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The Podd Family of Lowestoft

Assorted References


Walter Humphrey Podd

shown in amongst the following.


1861 Census - 13 New Street Ipswich St Clement

Benjamin Podd, Head, Mar, 27, Bricklayer, b Friston 1834?

Hannah Podd, Wife, 24, b Rushmere

Joseph B Podd, Son, 4, Scholar, b Lowestoft

Amy S Podd, Dau, 3, Scholar, b Ipswich

Arthur Podd, Son, 1, b Ipswich


1871 Census - 46 Amaugh Rd St Mary Stratford le Bow London Middlesex

Benjamin Podd Head 36 Mar b Friston Bricklayer b1835?

Hannah Podd Wife 33 b Ipswich

Joseph B Podd Son 14 b Lowestoft Bricklayers Labourer

Amy S Podd Dau 12 b Ipswich Scholar

Arthur J Podd Son 10 b Ipswich Scholar

Edward M Podd Son 6 b Shoreditch Middlesex Scholar

Henry Podd Son 2 b Bow Middlesex


In the 1881 CENSUS

William Podd ( brother to the above Benjamin Podd )

 is in Lowestoft

and his other brother Samuel

and cousins William and Robert

live at Sternfield.


7, St Peters St, Lowestoft, Suffolk

William Podd      Head   49   Friston, Suffolk   Bricklayer   b1832

Catherine Podd   Wife   49   Ipswich, Suffolk       

Alfred Podd      Son     19   Lowestoft, Suffolk   Mariner    

Bessie Podd    Daur    17   Lowestoft, Suffolk   Tailoress    

Richard Podd   Son     15   Lowestoft, Suffolk   Bricklayers Apprentice    

Walter Podd     Son      13   Lowestoft, Suffolk   Scholar    

Albert Podd        Son   10   Lowestoft, Suffolk   Scholar    

Thomas WILLIS   Grandson    4   Godstone, Surrey   Scholar     


Sternfield, Suffolk

                                    Marr   Age      Sex      Birthplace

Samuel Podd 1831          M     50         M         Friston, Suffolk Head Agri Laborer

Sarah Podd                     M     50         F          Sternfield, Suffolk Wife

Charles Podd                   U     11         M         Sternfield, Suffolk Son Scholar

William Podd                   U     9          M         Sternfield, Suffolk Son Scholar


William Podd 1834           M     47         M         Friston, Suffolk Head Agri Laborer

Ann Podd                        M     44         F          Saxmundham, Suffolk Wife

Elizabeth HINES              U     10         F          Saxmundham, Suffolk Neice Scholar


Robert Podd 1838            M     43         M         Friston, Suffolk Head Agri Laborer

Eliza Podd                      M     38         F          Benhall, Suffolk Wife

Charlotte Podd                 U     12         F          Sternfield, Suffolk Daug Scholar

Benjamin James Podd      U     10         M         Sternfield, Suffolk Son Scholar

William Samuel Podd       U     8          M         Sternfield, Suffolk Son Scholar





Name, Age, Born, County, Parish, Occupation

Richard Podd  35 Suffolk Lowestoft East Suffolk Kirkley Bricklayer

  ( elder brother of  Walter Podd )

Elizabeth Podd  35 Suffolk Lowestoft East Suffolk Kirkley  

Ethel Podd  14 Suffolk Westhall East Suffolk Kirkley General Servant

Eva ( Evelyn Jane ) Podd  8 Suffolk Lowestoft East Suffolk Kirkley  

Percy Richard Podd  7 Suffolk Lowestoft East Suffolk Kirkley  

Hilda Podd  4 Suffolk Lowestoft East Suffolk Kirkley  


WALTER PODD  34 Suffolk Lowestoft East Suffolk Kirkley Fish Merchant

Jane Anne Podd  32 Suffolk Lowestoft East Suffolk Kirkley  

Evelyn Podd  11 Suffolk Lowestoft East Suffolk Kirkley  

Gertrude Podd  6 Suffolk Lowestoft East Suffolk Kirkley  

Frank Podd  4 Suffolk Lowestoft East Suffolk Kirkley  


Elizabeth Podd ( nee NURSE ) : mother

Albert Podd ( younger brother of Walter Podd ) : step-father  

Elizabeth married Albert in the last half of 1899.

Elizabeth NURSE aged 14 b. Lowestoft Suffolk

Edith NURSE aged 10 b. Lowestoft




Edmonds and Mummery Families

25 Dec 1854 Lowestoft : Marriage

Edward EDMONDS, born 1830 baptised 1834, married

Virtue STERRY,  baptised 8 Jul 1831; died 10 Mar 1915  Lowestoft.

