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The Descendants of 

Charles Christopher Keck & Sariah Lucinda Smith

Charles Christopher Keck was born August 4, 1846 in Tazewell, Claiborne Co., Tennessee. He moved with his family, from Claiborne Co., Tennessee between 1850 and 1860 to Bowen township in Madison Co., Arkansas. Christopher was about 16 at the start of the Civil War and was living in the area where the battle of Pea Ridge was fought. He and his brother John enlisted at Fayetteville in Co. G. 1st Arkansas in 1863. Christopher  would have only been 17 at the time and not have turned 18 until August, but he gives his age as 18. After the Civil War, at the age of 20, he married 17 year old Sariah Lucinda Smith April 8, 1866 most likely in  Madison Co., Arkansas, daughter of James Smith and Sariah __________.  (I have yet to find a marriage certificate, the date is from bible records) She was born November 2, 1848 most likely in Monroe Twp. Mississippi Co., Arkansas.  Their first two children Arlena Lucinda and James Christopher are born while the family is living in Valley Township, Madison Co., Arkansas and are listed with them on the 1870 census.  Their next three children, Laura Lockie, William Jasper and Dora Bell were also thought to have been born in Valley Township. About 1880 the family moved by wagon to Paris, Logan Co., Arkansas where Lewis Daniel, Nora and twins Alvin and Calvin wore born. Nora lived only a year and the twins died at birth. By the 1910 census all the children have married and started families of their own. Christopher and Sariah are living in Short Mt. Township.  Sariah  died January 19, 1913. It seems that Christopher may have remarried  May 26, 1915 to a Mrs. Sarah Burnett. They would have been married only about 2 months. Charles Christopher Keck died July 22, 1915.  Christopher and Sariah are buried at the Paint Rock Cemetery located between Paris and Magazine, in Logan County, Arkansas. 

(click here for headstone photos at Paint Rock Cemetery)

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The Children of Charles Keck and Sariah Smith:

Arlena Lucinda Keck (my great-grandmother) called "Arlenie" "Lu" "Cindy" and "Granny McAdoo" was born February 10, 1867 in Valley Township, Madison Co., Arkansas, and died May 29, 1950 in Marshall Co.,  Oklahoma.  She married George Washington McAdoo called "G.W." March 9, 1884 in Paris, Logan Co., Arkansas, son of Elijah McAdoo and Elizabeth Scribner.  He was born February 14, 1862 in Missouri, and died November 27, 1922 in Lark, Marshall Co., Oklahoma.

James Christopher Keck  called "Jimmy""Jim" and "J.C." was born March 24, 1870 in Valley Township, Madison Co., Arkansas, and died September 12, 1962 in Paris, Logan Co., Arkansas.  He married (1) Theresa May Caroline Morris December 29, 1888 in Logan Co.,  Arkansas, daughter of Andrew Morris and Mary Anna WATKINS.  She was born May 17, 1870 in MooresBridge, Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and died June 3, 1916 in Logan Co., Arkansas.  He married (2) Bertha Douglas March 26, 1920 in Logan Co., Arkansas, daughter of Ben Douglas.  She was born May 6, 1894, and died February 1980.

Laura Lockie Keck  called "Lockie" was born February 26, 1873 in Valley Township, Madison Co., Arkansas, and died October 21, 1963 in Paris, Logan Co., Arkansas.  She married (1) Peter G. Collins April 25, 1889 in Logan Co., Arkansas, son of Jo Collins and Amanda __________.  He was born Abt. 1866 in California.  She married (2) John Ezell January 22, 1893 in Logan Co., Arkansas, son of David Ezell and Sarah McConnelly.  He was born January 24, 1868 in Logan Co,.  Arkansas, and died July 10, 1944 in Paris, Logan Co., Arkansas.

William Jasper Keck called "Jasper" was born February 2, 1876 in Valley Township, Madison Co., Arkansas, and died April 20, 1942 in Paris, Logan Co.,  Arkansas.  He married Donia Ivona Morris February 5, 1893 in Paris, Logan Co.,  Arkansas, daughter of James Morris and Susan Cobb.  She was born October 4, 1872 in Paris,  Logan Co., Arkansas, and died June 2, 1958 in Paris,  Logan Co., Arkansas.

 Dora Bell Keck   was born December 24, 1879 in Valley Township, Madison Co., Arkansas, and died July 3, 1949 in Vian, Sequoyah Co., Oklahoma.  She married Ennis Cebertt Burnett November 4, 1894 in Logan Co., Arkansas, son of Josiah S. Burnett.  He was born March 22, 1875 in Arkansas, and died November 9, 1966 in Bristow, Creek Co., Oklahoma.

Lewis Daniel Keck    called "L.D." and "Birdie" was born October 8, 1881 in Paris Logan Co., Arkansas, and died February 29, 1956 in Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Arkansas.  He married Leanna Marie Shirley April 9, 1899 in Logan Co., Arkansas, daughter of Silas Shirley and Dimarus Driggs.  She was born October 11, 1874 in Logan Co., Arkansas, and died September 1, 1947 in Little Rock, Pulaski Co., Arkansas.

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Nora lived only a year and the twins died at birth.  Nora is buried at the Oakwood Cemetery in Paris, Logan Co., Arkansas

Nora C. Rosemary Keck  born October 18, 1883 - died October 4, 1884 in Arkansas.

Alvan Keck born June 10, 1888 - died June 10, 1888

Calvan Keck born June 10, 1888 - died June 10, 1888

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There are so many people who have helped me with this research and who I am so grateful too.  I started researching my family lines almost 25 years ago. The Keck line was one of the first surnames I started with and one of the first person I was in contact with was Carla Bauer of Bentonville, Arkansas.  Carla sent a 14 page outline chart on the Keck line.  Although I have verified, corrected and added to the information, that outline is what I started with.  Others who have provided me with invaluable information, bible records, family group sheets and photos on the Keck line are: Jannie Barnett, Betty Bryant, Rosemary Camerson, Don Ezell, Linda Gold, Karen A. Groce, Sandra Kalsic, Eva Keck, Patsy Keck, Lela J. Kirby, Anita Rutledge, Jeffery Sanders, and Iva J. White.  And much appreciation to my Aunt Deloris Dice for sharing Granny McAdoo's family photos.   

Tammy Dice Jones




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