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Rosebud  PZ.87


Cornish Luggers and their crews were capable of some remarkable voyages.

SS9 Snowdrop of St Ives (ex Jane Barber) sailed for Australia,

but reached the Galapagos Islands and disappeared.

Then there was the 16 ton Mystery that sailed for Melbourne in 1854

with just seven crew – all 33 feet of her.

They arrived in 1855 having experienced the full might of weather and sea.


In 1937, the Rosebud made her historic journey through less troubled waters, but left Newlyn because of “troubled waters”. After the First World War, fishing fleets were becoming smaller. Fishermen had to find alternative work. Their homes were being bought by people outside of the county, prices rose beyond the pockets of the local folk. The character of the town was being changed and then threatened by “slum clearance”. To prevent their community and homes being destroyed, it was decided to sail for Westminster, with a prayer and a petition, in the Rosebud. It had been the decision of Penzance Borough Council to demolish homes and to re-house the fishermen and their families, high on a hill at Gwavas Estate, well away from the harbour.


The whole story of the sailing and of the reception they received in London is one which has been well written in books, and is to be celebrated this year 2007, by a re-enactment, planned to be made in the Lugger Ripple.

Ripple is being lovingly restored at Newlyn,

despite the fact that she was built on the foreshore at St Ives.


SS19 Ripple - A painting by the late Clive Carter

Photographed  Raymond Forward


SS.19 Ripple

Built 1896 Henry Trevorrow   SS.19    St Ives

Owner Barber family; sold off 1933

Sail only, two lugsails, two masts

1915  A 16hp port wing engine added.

1927  Extended by 10 ft and Engine replaced with 26hp

44ft x 12ft x 15tons; carvel pitchpine.

Crew of 5


Ripple - rebuilding works June 2007

Photograph, Raymond Forward

Launch of Ripple 12th October 2007



Records Extracted from

The Fishing Vessel Registers and the Shipping Registers.


Rosebud – PZ.87

Built Newlyn 1919, of Newlyn Port

Port of Registration Penzance

Sails and Auxiliary Motor

60 hp Thorneycroft engine (paraffin)

1st Class; Lugger

Foresail & Mizzen

Drift Nets and Lines

Length of Keel  48 ft

Length 48 ft

Breadth 14.9 ft

Depth 6.3 ft

Tonnage 25.49 grt; 16.17 nrt

Crew 7 men

First Registry 8th January 1920

Owner :

William J Richards Senior; 5 Green Street, Newlyn [addition of note – Dec’d]

William J Richards, Junior

Cecil H B Richards, 4b Green Street, Newlyn

Mrs Mary Jane Matthews, 4 Green Street, Newlyn


Rosebud, preparing for her journey 1937

Restored by Raymond Forward from a very faded and scratched print.

I believe the original was a Richards Photograph


During WWII she operated on Coastal Service

with The Royal Navy.

On return to Newlyn,

She changed name, owners and then ports


Cynthia Yvonne ex Rosebud

ON 164796

Nr 2 1949 Penzance

Upper tonnage deck 24.97 t

Deductions 13.81 t

Register Tonnage 11.16 t

Owners …

Sidney Reed Thomas and Thomas Sidney Thomas, Manor House, Newlyn

Dated 8th June 1949

Mortgage (A) 21st Dec 1949 to secure the sum of £1800 together with interest at the rate of 3 qtr per cent per annum as agreed.

Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, London

Entry 4th October 1954 Mortgage (B) dated 20th September 1954 to secure the sum of £645 together with interest at a rate of 3 3qtr per cent per annum as agreed.

The White Fish Authority of Conyngham Hall, Knaresborough, York

Entry 20th August 1955 Discharge of Mortgage – (A) receipt dated 18th August 1955.

Entry 11th March 1965 Discharge of Mortgage (B) receipt dated 17th December 1964.

Entry 1st October 1969 Bill of sale dated 1st October 1969; New owners James Nicol of 30 Alexandra Road, St Ives, Fisherman.

Entry 8th October 1969 Mortgage (C) dated 8th October 1969 to secure sums due on account current with interest.

Forward Trust(Finance) Ltd whose registered address is situate at 12 Calthorpe Road, Edgbaston in the City of Birmingham

Registry Closed 1st April 1989 under section 13(3) MSA 1988.

Except so as far as relates to Mortgage C; 29th April 1989.


Auxilairy Motor Twin Screw

Built Newlyn 1919; J Peake, Newlyn

One deck; two masts; Lugger; Elliptical stern; Carvel Built

Straight Stem; Wood Fishing Vessel; Three bulkheads

Boatswain’s store below deck, forward.

Engine Tonnage below upper deck 7.23 t

Boatswain’s Store 1.16 t

Space for Propelling Power 12.65 t

Two Engines Internal combustion diesel direct acting vertical.

Length 48 ft; Breadth 14.9 ft; Depth 6.3 ft

Length of Engine Room 10.2

Round of Beam 0.39 ft

1936  Engines Petters Ltd, Loughborough

 Two Cylinders 7 inches; 8.5 inch stroke; 36 bhp

1948 Engines R A Lister Ltd, Dursley

 Six Cylinders 4.5 inches; 5.5 inch stroke; 60 bhp

1953 Engines Beagius Co Ltd Dobbies Roan Glasgow

 Two Cylinders 6 inches; 9 inch stroke; 44 bhp

Estimated speed 8 knots.



Raymond Forward