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Basil Forward’s CRS10

The BP Tankers



ON 140238

7,034 grt; Steam tanker

Built 1917  Armstrong, Whitworth & Co Ltd, Newcastle; Yard Nr 891

For British Tanker Co Ltd, London

22nd March 1924 Collided with Norwegian cargo vessel SS OTTAR JARL.

July 1944 During the Invasion of Normandy, she was involved along with a large fleet of merchant ships. The BRITISH PRINCESS, with BRITISH FAITH and BRITISH STATESMAN, was providing fresh water supplies for the Forces. This was a dangerous mission, as not even the British Forces ceased fire as the tankers  passed through.

The tanks were not washed, so the water was benzene ridden; American troops, who tasted it, said “we had put so much ‘spirit’ into their troops that we should get the credit for the American break-through, and the reason they were moving so fast now, was to get as far away from our water as they could in the least possible time!”

The ships were discharging a daily average of 1,650 tons of water. And the firing continued all the time.

1946  Renamed BRITISH VETERAN; BP Tankers.

1954  Broken up at Antwerp, Belgium.


No Picture available, yet, of British Princess



Built 1913 Verksted, Fredrikstad, Yard Nr 172.

as the 1,990 grt D/S VØLUND

For A/S Vølund (Aldolf Andersen), Bergen

1921 Sold to NFDS, Trondhjem; Renamed OTTAR JARL.

22nd March 1924  Collided with BRITISH PRINCESS,

En route Newcastle to Antwerp with coal and other goods.

OTTAR JARL sank in position 53.11N : 01.13E; 5 miles South of Cromer Knoll.



ON 168355 

8,463 grt; Motor tanker

Built 1942 Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson Ltd, Wallsend

For British Tanker Co Ltd, London

12th May 1959 Arrived Tamise, Belgium, for demolition by J. Boel et Fils.


British Gratitude

British Gratitude


ON 146710

6,895 grt; Steam turbine tanker

Built 1923  Caledon SB & Eng Co Ltd, Dundee; Yard Nr 283

For British Tanker Co Ltd, London

30th April 1953 Arrived Faslane, Scotland for scrapping by Metal Industries Ltd.


No Picture available, yet, of British Commodore



ON 146655

6,994 grt; Steam turbine tanker

Built 1922  W. Beardmore & Co Ltd, Dalmuir; Yard Nr 622

For British Tanker Co Ltd, London

16th August 1949 Arrived at Blyth for scrapping by Hughes Bolckow Ltd.


British Merchant



ON 169467 

8231 grt;  Motor tanker; 456.6 ft x 59.5 ft

Built 1946  Harland & Wolff Ltd, Glasgow; Yard Nr 1197

Oil engines

20th December 1945 Launched as EMPIRE GRENADA

For Ministry of War Transport, London,

1946 Completed as BRITISH PIPER for British Tanker Co Ltd, London

10th November 1961 Arrived for breaking Newport, Monmouth





ON 162553 

7106 grt; Motor Tanker; 440 ft x 59 ft x 33 ft

Built 1931  Lithgows Port Glasgow; Yard Nr 850

Engines : J G Kincaid & Co Ltd; Oil 4S CSA 8cyl; 653 nhp

1956  Scrapped Briton Ferry






ON 181519 

6,095 grt; Motor tanker

Built 1946  Wm. Doxford & Sons Ltd, Sunderland; Yard Nr 738

For British Tanker Co Ltd,  London

1961 broken up on the Tyne by Clayton & Davie Ltd.


British Enterprise, courtesy of Norman Middlemiss: The British Tankers.



ON 182972 

8,575 grt; Motor tanker

Built 1949  Harland & Wolff Ltd, Glasgow; Yard Nr 1379

For British Tanker Co Ltd, London

18th May 1967 Arrived at Castellon, Spain, for demolition.


British Workman

British Workman





Raymond Forward