Search from Google

Surname Search 
From Google


searching the web (gold)

Use this free genealogy site to help you get the best genealogy searches from Google™ by using your family tree, for your research. It will create a series of different searches using tips or "tricks" that

Google Surname Search 1

will likely improve your results. The different searches will give you many different ways of using Google and the Internet to find ancestry information about this or any other Surname. 

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