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Basil Forward’s CRS10

Other Ships : A-L




ON 147934

2,117 grt; arch deck steam cargo ship

Built 1924 Burntisland SB. Co. Ltd, Burntisland; Yard Nr 132


For Grahamston Shipping Co Ltd [T L Duff & Co], Glasgow.

Jim McCreadie writes - under the command of my great-uncle William McCreadie,

the CARLBEATH was involved in a daring rescue as follows:

“The People’s Journal” dated Saturday, November 27, 1926.

The collier Carlbeath, Captain William McCreadie, sailing from  Rotterdam to Marseilles, received a cryptic message in German, wirelessed from a tug, which had been towing the schooner Anne Marie, bound forHamburg from London, but could not approach sufficiently near to save the crew.  The message

read – “Schooner Anne Marie, auf 5119 West, 27 E. in senot dix.”  In a raging gale, the Carlbeath ran to the windward within six inches of the stern of the Anne Marie, and all the Germans, six men and one boy (five Germans, one Swede and one Austrian), were able to jump to safety. Eloquent testimony to the magnificient seamanship of Captain McCreadie was paid by Baron A D Benno von Stulpnagel, who was the owner of the lost schooner, and was serving on the ship in the capacity of second mate.  The Baron is a former District Commissioner of German East Africa and Aide-de Camp to Field-Marshal Von Hindenburg during the First World War. Captain McCreadie received the following telegram from the German Chargé D’Affaires in London; “Please receive sincerest thanks for your heroic action in saving lives of my countrymen in most difficult circumstances. Shall report the matter to my government on receipt of further news.”

1937 Guardian Line Ltd [C.A. Roberts], Glasgow; Renamed MACBRAE 

1941 Hudson SS Co. Ltd, London

1949 J.B. Shipping Co Ltd [H.P. Marshall & Co. Ltd], London; Renamed AYTON  

1956 Cia Isla de Oro Ltd, Panama; Renamed ANGE

1958 Mediterranean Shipping Co, Panama; Renamed ALCYONE  

On fire and stranded, 24 August 1958 near Cape Sidheros, Crete, on voyage Split to Aden with cement. Refloated 28 August and towed to Piraeus.

Declared a total loss and sold for demolition 1961.




O.N. 168412 

Built 1943 S P Austin & Son Ltd, Sunderland. 


For Stephenson Clarke

2,760 grt; 1,533 nrt; 311.4 ft x 44.5 ft x 19.3 ft

1946 Coastwise Collier Ltd, London (Mgrs: Wm. France Fenwick & Co);

Renamed COLWYN. 

1949 Repurchased by Stephenson Clarke; Renamed BOWCOMBE. 

1966 Sold to Skrot & Avfailsprodukter;

Converted into a lighter for Torsten Johannisson, Sweden.




ON 161309

2,822 grt; steam collier

Built 1929 Cowpen Drydock Co, Blyth; Yard Nr 245

For Wm Cory & Son Ltd, London

1941, 29th April; Damaged in Air Attack. See below.

1955 St Michaels Corp; Renamed MICHAEL A    

1961 Tamis SA, Liberia; renamed CAPETAN ANDREAS   

1962 Siconen Shipping SA, Liberia

Arrived at Ferrol, Spain, 15th March 1966 for demolition


North Sea Air Raids : 24th to 29th April 1941

He-115 3./K.Fl.Gr.506 and Ju-88 1./K.Fl.Gr.506.

24th Sinking BOLIUS (5507 BRT) East of Dundee.

26th Sinking PATIA (5355 BRT) off Sunderland.  

28th Sinking MARIE DAWN (2157 BRT) East of Dundee

28th Damage to EMPIRE STRAIT (2324 BRT) off Great Yarmouth

29th Attack on a convoy off the mouth of the Tyne

Sinking KALUA (722 BRT)

Damage to CORGLEN (2822 BRT) 

Heavy Damage to Norwegian ASKELADDEN (2498 BRT).


Devon City


ON 161620

General cargo vessel

Built 1933  Furness Shipbuilding Co. Ltd, Haverton Hill, Middlesbrough

For Reardon Smith Line Ltd, Bideford.

4,928 grt; 442 ft x 56 ft x 25 ft

Diesel engine, single shaft; 12 knots

1958 Maritime and Industrial Corp, Liberia; Renamed CINDERELLA

1965 Cheyenee Cia. Nav. SA, Liberia; Renamed OINOUSSAI

28the August 1967  Wrecked 35 miles north of the mouth of the Orange River, South West Africa, in position 28.08N : 15.50E, while on voyage from the Philippines to Europe.

Reference  REARDON SMITH LINE by Paul Heaton.




ON 169441 

Cargo Vessel; 12 Passengers

9,952 grt; 497.1 ft x 64.3 ft x 29.8 ft; 15 knots

Built 1945 Lithgow's, Port Glasgow Yard Nr 999

Engines by Barclay Curle & Co Ltd Glasgow

For Anchor Line, Glasgow; Registered  Leith

1935 Anchor Line put into liquidation. Bought by Runciman (London) Ltd.

1960 Cunard joined Anchor. The company name Anchor Line Ltd.

1962 BENHOPE, Ben Line E.G. Thomson (Shipping) Ltd., Leith,

1972  Scrapped Kaohsiung




Built 1931 NV Scheepsbouwerf, Gebroeder Pot, Bolnes, Netherlands

as the MV MARABOE; Yard Nr 843

For NV Motorship Maraboe, Rotterdam.

Launched Friday, 13th November 1931.

Engines comp 6cyl SA oil; Motorenfabrikr Deutz AG, Koln Deutz; 9 knots

151.5 ft x 26.5 ft; 511 grt; 245 nrt; 670 dwt.

ON 165074; Signal Letters MMMY.

1936 W A Wilson, Southampton; Renamed NGARUA.

1937  James Fisher & Sons Ltd, Barrow-in-Furness;


1946  T Bagley & Co, Middlesborough; Renamed ROXTON.

1949  Rix Shipping Co Ltd, Hull; Renamed  KENRIX.

1951 Engines replaced with reconditioned 3 cylinder 4SCSA oil engine;

(Built 1938 Humboldt-Deutz  Motoren A.G, Germany).

1958  C D & C Ventouris Brothers & N Diakos, Piraeus, Greece;

Renamed KIMOLOS.

10th November 1963 : Sank off Dago Island, Baltic; crew were picked up by the Russian salvage vessel, HERMES and landed at Tallinn.


She suffered many mishaps in her 32 years,

reflecting upon her Friday the 13th launch.

For her full story go to …




ON 165463

4825 grt; Steam cargo ship

Built 1937  Bartram & Sons Ltd, Sunderland

For Evan Thomas Radcliffe & Co

1938  Wimborne SS Co Ltd

1951  Bornhofen, Hamburg; Renamed MAX BORNHOFEN

1951  Robert Bornhofen, Germany

1959  San Anastassias Cia Ltd, Costa Rica; Renamed ANASTASSIOS

10th July 1959  Arrived Ghent, Belgium,

for demolition by Van Heyghen Freres.





Raymond Forward


Thanks to Jim McCreadie for the report on the CARLBEATH