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Penzance, Cornwall


Richard Oxnam’s 18 Ships




Richard Oxnam – Banker and Merchant

In Order of first Registration Date


01] HOPE

5th June 1788 Penzance Nr 2

Owners : Richard Oxnam; James Dunkin Merchants & Thomas Hosking Mariner of Penzance;

Non Subscribers : Abraham Tyack of Truro, Merchant;

Richard Hosking Mariner; William Carne; John Dunkin Merchants.

Registry closed - vessel Altered.

Master : Richard Hosking

Built at Newport Monmouth 1788;

2 decks 2 masts 70 ft 7 ins length; 20 ft 7 inches breadth; 118t berthen.

Square sterned Brigantine

Altered and re-Registered …

10th October 1791 Penzance Nr 4

Owners : Richard Hosking Mariner; Richard Oxnam & John Dunkin of the same place Merchants;

Thomas Hosking Mariner; 

Non Subscribers : William Carne and James Dunkin Merchants; Abraham Tyack, late of Truro.

Master : Richard Hosking

2 decks 3 masts 70 ft 7 ins length; 20 ft 7 inches breadth; 118t berthen.

Square stern Barque



8th September 1791 Penzance Nr 3

Owners : Richard Oxnam; James Dunkin Merchants of Penzance and Richard Jennings, shipwight of St Ives;

Non Subscribers : John Ellis and James Dunkin of Penzance merchants;

Henry Rowe & Thomas Rowe of St Ives mariners.

Master : George Rowe

Built at Burseldon Southampton 1775; Previously Register Nr 7 Southampton 4th September 1786.

Length 49 ft 4 inches; Breadth 16 ft 2 inches; Depth of hold 9 ft; 54t berthen

Round Stern Sloop



2nd May 1794 Penzance Nr 3

Owners John Borlase mariner; Richard Oxnam & James Pascoe merchants of Penzance

Non Subscribers Thomas Bolitho merchant of “Maddern”

Master John Borlase

Built at Bristol 1767; ex 13th August 1789 Nr 8 Registered at “Swanzey”

2 decks 2 masts; Length 53 ft 2 inches; Breadth 16 ft 10 inches; 61t berthen

Square sterned Brigantine



2nd November 1795 Penzance Nr 7 – Vessel Lost (date not given)

Owners Richard Hosking mariner and Richard Oxnam merchant both of Penzance

Master John Hosking

Built Neath Glamorgan 1774; ex Registered at “Swanzey” 17th September 1786

2 decks 2 masts; Length 55 ft; Breadth 18 ft 4 inches; 70t berthen

Hagback stern Brig.


05] HENRIETTA – Vessel lost (date not given)

6th May 1796 Penzance Nr 2

Owners Richard Pentreath mariner of Mousehole; Richard Oxnam of Penzance merchant

Peter Dennis fisherman of Mousehole

Non Subscriber Alexander Harvey fisherman of Mousehole.

Master Richard Pentreath

Built St Mary’s Isles of Scilly 1794; ex Registered St Mary’s 21st May 1794.

1 deck 1 mast; Length 38 ft 9 inches; Breadth 14 ft 4 inches; 29t berthen;

Square stern sloop.



17th November 1797 Penzance Nr 2

Owner Richard Oxnam of Penzance

Master Richard Pentreath

Built St Mary’s Isles of Scilly 1797

1 deck 1 mast; Length 44 ft 5 inches; Breadth 14 ft 9 inches; 33t berthen

Square stern Sloop


07] LIVE OAK – Vessel lost (date not given)

4th May 1798 Penzance Nr 1

Owner Richard Oxnam of Penzance

Master Isaac Spence

Built at Philadelphia 1765; ex London Registered Nr 207 7th September 1797.

