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Like the song said " Way down yonder in the Indian Nation, I'd ride my pony on the reservation in them Oklahoma hills were I was born" I was born in Oklahoma and even though I was raised an "Army Brat" I call Oklahoma home. I married and am raising my children here. My parents were both born and raised in Marshall County. The Western way of life is still alive and well in this part of the country. We still ride our horses, wear cowboy boots, raise cattle, haul hay, and go to the rodeo. My ties to Marshall County and the Indian Nation run deep. Most of my ancestors were here before Statehood.

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My Mother's side:

My Great-Grandmother Dora Francis Jane SMITH was born in the Chickasaw Nation in 1889, her family having come up from Texas the year before. My Great-Grandfather John Chuchwell LONG came into the Chickasaw Nation with his new bride about 1902, also from Texas. His first wife died in 1907 and he married Dora in 1908

My Great-Grandmother Alica Mae DUNCAN was born in Woodville, Indian Territory in 1890. Her mother and father crossing the Red River from Texas before 1889.
My Great-Grandfather John Paschal RICE came with his parents and five brothers from Hot Spring Co., Arkansas around 1901. John and Mae were married in 1909.

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My Father's side:

My Great-Grandfather George Washington McADOO and my Great-Grandmother Arlena Lucinda KECK brought their six children to Indian Territory in 1898. My Grandmother Jesse Lee McADOO was born in Pickens Co., Indian Territory in 1904.

The only late comer in the bunch was my Grandfather Frank Earl DICE who came up from Texas about 1915 with his mother and Step-father.

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Oklahoma became the 46th state on November 16, 1907





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