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E-mail address of our online cousins and their direct line or how they connect with the Rucker and/or Miller lines. 

[If you would like to be listed, send me your e-mail address and list how you are connected to : ]

Tammy Dice Jones


  • Tammy Dice Jones  d/o Nayoma Janell Long  d/o Melodean Rice  d/o John Pascal Rice   s/o Mary Ellen Rucker   d/o James Pascal Rucker & Mary Susan Miller d/o Isaac Miller & Jane Guess d/o Martin Guess


  • Julie Yates d/o Robert Yates s/o Horace Desmond Yates s/o Charles Desmond Yates s/o Horace Jewell Yates s/o Albert Newton Yates and Sarah Jane Miller d/o Joseph Miller s/o Isaac Miller (s/o Henry Miller) and Jane Guess d/o Martin Guess.


  • Jim Smith, husband of Myra Whatley d/o Joel Thomas Whatley s/o Luetta Ardella Elliott & Robert Lee Whatley d/o Joseph Oliver Elliott s/o Elizabeth Cordelia Miller & Jeremiah Walker Elliott d/o Isaac Miller & Jane Guest d/o Martin Guest

    Surnames: Tankersley, Pilcher, Thornton, Siratt, Hinshaw, Prince, Guest, Miller, Elliott, Walker, Hawkins


  • Mary B. d/o Frank Davis and Pauline Stiles, s/o Fannie Morrison and John S. Davis. d/o Cynthia Miller, and Thomas K. Morrison, d/o Isaac Miller and Jane Guest


  • Randy Parker s/o Thomas Edward Parker & Melba Alene Rucker, d/o Hazel Marie Holland & Julius Edgar Rucker s/o Cora Agnes Thomas & James Danial Rucker s/o Nancy Levice Stiles & Isaac Columbus Rucker s/o James Pascal Rucker & Mary Susan Miller d/o Isaac Miller & Jane Guess d/o Martin Guess


  • Darla Rice/Torrence d/o Charles Ray Rice s/o Charlie Jewell Rice s/o Mary Ellen Rucker/Rice d/o James Paschal Rucker and Mary Susan Miller d/o Isaac Miller and Jane Guest d/o Martin Guest






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