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Shipping Registers

List of Cornwall Registers

With Index to Crew Lists by Port and Ship Name,

which can be read at Cornwall Records Office


Penwith District of Cornwall

This is an ongoing project. At first, entries will be transcribed as lists.

It will form an index for those that wish to see the original registers.

After all the entries have been transcribed and on line,

further transcription will be made of the remainder of each Folio

and these will be placed on this website.

In the meantime,

if anyone would like details of any vessel shown,

please write to me, giving the Register Number, followed by

the Name of the vessel, Folio Number and the Image Number.

Please be aware that a ship can, and often did, have her rig altered.


Penzance Registers

1786-1823 1830-1855 1855-1875

1875-1923 1923-1974 1974-1986 1986-1988

Official Numbers Appropriation Book 1855-1991


Isles of Scilly Registers

1786-1824 1824-1844 1844-1855

Official Numbers Appropriation Book 1855-1991

Isles of Scilly Registers 1855-1994 are missing without trace.

However, from documents produced by Alf Jenkins

I have tabulated the ships for

1855-1872 1911-1949 and Notes 1837-1887


Hayle Registers

Hayle Registers 1854-1864 are missing without trace.

I will attempt to re-construct that from other records.



St Ives Registers

1786-1823 1824-1830 1831-1844

1844-1855 1855-1879 1854-1901


Official Numbers Appropriation Book 1855-1992



Raymond Forward