Genealogy of the Eyden family & connecting British families

                                            EYDEN & other Families 

It was in 1977 that I took the decision to start researching my family name of EYDEN. Most of us at some time are curious about who we are & this coupled with my love of history was all the encouragement I needed. So many different lives and families have become intermingled with the EYDENS and so I have also researched them. In those early days, amateur genealogists were very much frowned on by the professional archivists but I was undaunted. To be handed a musty, yellowing book or document often centuries old and sometimes written in Latin, which gave an insight into the lives & times of my ancestors, was magical. Today, the procedure is more clinical with the introduction of microfilms & computers but the thrill of a "find" is just the same. The original 4-inch notepad has now mushroomed into numerous files, books and discs. I would like to thank those people who have supplied long forgotten stories and photos and patiently listened to my endless tales of research. However, the research still goes on as Family History is a never ending story.

The research has been a labour of love and I am happy to share it with others who have a non-commercial interest. Where possible information has been verified from primary sources but please allow for human fraility. This work may include information on living people and you are asked to respect their privacy.

This page belongs to: Teresa Eyden Wycherley               [email protected]


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