2 decks 2 masts; Length 73 ft; Breadth 23 ft 2 inches; 149t berthen

Square sterned Brigantine with a Quarter Deck



– cancelled the Property changed and registered de Nova at this port 25th September 1807 Nr 4

14th August 1799 Penzance Nr 1

Owners Richard Oxnam Esq and Richard Hosking mariner of Penzance

Master William Buglehole

Built Plymouth 1788; ex Registered Fowey 5th December 1792 Nr 14

1 deck 1 mast; Length 50 ft 2 inches; Breadth 16 ft 2 inches; Depth 8 ft 6 inches; 52t berthen

Square stern Sloop

25th September 1807 Registered de Novo Penzance Nr 4

– cancelled the Property altered and registered de Nova at this port 20th November 1813 Nr 4

Owners Richard Oxnam, Thomas Bullock shipwright and Henry Holmes blacksmith all of Penzance

Master Henry Oats

25th September 1813 vessel sold wholly to Henry Holmes victualler.



14th July 1800 Penzance Nr 4

Owner Richard Oxnam Esq & John Matthews shipwright both of Penzance

Master William Trannack

Prize named Nra Senora de la Solidas yel Ampro, taken from The Spaniards, by the private warship Flint;

Condemned in the High Court 20th February 1800; certificate of Freedom Granted 29th March 1800;

ex Registered Plymouth Nr 18 - 7th April 1800

1 deck 2 masts; Length 47 ft 3½ inches; Breadth 11 ft 8 inches; 27t berthen

Pink stern Schooner



1st December 1804 Penzance Nr 3

Owners : Richard Oxnam merchant & Thomas Bullock shipwright both of Penzance.

Masters:  Richard Pentreath

3rd January 1805 Charles Trewavas

8th July 1806 William Buglehole

13th July 1807 Nicholas Teague

Built Plymouth 1802; ex Plymouth Nr 59, 8th December 1802

1 deck 1 mast; Length 46 ft 1in; Breadth 14ft 6in; 7 ft 1in hold; 37t berthen

Square stern sloop

2nd February 1812 Thomas Bullock of Penzance has sold and transferred all his part being one eighth in this vessel

to Alexander Marrack merchant of Penzance. Witnesses : T Eale & A Hampton.

7th July 1812 : Richard Oxnam of Penzance hath sold and transferred one fourth part of the sloop Eliza. & Filis

to Richard White mariner of Penzance. Witnesses : A Marrack & Richard Pearce.

Registered at the Port of Padstow.

3rd February 1815 Cancelled and Registered de Novo.

Penzance Nr 1

Owners : Richard Oxnam Esq and Alexander Marrack merchant and Richard White mariner all of Penzance.

Master Richard White

22nd July 1815 Be it remembered that I, Richard Oxnam, of Penzance, hath this day transferred all my right in this Vessel being 3/16ths Part or Share unto Henry Pengelly Gent. and Richard Holmes shipwright both of Penzance;

Witness my Hand Richard Oxnam; Witnessed Alexander Marrack & A A Hampton.

Lost in Wales with all the ship’s papers (date not given)


11] JANE

26th August 1805 Penzance Nr 3

Owners Richard Oxnam of Penzance, James Stephens [Stevens] mariner, Christopher Trewhella sailmaker of St Ives;

Non Subscriber John Lean of St Mawes.

Master s: James Stevens

22nd May 1824 Thomas Mollard

28th December 1825 Registered de Novo at the Port of St Ives.

Built at St Mawes 1805

1 deck 2 masts; Length 57 ft 6 in; Breadth 19 ft 3 ins; Depth 11 ft hold; 87t berthen

Square stern Brigantine

16th October 1812 Richard Oxnam sold one eighth part of this vessel to Wood & Cornish of London

17th March 1814 Richard Oxnam by his Attorney sold all his quarter part of the vessel to Mr James Stevens.

21st December 1825 Custom House : Richard Oxnam, Esq, late of Rosehill, but now of the City of London,

has transferred by Bill of Sale 3rd December 1825, twenty four 64th Shares And John Lean of St Mawes has

transferred by the same Bill of Sale sixteen 64th Shares. And Ann Trewhella Administratrix of the late

Christopher Trewhella of St Ives has transferred by the same Bill of Sale eight 64th Shares unto James Stevens

Master Mariner of St Ives and Thomas Wood merchant of the City of London – in the following proportions.

to the said James Stevens twenty four 64ths and Thomas Wood twenty four 64ths – P M Wearne & Company.



