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Without going into semantics, from my childhood, my family and friends knew anyone from the “other side of the Tamar” as a “furriner” [ foreigner ], in a matter of fact acknowledgement of the difference, rather than one of abuse or any derogatory thoughts. Tourists and visitors from “furrin parts” were “emmets” 

and “furriners” who moved to live in the area became “grockles”.




Banks with origins or roots outside of Cornwall

but with links to Cornwall

or customers in Cornwall



Ricketts, Enthoven & Co. of 8 Moorgate St. London, a, firm consisting of Frederick Ricketts of Porchester Terrace, Bayswater, merchant; Henry John Enthoven of 50 Euston Square, London, merchant; Edmund Turner of Birmingham, merchant; James Oliver Mason and Trevenen James of 8 Moorgate St. and 36 Tavistock Square, who joined in a partnership opening banking houses at Truro, Penzance, Falmouth and St. Columb. This they did by acquiring the banking establishments of the Western District Banking Co. at Truro, Penzance, Falmouth and St. Columb and opening business at those places in Sep 1844. On 25 April 1846 Edmund Turner and James Oliver Mason retired and the firm became Ricketts, Enthoven & James. On 26 Jan 1847 Ricketts and James were in commercial difficulties, their chief creditor being The Governor and Company of Copper Mines in England, F. Ricketts, H. J. Enthoven and T. James, merchants, Moorgate street, London, Trereife smelting works, Penzance, and Bristol, partnership dissolved for H. J. Enthoven 28 April 1848. Enthoven being anxious to wind up the banking business, Mr. Josephus Ferris was sent down into Cornwall with power to act for him, and on 11 Oct 1847 the four banks were wound up.



Western District Banking Co. established in St. Aubyn Street; George Hawtayne, general manager 12 Sept. 1836, H. Malcolm afterwards became manager to 1844. Head office Devonport, with branches at Falmouth, Kingsbridge, Penzance, Plymouth, St. Columb, Totnes, Truro and Helston. The Kingsbridge and Plymouth branches were closed in 1842, the Totnes branch in 1843, the Helston branch and the Devonport office in 1844. The Falmouth, Penzance, St. Columb and Truro businesses was dissolved 14 Aug 1844 and transferred to Ricketts, Enthoven & Co. in September 1844 when the entire business was closed. The shareholders in this bank lost £120,000, all the surplus fund and one quarter of the capital. At the time of the dissolution the Liabilities including the capital borrowed from the shareholders was £34,458 17s. 8d. The estimated value of property and amount of good debts was £10,632 13s. 4d. Deficiency £23,826 4s. 4d. To meet which a call of £3 10s. a share was made to become payable 1st November 1844.



Holsworthy and West Devon. Pearce, Cory, Fry and Co. Opened in 1808; closed in 1817.


Dingley & Co. ( of Launceston ) Branch established 1855; James Cole, manager 1857; John Mill, manager 1881.


East Cornwall Bank. Robins, Foster, Coode and Bolithos. ( of Liskeard ) Agency opened; James Frederick Delmar, manager 1869; Samuel Thomas Mills, agent 1872.


Devon and Cornwall Banking Co. ( of Plymouth ). Agency established; James Higgs, agent 1873; James Reese Eadie, manager 1877; Benjamin Hancock Balkwill, agent 1880.



Savile and Co from 1810 to 1813.


Hawkes & Co. from 1810 to 1815.


National Provincial Bank of England ( of London ) Branch opened in Fore Street, H. C. Millett, agent 1836; J. P. Gilbert, became agent 1844; Joseph Silver, agent 1846; Robert Frederick Gower, agent 1851; James W. Boon, manager 1872; W. H. I. Pryor, manager 1887.


Dingley, Pearse & Co. ( of Launceston ) Branch established in East Street 1856, additional partner John Pearse of Hatherleigh, a solicitor; Richard Dunning Gay, manager 1856; John Marsh Burd, solicitor, manager 1856, d 1871; William Burd, solicitor, manager 1871-74; William Burd Pearse admitted a partner in the Okehampton, Hatherleigh and Moreton Hampstead Banks 1874; John Pearse d 1879; George Pearse of Hatherleigh admitted a partner in the Okehampton, Hatherleigh and Moreton Hampstead Banks 1880; Edward Pethybridge as trustee for John Dingley 1885.



Plymouth Naval Bank. Harris, Bulteel & Co. established 1774, partners in 1876 Thomas Hillersden Bulteel and Thomas Bulteel, with branches at Ivybridge, Modbury, Newton Abbott, Dartmouth, Totness and Plympton; A branch opened at Saltash 1876; Christopher Harris Bulteel admitted a partner 1878; Giles Andrew Daubeny of Plymstock admitted a partner 1881; T. H. Bulteel d 1883; C. H. Bulteel d 1883.


Devon and Cornwall Banking Co. Limited, established at Bedford Street, Plymouth 2nd January 1832 as the Plymouth and Devonport Banking Co. taking over the business of the General Bank (Messrs. Hingston and Prideaux); William Prance, first chairman, First manager Walter Prideaux, Sub-managers David Derry and Alfred Hingston; Walter Prideaux d 24 June 1832 and David Derry succeeded him as manager; A branch opened at Devonport 1832. Name altered to Devon and Cornwall Banking Co. 19 Oct. 1833; Branches opened at Bodmin, Liskeard and St. Austell 1834, at Launceston and Tavistock 1836, and at Truro 1847; Bodmin branch closed 1850; David Derry, general manager, resigned 1866 when Charles Prideaux succeeded him as general manager, he resigned 1870; Alfred Hingston became manager 1870; An agency established at Helston 1870 and closed in 1875; Incorporated as an Unlimited Co. 1875; Branches opened at Redruth and Falmouth 1879; An agency established at Holsworthy 1880; A branch opened at Penzance 1881; The D. and C. Banking Co. registered as a Limited Company 1st January 1884; A branch opened at Camborne 1885.



Gill & Co. established 1791. In 1818 the partners were John Gill, William Gill, Elizabeth Bundle and John Hornbrook Gill, bankers and merchants at Tavistock and Morwellhan known as Gill and Co.; In May 1818 the partnership was dissolved for John Gill and Elizabeth Bundle, when John and Nicholas Bundle came into the firm which then took the style of Gill, Bundle & Co.; Established a branch at Launceston 1832; Partners were then John Hornbrook Gill and John Bundle; Note circulation settled at £13,421 Oct. 10, 1844; Firm became Gill and Bundle 1846; Firm became Gill, Sons and Co. 1870; S. Hosworthy appointed manager 1875; John Hornbrook Gill of Bickham park, Devon became a partner 1870, retired or died 1875; Reginald Butler Edgecumbe Gill became a partner 1872; Reginald Moorshead of Kelly admitted a partner 1875; Firm became Gill, Moorshead & Co. 1875; Thomas Watkin became manager 1875; Branches opened at Calstock and Gunnislake 1879; R. B. E. Gill and B. Moorshead constituted the firm in 1883.


Devon and Cornwall Banking Co. ( of Plymouth ). Branch opened at West Street, Tavistock, Joseph Brown, manager 1836; Henry Alves Gibson, manager 1867.


Gill, Moorshead & Co.; William Saunders, agent 1887.


West of England and South Wales District Bank ( of Bristol ) A branch opened at West Street, Tavistock 1865, John Major, manager 1870; Richard Every, manager 1877; Suspended payment 14 Dec. 1878,


Dingley & Co. ( of Launceston ) Established a branch at Higher Market Street Tavistock 1865, James Haye, manager 1866; Stephen Nosworthy, manager 1870.




Raymond Forward


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