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JOHN (16)

We are descendant from 3 of the son's of  William Atteberry, The Immigrant

  Charles Atteberry, (13), John Atteberry, (16), & Thomas Atteberry, (18), 

The numbers after the names are from a numbering system used in the book "Descendants of William Atterbury, 1733 English Immigrant," pub 1984, by Voncille Attebery Winter and Wilma Attebery Mitchell .  Most Atteberry researchers use this numbering system when referring to the nine son of William Atteberry

Michael [11], William [12], Charles [13], Richard [14], Nathan [15], John [16], Edward [17], Thomas [18,] James [19]

We can not take credit for the research done on the early Atteberry family in America.  Much of this research was done by earlier genelogists, such as Winter & Mitchell who wrote the book "William Atterbury, 1733 English Immigrant", Noted Atteberry genelogists Marguerite Atteberry Emmons who writes the "Atteberry Kin"  a newsletter for all branches of the Attebery/Atterbury family, Lois E.Thomas Branch who has the website "The Branch Ranch" and many many others.

We are very lucky in that Marguerite Atteberry Emmons descend from Richard J. Atteberry, (188) the Uncle to our Churchwell Atteberry.  Also the authors of "THE DESCENDANTS OF WILLIAM ATTERBURY: 1733 ENGLISH EMIGRANT"  Voncille Attebery Winters and Wilma Attebery Mitchell both descend from Nathan Atteberry, the brother of our Churchwell Atteberry.

Although, we will have information on the 3 we descend from, our main focus (for now) will be on Jesse Atteberry and his descendants, & Nathan Atteberry and his descendants. We would like to obtain and post to the website as much documentation as possible.  We are looking for all census records, wills, deeds, obits, etc.....






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