7th April 1806 Penzance Nr 1

Owners Richard Oxnam, John Batten & William Carne all of Penzance

Non Subscribers Wood & Cornish of London merchants

R A Daniell & L C Danbuz both of Truro

Masters : William Treluddra

18th April 1812 William Harrison

7th June 1812 William Freeman

7th February 1819 Robert Kilgour

Built Dartmouth 1805 - Builder’s certificate 3rd April 1806.

1 deck 2 masts; Length 70 ft 2 in; Breadth 20 ft 1in; Depth 11 ft 10 in hold; 110t berthen

Square stern Brigantine

3rd September 1819 : Richard Oxnam of Penzance hath sold and transferred all his part, being on eighth, in this

vessel unto Messrs Kilgour, Brown & Leuchars; dated 28th August 1819.

Signed Richard Oxnam; Witnesses M J Hamilton & John Barber

5th June 1820  : James Brown & Mrs Margaret Leuchars of St Andrews, Fleshers, owners of

this vessel having sold our half part or share unto Robert Kilgour of Dundee

mariner, by endorsement, dated 5th June 1820

Signed James Brown   Margaret Leuchars; Witness Archibald Wallard & David Beswick

5th June 1820 : Be it remembered that we James Brown & Mrs Margaret Leuchars, Fleshers in St Andrews

have this day sold and transferred our right & interest in the Brig Susan, as contained

within the Certificate of British Registry unto Mr Robert Kilgour mariner in Dundee as witness our hand

At St Andrews this 5th day of June 1820

before these witness Archibald Wallard, Writer in St Andrews and David Beswick his Clerk.

Signed James Brown & Margaret Leuchars; Witness Archibald Wallard &  David Beswick

2nd October 1820 : I, Robert Kilgour, of Dundee in the county of Forfarshire, mariner, sole owner of this vessel

have sold all my right, property and interest unto Mrs Elizabeth Grey, of Dundee aforesaid, widow

Signed Robert Kilgour; Witnesses W M---osly & Hugh Boyd

9th October 1821 Register Cancelled the Vessel being registered at Dublin

Incorporation of Fleshers – one of the Trade Guilds of Scotland

James Brown was a bound apprentice to John Wallace from 1808 to 1812; he became a Freeman Flesher 1818

and Deacon 1824-6. In 1825 he was at Market Street; in Aug 1837 he was "in distress”.

Margaret (nee Hay) Leuchars was the widow of James Leuchars (died 1813, just three years after their marriage);

she re-married to William Mason;. she died 20th June 1834, aged 82, outliving her second husband



30th April 1808 Penzance Nr 1

- Register Cancelled – Vessel sold to London – letter dated 21st November 1810

Owners :  Richard Oxnam, Esq

Master : Francis Tregarthen

Was a Prize taken from the Subjects of the King of Denmark and legally condemned by the High Court of the

Admiralty 10th December 1807; and made free at the Port of Truro; Certificate 28th April 1808.

1 deck 3 masts; Length 93 ft 5 ins; Breadth 26 ft 3 ins; Depth 11 ft 5 ins hold; 271t berthen.

Square stern Barque



10th May 1809 Penzance Nr 1

- Registry cancelled the property changed and Registered de Novo 8th April 1813 at this Port.

Owner : Richard Oxnam Esq of Penzance and Isaac Spence of London shipbroker

Masters : Thomas Thorpe

2nd April 1810 John Taylor

3rd December 1812 William Quarantin

8th March 1813  William Richards

9th March 1814 at London : Robert Hill

2nd July 1814 Henry Colburne

Built at Leith in the year 1785 as appears in a former Certificate of Registry granted in London 11th July 1806.

1½ decks 2 masts; Length 82 ft 1 ins; Breadth 22 ft 5 ins; 170t berthen

Square stern Brigantine

8th February 1813 Re-Registered Penzance Nr 1

Owners William Treluddra mariner & Alexander Marrack merchant both of Penzance;

Non Subscribers Richard Oxnam, merchant Thomas Bishop of London merchant Isaac Spence of London shipbroker.

12th March 1814 : Be it remembered that we Richard Oxnam & Alexander Marrack both of Penzance

hath this day sold and transferred all our rights shares or interest in the ship or vessel David unto Henry Colburne

of Whitby in Yorkshire mariner – Witness our hands Signed Richard Oxnam  Alexander Marrack.

