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William Stevens Roach, born St Ives, Cornwall, 1856

Only Mate’s Certificate No. 04038 issued Plymouth, 26th Sep 1877

Master’s Certificate No. 04038 issued Plymouth, 10th Feb 1881

Master W S Roach : 50 Claude Road, Cardiff


1877 Mate - ADOLPHE & LAURA – ON  

1877-79  Mate – JOHANNA – ON 65943

Voyages to Mediterranean from Cardiff and Swansea

1879 Mate - JESSIE ANNING – ON 33051

21st May 1879 Depart Cardiff  for South America; Arrive Gloucester December 1880

1881 Second Mate - RED ROSE – ON 81790

10th August 1881 Depart Cardiff  for Mediterranean; Arrive Glasgow 21st February 1882

24th February 1882  Mediterranean

11th July 1882 Mediterranean

Voyages Glasgow-Mediterranean-Glasgow-France/Spain-Cardiff

1882/3  First Mate - TREVOSE - ON 81675

25th November 1882 Depart Newcastle for Mediterranean; Arrive Plymouth 7th February 1883

9th February 1883 Depart Plymouth for Mediterranean; Arrive Newport 29th May 1883

9th June 1883 Depart for Mediterranean; Arrive Hull 14th August 1883

16th August 1883 Depart Hull for Mediterranean; Arrive Leith 27th October 1883.

1883/4 First Mate – TREVIDDER – ON 81677

28 November 1883 Depart Newcastle  for Mediterranean; Arrive Cardiff 18th February 1884

Voyages for Mediterranean from Cardiff and Newport

20th February 1884 Departure

5th June 1884  Departure

9th August 1884  Departure

15th November 1884 Departure

1885-6  First Mate – TRENEGLOS – ON 91342

Voyages to Mediterranean from Newcastle, Bristol and Cardiff

22nd April 1885 Departure

4th July 1885 Departure

8th September 1885 Departure

25th November 1885 Departure

3rd February 1886 Departure

14th April 1886 Departure

1886 Master – TRELYON – ON 81674

Voyages for Mediterranean

2nd June 1886 Depart Cardiff

26th July 1886 Depart Bristol

27th September 1886 Depart Plymouth

1886/7  Master – TRENEGLOS – ON 91342

30th December 1886 Depart Cardiff  for Mediterranean

1887 Master – TRELYON – ON 81674

11th March 1887  Depart Cardiff for Mediterranean; Arrive 25th July 1887

27th July 1887 Depart for Mediterranean

1887/95  Master – TRENEGLOS – ON 91342

26th September 1887 Depart Cardiff  for Mediterranean; Arrive Bristol 6th December 1887

17th December 1887 Depart Newport  for Mediterranean; Arrive Leith 17th February 1888

20th February 1888 Depart Leith  for Mediterranean; Arrive Cardiff 9th May 1888

10th May 1888 Depart Cardiff  for Mediterranean; Arrive Gloucester 17th July 1888

26th September 1888 Depart for Mediterranean

13th December 1888 Depart for Mediterranean

1889-94 No details of voyages; TRENEGLOS was presumably continuing in her Mediterranean voyages.

30th March 1892 – Reported from Bristol, 29th March 1892

Steamer TRENEGLOS, arrived from Ibrail, was in collision at Gibraltar, 22nd, with hulk NILE,

and had one starboard plate damaged; also reports propeller broken today in entering

Cumberland Basin, probably by striking quay wall.

1895-8  Master – Trelawny – ON 91345

Voyages  22nd November 1895 to 23rd November 1896

Cardiff to Smyrna, River Danube, Sulina,

Cardiff, Port Said, Odessa, ----, Liverpool,

Cardiff, Piraeus, River Danube, Galatz, Braila, Hamburg,

South Shields, Malta, Constantinople, River Danube, Braila,

Newport, Tyra, River Danube, Sulina, Rotterdam, Cardiff

1897-98 Mediterranean voyages

1898-1904  Master - TREVOSE

Voyages to West Coast of Africa and Islands; Mediterranean, Brazil and River Plate. 

1905-9  Master – TREMORVA – ON 115650

Voyages to Mediterranean, Brazil, River Plate and other Foreign

1910-2  Master - TREVERBYN – ON 122658

Voyages to Mediterranean, East Indies, Brazil and River Plate. 


6th January                 Arrived Tampa

12th January               Sailed Tampa for New Orleans

14th January               Arrived New Orleans

24th January               Sailed New Orleans for Antwerp

31st January               Arrived Norfolk, VA and proceeded for Antwerp

18th February            Passed The Lizard going east

20th February            Arrived Antwerp

22nd February           

Reported from Antwerp: British steamer TREVERBYN from New Orleans reports having experienced

heavy weather, during which deck fittings, boats and tarpaulins were damaged.

6th March                  Sailed Antwerp for Cardiff

7th March                  Passed Isle of Wight going west

15th March                Passed Gibraltar going east

23rd March                Arrived Port Said

24th March                Sailed Port Said for Akyab

30th March                Passed Perim going east

14th April                   Arrived Akyab

27th April                   Sailed Akyab for Fiume

6th May                     Sailed Colombo

19th May                   Passed Perim going north

26th May                   Arrived Suez

2nd June                     Arrived Fiume

17th June                   Sailed Fiume for Trieste

23rd June                   Arrived Port Said

24th June                   Sailed Port Said

11th July                    Arrived Kurrachee

17th July                    Sailed Kurrachee for Antwerp

30th July                    Passed Perim heading north

6th August                  Arrived Suez and Sailed for Manchester

24th August                Passed Scilly Islands

26th August                Arrived Manchester

3rd September            Sailed Manchester for Barry

5th September            Arrived Barry

1913-4  Master - TREGARTHEN


8th July                      Sailed Shields for Port Said

15th July                    Passed Gibraltar – going east

24th July                    Arrived Port Said

9th August                  Sailed Port Said

13th August                Passed Dardenelles

16th August                Arrived Odessa

6th September            Sailed Odessa

8th September            Passed Constantinople

10th September          Passed Dardenelles

18th September          Passed Gibraltar – going west

25th September          Passed Dungeness

27th September          Arrived Nordenham

12th October             Sailed Nordenham for Cardiff

16th October             Arrived Barry

25th October             Sailed Barry for Port Said

1st November            Passed Gibraltar – going east

10th November          Arrived Port Said

18th November          Sailed Port Said

23rd November          Passed Dardenelles

25th November          Arrived Kustenje

12th December          Passed Dardenelles

20th December          Passed Gibraltar – going west

26th December          Passed Isle of Wight

28th December          Arrived Nieuwe Waterweg

31st December           Dep Rotterdan


2nd January                Passed The Lizard going west

3rd January                 Arrived Barry

14th January               Sailed Barry for Buenos Ayres

22nd January              Arrived Teneriffe

14th February            Arrived Buenos Ayres

5th April                     Sailed Buenos Ayres

29th April                   Arrived Teneriffe

6th May                     Passed Isle of Wight going east

7th May                     Arrived Nieuwe Waterweg

12th May                   Sailed Rotterdam

14th May                   Passed The Lizard going west

15th May                   Arrived Barry


Master W S Roach  ended service 16 May 1914


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The National Archives - BT122/75; BT99/1928

The Guildhall Library - Lloyds Captains Registers 18567/39, 54, 69, 84, and 18569/32

Lloyd’s Lists

Shipping Registers, St Ives


Thanks to Ed Roach for the information provided


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