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12th December 1917




Prisoners of War of  S.S. CORDOVA


Admiralty Reports vessel sunk and the master and crew taken.

Merchant Seamen taken prisoner on the 12th December 1917.

Held at Brandenburg.


Captain WARD, C  H, Age 42, Place of birth Sunderland


ANDERSON, Charley, 29, Finland

ANDERSON, G, 24, Finland

BAILLIE, William, 53, South Shields

BESSENSEN, Harold, 21, Cape Town

BURLINSON, James, 50 Sunderland [transferred to Switzerland 1918]

DAVISON, John, 36, Sunderland

CLEARY, James, 39, Rochdale

FORSTER,  L  E, 24, Durham

GARDLUND, O, 42, Sweden


HARRISON, Thomas D, 43, Houghton Le Spring

HENDERSON, John Murray, 60, Aberdeen

JACOBSSON, John Leonard, 31, Sweden

McBAY, James, 35

MILLER,  J , 44, London

KARNUP, Edward, 21, Russia

KELLY, John, 49, Sligo [transferred to Switzerland 1918]

LEVITT, James W, 28, West Hartlepool

PRIOR, G H, 60, Portsmouth

SCOTT, J V, 16, South Shields

THORNTON, Lewis, 19, Bradford

TIHTERS, J, 30, Riga


There is also a 1918 reference to William MILLER, Fireman, Deceased





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