( Virtue was the daughter of John STERRY died 1918, twinespinner and Ann MEWSE (baptised 9 Jan 1802; buried 6 Jun 1899) )


Eight Children of Edward and Virtue Edmonds :

a) Frederick Edward, born 1856 ( housepainter ), married 

Harriet Ellen WIGG 22 Dec 1828 Southwold

b) Alfred, born 3 Aug 1857 baptised 1858 Lowestoft

c) Virtue Alice, born 1859 baptised 1870 Lowestoft

d) Elizabeth Charlotte, born 1860 baptised 1869 Lowestoft, married

Samuel James CROWE 28 May 1887 Lowestoft

Witnesses were Walter PODD and Jane Ann EDMONDS

e) Charles, born 1863 Lowestoft; baptised 1869 Lowestoft, married

Emma LEE 5 Mar 1885 Lowestoft

Witnesses were E EDMONDS and Julia GURNEY

f) Henrietta born c1868 baptised 1869; died 1953, married

Frederick William MUMMERY 25 Dec 1886 Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Lowestoft

Frederick was a fish merchant. Walter Podd later bought the fish merchant business of Frederick Mummery.

g) Jane Ann baptised 1870 Lowestoft, married

Walter Podd 1890 Lowestoft

h) Edith b 1872 Lowestoft married

William Gilby FOX 8 Apr 1893 Lowestoft

Witnesses were Walter PODD and Jane Ann PODD




Mutford BDMs

Event, Date, Surname,  First name(s),  Age of death, born approx.

Birth Jun 1859 Podd  George William   

Birth Jun 1862 Podd  Alfred    

Birth Mar 1864 Podd  Bessy Harriet    

Birth Dec 1865 Podd  Richard   

Death Dec 1869 Podd  Catherine Maria  16yrs  b1853

Birth Sep 1870 Podd  Albert     

Marriage Dec 1871 Podd  John     

Birth Mar 1877 Podd  Ernest     

Death Jun 1877 Podd  Ernest  0   b1877

Marriage Mar 1878 Podd  Laura Maria    

Death Mar 1880 Podd  Humphrey  46yrs   b1834

Death Jun 1880 Podd  Ann  35yrs b1845

Marriage Jun 1880 Podd  George William    

Marriage Sep 1882 Podd  Bessie Harriet        

Marriage Sep 1882 Podd  John     

Birth Sep 1883 Podd  Edward        

Marriage Sep 1883 Podd  Maria     

Marriage Mar 1887 Podd  Richard        

Birth Jun 1887 Podd  Maud Catherine     

Birth Sep 1887 Podd  Male     

Death Sep 1887 Podd  Male  0  b1887

Marriage Dec 1887 Podd  Ellen     

Marriage Jun 1890 Podd  Walter Humphrey     

Birth Dec 1891 Podd  Evelyn Jane     

Birth Dec 1893 Podd  Gertrude     

Birth Jun 1894 Podd  Percy Richard     

Death Jun 1895 Podd  John  67yrs b1828

Birth Sep 1896 Podd  Hilda Elizabeth  

Birth Dec 1896 Podd  Walter Frank    

Death Mar 1897 Podd  William  64yrs   b1833

Marriage Sep 1899 Podd  Albert  

Marriage Sep 1899 Podd  Robert James   

Birth Sep 1901 Podd  Edward William     

Death Mar 1903 Podd  Catherine  70yrs  b1833

Birth Jun 1904 Podd  Harold     

Birth Mar 1906 Podd  Herbert Ivan    

Birth Dec 1908 Podd  Wilfred Humphrey   




Podd, Unnamed  9/7/1887   3 Days  

Infant    b1887?


Podd, Walter Humphrey 18/10/1927  59yrs  

Boat Owner    b 1868?


Podd, Unnamed   6/2/1936   53,Carlton Road, Kirkley, Lowestoft

Stillborn child of W. F. & D. G. Podd    b 1936?


Podd, Doris Gwendoline 12/2/1936 41yrs  53,Carlton Road, South Lowestoft Wife of Walter Frank Podd   b 1883?


Podd, Gladys Lily Aggas 17/6/1946 43yrs  

Wife of Edward William Podd  b 1903?


Podd, Jane Ann 23/2/1948 78yrs  

Widow  b 1870?  Widow of Walter Humphrey Podd


Podd, Walter Frank  3/9/1948 51yrs   53,Carlton Road, Lowestoft

Boat owner  b 1895?



Podd, John  4/6/1895 67yrs  Blackboy Yard, High Street, Lowestoft

Bricklayer's Labourer   b 1828?


Podd, William 27/3/1897 64yrs  19,St. Peters Street, Lowestoft

Bricklayer  b 1878?


Podd, Edwin William 16/5/1899 25yrs  Suffolk Road, Lowestoft

Hairdresser  b 1874?


Podd, Catherine  7/1/1903 70yrs  132,St Peters Street, Lowestoft

Widow  b 1833?



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