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Basil Forward’s CRS10

Basil Forward joined the Merchant Navy

as an MR Boy, 18th December 1939.

His second engagement on a ship was the SAUTERNES

He boarded her 11th June 1941; and 29th August 1941.



Built 1922 Ateliers & Chantiers de la Seine Maritime

For Worms & Co, Havre

She was in the 1942/43 Lloyd's Register,

Listed as owned by Ministry of War Transport,

and managed by O. Dorey & Sons, Plymouth.

She had been allocated Official Number 65895.

1,049 tons; 215.8 ft x 30.4 ft x 12.5 ft

Machinery aft, triple expansion engine; 144 nhp

SAUTERNES’ Log shows the following voyages,

and I show Basil Forward’s CRS 10 entries for comparison.

[F] Foreign ports; [H] Home ports.

Entries are transcribed “as is”


SAUTERNES 20 June 1941 Devonport, Falmouth, Cardiff

 arrived  22 June 1941, Barry

Basil joined crew "SANTERNES" Plymouth 11 June 1941 - to Cardiff
arr 29th June 1941 [F]
Basil joined crew of WEST COASTER 6th July 1941 at Falmouth arr
Cardiff 27th July 1941 [F] WEST COASTER - ON 166333

SAUTERNES 11 Aug 1941 put back in Barry with Steering breakdown
SAUTERNES 16 Aug 1941 Clyde, Barry
SAUTERNES 24 Aug 1941 Oban, Dunnet, Methil Roads 

- she must have called in at Cardiff
Basil joined "SANTERNE" at Cardiff 29th August 1941 [H]

SAUTERNES 31 Aug 1941 London ( damaged, struck pier at Tilbury )
SAUTERNES 14 Sep 1941 Sunderland
SAUTERNES 19 Sep 1941 Methil Roads
SAUTERNES  1 Oct 1941 Inverness
SAUTERNES 18 Oct 1941 Leith
SAUTERNES 23 Oct 1941 Methil Roads, "Thors", "Kirkw"

Thors=Thorshavn, Faroes; Kirkw=Kirkwall, Orkneys

SAUTERNES 22 Nov 1941 arrived Leith departed 30 Nov 1941

Basil was discharged from SAUTERNES 25th November 1941 at Leith

LYLEPARK Discharge 4th Dec 1941 at Penzance

Basil was declared unfit for work from 4th Dec 1941 to 26th June 1942

I assume he had had an accident whilst in Northern waters.

However, for him, this was very fortunate.


SAUTERNES was being loaded with supplies for the British garrison on the Faroe Islands. The cargo included 3,000 gallons of petrol, military supplies and 250 tons of food (including whisky and Christmas puddings ). She also had, in a steel case (bolted to the floor in the Captain’s cabin), 22,500 Danish Kroner in coins, which had been specially minted in Britain. Denmark was now in occupied Europe.


SAUTERNES departed 2nd December 1941 to Faroe Islands, with 19 crew, 5 gunners and 1 passenger. She was escorted by Royal Navy armed trawler HMT KERRERA.


By evening on the 6th December, they had reached the Faroes. The winds were now a force 10 westerly. Because they had been driven well to the northeast, they were unable to get to Tørshavn. SAUTERNES and KERRERA attempted to shelter in Viðvík, on the coast of Viðoy. Captain W Smith sent a message to the Naval Headquarters in Tørshavn that they were in Fugløfjord. The  message was misread, believing it to read Fuglefjord (a safe anchorage). They were ordered to drop anchor. The wind changed to the northwest and increased to hurricane. They were driven out of Viðvík and towards the open sea.


The next morning, Sunday 7th December 1941, a storm raged and KERRERA and SAUTERNES (her bridge was already bent over and lying on the deck) were fighting for survival. SAUTERNES dragged her anchor and was swamped by giant waves; in the Firth Fugloyarfjørður she was taken down, bow first. Rafts had been launched but were soon taken under by the waves, and the five men who were on them.


She was “believed sunk on 7th Dec 1941, near Svino Faroe Islands, in a gale while carrying a general cargo from Leith to Thorshavn”.

Bodies and wreckage washed ashore at Svino on 8th Dec.

No one survived.


HMT KERRERA did survive the storm, however.

She was one of four Isle Class RN Trawlers loaned to Norway,

and based at Kirkenes, Varangerfjorden.

Employed mainly in Minesweeping duties.



Isle Class; 545 grt; 164 ft x 27.5 ft x 10.5 ft; Complement of 40.
Built 1941 Paisley Fleming & Ferguson; Yard Nr 577

Completed 24th September 1941

1 x VTE recoprocating engine; 850 ihp;12 knots

6/7th December 1941; Sustained severe damage off the Faroes

August 1944 Loaned to Norwegian Navy; Renamed OKSØY

4th August 1944 to 25th Feb 19 1945 under C/O R Carlsen.

Up until May 1945 under C/O H Hansen.

1946 Returned; placed on Disposal List

1946 Sold mercantile; Renamed JASON; Loss 1st March 1950.


SHIANT   T-170; Renamed JELØY

Up until 23rd March 1945 under Commanding Officer J Andersen.

Until May 1945 under Commanding Officer P Hermansen.

1946 Sold mercantile ARTEMIS; Lost 31st July 1960



Commanding Officer W Jensen.

1947 Sold mercantile TILTHORN; 1952 NADOR; 1955 SERVANNAISE.


MINCARLO   T-388; Renamed TROMØY (III)

Commanding Officer O Jensen

1948 Sold mercantile KRISTIANBORG; 1950 SVERREHUND.



Two more of their Class


T 350   HMT Bryher “partner” to Mincarlo


T 359    HMT Caldy


Raymond Forward