15th May 1817 – Letter received from F Wiloughby Esq; Ship sold to Foreigners at Calais.



19th September 1809 Penzance Nr 6

Owners Richard Oxnam, Esq, Thomas Gundry and John Gundry merchants both of the parish of Perran

Masters : William Thomas

20th July 1810 Richard Williams

23rd September 1816 Stewart Stewart

Built at Barnstaple 1809 Builder’s certificate dated 13th September 1809.

1 deck 2 masts; Length 57 ft 10 ins; Breadth 18 ft 8 ins; Depth 10 ft 9 ins hold; 85t berthen

Square stern Brigantine

20th June 1810 – Be it remembered that we Richard Oxnam Esq of Penzance and Thomas Gundry &

John Gundry of Goldsithney, merchants have this day sold one quarter part of the within mentioned

Brigantine to Charles Richards and Richard Williams both of St Ives, mariners.

4th June 1814 – Be it remembered that Richard Oxnam Esq by my Attorney Alexander Marrack, merchant,

have this day sold and transferred all my fourth part or share of the Brig Fortune

to Mr John Gundry merchant of Goldsithney.

Signed Richard Oxnam Witness W Dennis & John Vivian

24th February 1817 Ship sank with all papers



12th February 1810 Penzance Nr 1

Built at Penzance 1809 as appears in the builder’s certificate dated this day.

1 deck 1 mast; Length 49 ft 2 ins; Breadth 16 ft 6 ins; depth 8 ft 4 ins hold; 52t berthen

Square stern Smack

Owners : John Matthews shipwright, John S Browne Gent, Robert Stephens saddler all of Penzance

Non Subscribers : Henry Harris Gent, Edmond Morgan grocer, Richard Oxnam Esq all of Penzance

7th September 1816 John Matthews shipwright sold his 4/16th Part to William Carne junior.

9th September 1816 William Carne junior sold all his part in this vessel to Edmond Morgan

10th September 1816 Edmond Morgan merchant sold all his part of this vessel unto Richard Duff mariner.

22nd July 1817 Richard Duff mariner having sold his right being half of this vessel to Temperance Branwell,

widow and Henry Fudge mariner both of Penzance

Masters : William Duff

27th November 1810 Christopher Trevear

29th February 1812 Jonathan Colenso

18th September 1816 Richard Duff

25th July 1817 Henry Fudge

(date not given) James Saundry

24th April 1819 Henry Fudge

Register Cancelled the Vessel lost on the Coast of Ireland report delivered from Youghal (date not given)

Lost with all the crew.

There is a memorial erected at Ardmore Cathedral by Lt Hungerford RN and the Waterguards.

The Lord Collingwood was lost with all crew 15th December 1820 in Whitingbay.

The vessel was underway from Cork to Portsmouth with a cargo of oats.


17] DART – Vessel Lost in the West Indies (date not given)

13th March 1810 Penzance Nr 2

Vessel taken as a Prize from the French Republic by His Majesty’s sloop Plover; P Browne Captain.

Condemned in the High Court dated 22nd November 1809.

1 deck 2 masts; Length 71 ft; Breadth 21 ft 11 ins; Depth 10 ft hold; 139t berthen

Square stern Schooner

Owners Richard Oxnam Esq; Thomas Pering and Allan Pering all of Penzance

Master : William Freeman

15th March 1811 Thomas & Allen Pering having transferred all their rights in this vessel to Richard Oxnam, Esq.


18] FAME

24th November 1810 Penzance Nr 4

Built at Penzance 1810 as appears in the Builder’s certificate dated 23rd November 1810

1 deck 1 mast; Length 43 ft; Breadth 15 ft 7 ins; Depth 7 ft 5 ins hold; 43t berthen

Square stern Smack

Owners : Richard Oxnam Esq, Alexander Marrack Gent. & John Matthews shipwright all of Penzance.

Master : Samuel Williams

7th January 1814 Sold to the Port of Irving



Based on information extracted and transcribed from the Shipping Registers for Penzance


Raymond Forward