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Transcribed and Combined from two MSS

of Edmond Prideaux ( his son )

of Padstow, Cornwall.


These provide a remarkable insight into the church of the time,

and its relationship with the people and the throne,

besides being a history of Dr Prideaux and his contribution to society and our history.

It certainly touches on some raw nerves as far as the Royal Household and the Church was concerned, and it is no wonder that Edmond prefaced his MSS with the note that there were matters which were too sensitive to be included in a contemporary history.

It includes details of illness and surgery in graphic detail,

as well as information and comment on secular life of the time.

This is the story of a man who would not allow matters to rest

without comment or action.


I have divided the text into “chapters” for ease of reading.

Transcribed as written.






Chapter I     Chapter II       Chapter III     Chapter IV


Chapter V    Chapter VI     Chapter VII    Chapter VIII


Chapter IX



A list of persons mentioned

omitting direct Prideaux family members.


Mr Acton                            

Dr Artley                            

Phillip Arvas                       

Dr Herbert Ashley             

Sir Edward Atkins              

Sir Edward Atkyns             

----- Bambridge                   

Archbishop Bancroft          

Dr Bately                            

Sir Henry Bedingfield        

Mr Bennett                        

Dr Beveridge                     

Dr Beveridge                     

Arscott Bickford                

Bridget Bokenham             

Anthony Bokenham           

Sir Henry Bokenham         

Mr Bokenham                    

Dr Ezekias Burton             

Dr Burnett                          

Dr Busby                            

Sir Shilston Calmady         

Thomas Caryll                    

Mr Christmas                     

Mr Chute                            

Richard Coffin                    

Dr Compton                        

Dr Cumberland                  

Dr Marshall Dean             

Ferdinands Lord Fairfax    

Sir Thomas Fairfax            

Dr Henry Fairfax               

Dean Fairfax                      

Dr Fairfax                           

Dr Fell                                

Dr Fell                                

Bishop Fell                         

Daniel Lord Finch              

Lord Chancellor Finch       

Mr Charles Finch               

John Fortescue                   

Dr Fowler                           

Mr John Gifford                 

Dr Henry Godolphin          

Mr Prempton Gordon        

Mr William Grise               

Dr Grove                            

Bishop Groves                   

Bishop Grove                     

Dr Haley                             

Earl of Halifax                    

Dr Hall                                

Dr William Hawkings        

Dr Hilyard                          

Dr Hoddy                            

Mr Nathaniel Hodges        

Mr Nathaniel Hodges        

Mr Nathaniel Hodges        

Sir John Holland                

Sir J Holt                            

Lord Henry Howard           

Dr Ironside                         

Dr Jane                               

Lord Chancellor Jeffrey    

Bishop Ken                         

Dr Kidder                           

Dr Kidder                           

Dr Lake                              

Dr Lamplough                    

Bishop Lamplough             

Bishop Lloyd                      

Bishop Lloyd                      

Dr William Lloyd               

Dr William Lloyd               

Dr Will Lloyd                     

Mr Joseph Loveland         

Dr Thomas Marshall         

Dr Paul Michaelthwayt      

Dr Mills                              

Dr Moor                             

Dr Moor                             

Bishop Moor                      

Bishop Moor                      

Bridgett Moyle                  

John Moyle                        

Walter Moyle                     

Sir Walter Moyle               

Mr Nath                             

Mr Norris                           

Sir Francis North               

Earle of Nottingham          

William Pendarves             

Edmond Pollexfen              

Lord Chancellor Parker     

Dr Patrick                           

Bishop Patrick                    

Lord Francis Pawlett          

Sir Horace Pettus               

Dr Pocock                           

Dr Edward Pocock             

Mr Prodreys                       

Mr Salter                            

Archbishop Saneroft          

Dr Bernard Savilian           

Mr Seuster                         

Dr John Sharpe                  

Dr Sharpe                           

Dr Sharpe                           

Dr Thomas Sherlock          

Dr William Smythe            

Dr Will Smyth                    

Lord Sommers                    

Dr Thomas                         

Dr Tillotson                        

Dr Tillotson                        

Dr Tillotson                        

Archbishop Tillotson          

Archbishop Tommison       

Thomas Townshend           

Mr Trimnell                        

Dr Trimnell                         

Dr Trimnell                         

Mr Walpole                        

Dr Williams                        

Dr Woodard                       

Biship Womock                  

Lord Keeper Wright          

Sir Nathan Wright              




Raymond Forward


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