While driving through Aspermont recently, I decided to stop and do some research. I am so glad I did. I met several wonderful people who were more than glad to help with my research.

First I met with the funeral home director " George Giles " and his friend " Zeb Rutherford ". Next I had the honor to meet His Honor " Judge Bobby McGough ". Next on the list was " Clyde Trammell " and his brother " L.D " and many others as we ate lunch at the senior center. allmost everyone knew the Mobleys, and all had wonderful tales to tell.

Now..Back to the start of this visit. At the funeral home George Giles and Zeb Rutherford showed me the beautiful freestanding arches made of brick. He also showed me the concrete porch and sidewalks. I was very surprised when they told me the Mobleys had did that beautiful work. Next they took me to the cemetery and we looked for Mobley graves, But Tyler Carl Mobley was the only stone we could find. The funeral home list does not show names without stones or markers. I know Grandpa Jarid is buried there because I was at his funeral many years ago, and Harold Mobley ( Taylers Son ) is also buried there. I also drove out to the river bridge on county road 1263. Its only 8.3 miles , not 13 as I thought it was. Nothing remains of the dugouts that Grandpa Jarid's family and our family lived in.

Meet the Judge
Lets look for the dugouts

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