INTRODUCTION: This is the journal of Asa Dial Estes (1849-1921) who lived in the Neuville area in Shelby County, Texas. It covers the period from 1916 to 1920. These pages came to Mark Strong from his aunt Irene Strong Mayfield, who was given them by her mother Fleta Fleming Strong, given to her by her brother Everett Fleming, given to him by his mother Estella Estes Fleming, who was Asa's daughter.

SECTION ONE: Original journal images

The journal pages have been scanned and for the most part the images arranged in date order. It is not a complete set, most of the letters are partial, and some pages are not dated at all. Nearly every piece of paper was written on front and back. He also wrote journal entries on the back of the letters he received.

SECTION TWO: Transcription

The contents of the pages have been typed up to the best of my ability. Some pages are barely readable. The spelling is largely phonetic. The typed pages are probably in better date order than the images as some corrections were made after the images were edited. At the back of this section is a list of people mentioned in the journal and an explanation if known. If you see something that has been misinterpreted or any other correction, please let me know.


If you see any information that needs updating or corrected, please let me know. This information has come from,,, and from family members. You can also send me your family information and pictures to help complete the tree. The tree covers 4 generations so if you are 5th generation or after, you should see a parent or grandparent listed.

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