Reddick Tarvin and Mary MaGahee


Time line for their family

My thanks to Jewel Tarvin Rosas, Carol Zangerl and Dorothy Gibson for the leads to McAlester. And to Barbara Jarvis for her invaluble help in pursuing these leads. We spent many days travling and searching for records and Cemeteries, and months on the internet searching leads.

It is known who Reddick's ancesters were, but nothing is known of Mary's.
I am unable to find anything about her prior to their marriage. Aunt Lola said Mary's sister Jennie was married to a man named Crump, and that they were raised by an Aunt. I may have found them on the 1930 census but have no way to validate it.

Reddick and Mary were married in 1893 in McAlester Oklahoma ( Indian territory ) Oklahoma was not a state until 1907, and persons of non Indian ancestery were required to post a 100 dollar bond to marry an Indian. This was because many white men married Indian women to gain control of their lands.
Reddick did post a bond to wed Mary, but nothing has been found to indicate that she was of Indian blood. She is not on the online Indian rolls or Indian census.

1870.....Reddick is six months old, living with his parents Reddick P. and Mahala in Calhoun County Arkansas.

1893.....Reddick and Mary marry 10 Sept 1893 at McAlester, Choctaw Nation, Indian Territory.

1900.....The family are in the Chickasaw Indian Nation ( Later Oklahoma )

1910..... Reddick has moved the family back to Polk county Arkansas.

1920.....Reddick and Mary have divorced, it was probaly around 1919. Lola says it was before she started school. They are living in McCurtain County Oklahoma

1920..... Mary is living in McCurtain County Oklahoma with a family named Barrett.

1921.....Mary marries Joe Holmes in Lamar County Tx..15 April

1921.....Jewel marries H.B. Logsdon in Lamar County Tx. 22 Jan. ( note ) Jewel and Mary were married by the same minister ( F. M. anderson ).

1925..... Mack marries Jennie Owens in Lamar County Texas. 23 Feb.

1930.....Mack age 21 living alone in Everidge, Choctaw County, Oklahoma

1931.....Mack marries Tomer Lee Mobley in Frederick, Tillman County, Oklahoma. ( note ) He used the name Jim after 1931.

1933.....Mary dies in Paris Lamar, County Tex...31 Dec. She Was married to J. F. Aaron at the time of her death. She is buried in Hopewell Cemetery near Paris

1937.....Claude dies in McIntosh county, Oklahoma...31 Aug. He was 41 years old. He is buried in Lenna Cemetery in Lenna Oklahoma.

1942.....Richard marries Evelyn Marie Hammon in Baltimore Maryland...12 Jan.

1956.....Richard dies...6 July. in the Old Soldiers Home Hospital in Washington, D. C. He was 55 years old. He is buried there.

1963.....Reddick dies at Checotah, Oklahoma...June 1963...He would have been 94 years old in Sept.

1978.....Mack ( Jim ) dies in the hospital at Carlsbad, New Mexico...30 Jan. He had just turned 70 years old.

1985.....Jewel dies in Paris, Lamar County, Tex....10 Feb. She is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery at Paris.

1992.....Tomer, Wife of Jim ( Mack ) dies in Chaves County, Roswell, New Mexico....11 July. She was 76 years old.

2002.....Evelyn ( wife of Richard and Mother of Dianna and Paul ) dies...21 Aug.

2003.....Sept 22...First meeting for Tarvin Cuzzins.

2003.....Sept 22...Tarvin Cuzzins Visit Aunt Lola.

2003.....Sept 25...12:55am. Jerry ( Lonnie ) Tarvin dies in a nursing home in Roswell, New Mexico. He is buried in the Tarvin Family plot in Loving, 14 mi. South of Carlsbad..Lonnie is the son of Jim Mack and Tomer Lee Mobley Tarvin and grandson of Reddick Smallwood and Mary MaGahee Tarvin.

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