Highlights of the reunion

Four Mobleys made the long drive from Texas, all children of Sam and Lela Ann Duke Mobley. Everyone was thrilled to see them. ( Sam is Jarids brother ).
I did get to talk to all my Mobley cuzzens, and several of my brothers and members of my family.
Thanks to my brother Larry Tarvin and his cell phone.

Another highlight was, a Tarvin dencendent ( Nena Stratton ) Who we knew nothing about came down from Ruidoso, About an hour drive from Roswell. ( Her ancester was Churchwell Tarvin.)

Also attending was Nancy Tarvin Phillips. Most of us have never met her.

A big highlight on Sunday was pastor Jimmy Tarvin of Loving, ( my son ) giving Sunday services to the crowd of almost one hundred. The service ended with prayers and eulogy for those that had passed on.

Jewel Tarvin Rosas collected this information for me to use on this website and also on her website, and she has sent me many pictures. So as soon as I can get them in some kind of order, plus several dozen web pages made, I will have them on this site.

First order of the day was meeting in Peppermint Park and getting to know everyone, heck it had been 40 yrs since the Tarvins and Mobleys had seen each other and some had never seen each other.
Grills and cookers were fired up, cooking hot dogs and hambugers to go with the mouth watering tater salad and beans and other goodies.

Also the Loving Tarvin Ladies, Val and Linda made Pepper Jelly with Jewel and Tomer helping, I am told they all four had their hot little hands in it. ( ohhh I want some pepper jelly! ) While the adults visited, the kids had a ball, playing volley ball, or as Jewel told me. They were doing somthing with a ball!.

Tickets were handed out in advance for the many drawings held. Winners received crafts made by Jim and Faye Tarvin, Val Tarvin Isbell, Jewell Tarvin Rosas and Tomer Tarvin Stinson, and Helen Mobley Adams donated a FlipAlbum program, many others donated items for the drawing also.

Drawings were held the first and second day, with the quilt drawings last on the second day. Linda Tarvin Isbell won the big quilt, put it in her van and kept it there, taking it home unsigned since it was getting late, or maybe she wasn't turning loose of it for any reason. The second quilt was won by Sean Maurer, husband of Jin Jin Tarvin Maurer. Both of the quilt winners were estatic.

The list of surnames included Tarvin, Stinson, Rosas, Phillips, Isbell, Brown, Maurer, Stratton, Davis, Johnson, Mobley, and Adams and probaly some Jewel didnt get.

Larry Tarvin was presented with a mouse pad bearing the Tarvin coat of arms. Thanks to Carol Zangerl, who received it from Joe Tarvin or Dotty Brookshire, ( Hey Larry, I can use that! ).

Jin Jin Tarvin Maurer won a framed copy of the Mobley coat of arms, thanks to Helen Mobley Adams. Also The children of Jim Mack and Tomer lee Mobley Tarvin were given a framed setting of their drivers license.

Day two...Val brought mouth watering briskit and beans made by her daughters Rebecca and Jessica. Val also brought a cake iced with the Tarvin reunion.
Plans were made to hold another reunion next year in Loving, ( hosted by Val and the Loving bunch )

There was talk about holding it in the late spring, when it's not so hot, and Val may get a gym or a big meeting place inside out of the weather. I'm sure she and the Preacher will come up with somthing, plus Carlsbad has a mile of shady playground and many shaded picnic areas and swimming at the city park along the Pecos River, and Know what?, there's no ticks or chiggers!

Upon leaving several went visiting..Val, Linda, Tomer and Jewel went looking for the places where we grew up, others went to Carlsbad and Loving, and some went to the Carlsbad Caverns, just 20 mi from the Loving Tarvins.

I know that I may have missed much information about people donating for the drawings, but will list it as I receieve the info. Also everyone agrees, a Big Thank You to Jim and Faye Tarvin for this reunion, it was a first ever. ( Thank You Jim and Fay ).

Also a big thank you to everyone for coming. Everyone donated something, but received a lot of good fellowship

Let's look at some of the Pictures

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