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The Development

of the House

and Grounds


House       Grounds      Deer Park



Whilst working on the restoration of Prideaux Place, my experience of the House altered from maze, through rabbit warren, to one of order. It is very easy for the inexperienced acolyte to get lost in the House, but, after a number of years, crawling through roof spaces and negotiating corridors and staircases that disappear and then re-appear, rooms that connect two separate parts of the House, it eventually becomes clear. In the process, I became very aware of the form and detail of the House, so much so, that I can walk through every space in the House now, in my mind, as I write. It became more than mere architectural survey and reports. The House and the Family invite much closer scrutiny. The House has changed from a decaying shell ( when I first saw the House ) to a very lively and warm home, which also happens to be one of our greatest pieces of architectural heritage.


Mr Peter Prideaux-Brune became a good friend, and would ask many times, as to when I was going to publish my “magnum opus”, as he called it. He was so kind in allowing me to access the documents and the library, becoming more and more appreciative of the amount of information I managed to uncover and present. It was always the understanding that  the information would be published one day – I now consider it more appropriate in this technological age and in the spirit of philanthropy which is also appropriate to this enlightened age, to present it all on the internet. I became very involved in the life of Edmond Prideaux, as there were aspects of his character which I could identify as being my own. There are still areas of his life which I have not yet fully explored, but as I complete them, I will add them to these pages.


I count myself lucky to have been involved in such rewarding work, and to have met a good and kind family and to have been made so very welcome in their home.  I therefore dedicate these pages to Mr Peter Prideaux-Brune, with my thanks for his friendship, permission and encouragement in ensuring this history is written, to fill the void that existed before.


If you visit just one of Cornwall’s great ancestral homes,

make it Prideaux Place.



Raymond Forward


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