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W H Podd of Lowestoft



1920 – 1946



Vessels sent to Milford Haven and Padstow

Vessels that survived WWII in WH Podd ownership


1920 Five vessels remaining after the war.

DORANDRO PIETRIE  - LT 295; 1939 Sold

W H PODD – M 1; 1937 Sold

GOLDEN LILY - LT 1186; 1945 Sold

BLUE BELL  - LT 752; 1933 Broken up

CORONELLA  - LT 36; 1938 Broken up


1919  ENERGIC  -  LT 1195

Auxiliary fishing Smack; ON 132969

59grt;  59nrt; 70.4 x 18.7 x 9ft

Built 1912  G & T Smith, Rye

Originally constructed as steam trawler LT 322 (?)

Owner FJ  Mullender

1919 WH Podd

1928 WH Podd Ltd

1931 Deutz 2cyl 70hp; 59grt; 40nrt

14th November 1933 collided with SS MARWICK HEAD

Total Loss.


1919  KESTREL no details

1939  Involved in collision with CRECY ( owner  F A Martin ) and Lost.


1922  GLEAM (2)  - LT 29

Sail Trawler; ON 145787

57grt; 44nrt; 69.9 x 19.6 x 8.7ft

Built 1922 John Chambers Ltd, Oulton Broad

1922 WH Podd

1928 WH Podd Ltd

1930 2cyl Deutz diesel 77hp; 57grt; 39nrt

1944 Total loss after collision 


1922  IVAN (2) - LT 1098       

Sail Trawler; ON 145783

58grt; 45nrt; 70 x 19.6 x 8.7ft

Built 1922 John Chambers Ltd, Oulton Broad

1928 WH Podd Ltd

1930 2cyl Deutz diesel 77hp; 55grt; 39nrt

1946 Diesel Trawlers Ltd

1946 Sold to Norway


1922  WINGROVE  - LT 1000

Sailing Trawler; ON 114260

52grt; 39nrt; 67.2 x 18.1 x 8.65ft

Built 1904 Robert Jackman, Brixham

Owner AJ Turner & A Evans  

1922 WH Podd

1928 WH Podd Ltd

1933 Broken up


1925  PATHWAY  - LT 397

Sail Trawler; ON 136615

55grt; 42nrt; 68.6 x 19.5 x 8.8ft

Built 1915  John Chambers Ltd, Oulton Broad

Owner OF Mullender, D Chipperfield & George Catchpole

1916 Robert G Weeds

1920 Beardmore semi-diesel 80hp parrafin engine; 55grt; 29nrt

1925 WH Podd

1928 WH Podd Ltd

1929 Deutz 2cyl diesel 100hp

1945 Tawo Trawlers Ltd, Swansea

1947 JA Deacy, Galway; Registered Galway.


1926  PILOT JACK   - LT 1212          

Sailing Trawler; ON 140002

55grt; 30nrt; 69 x 19 x 9ft

Built 1920  J Colby Ltd, Oulton Broad

Owners RC Colby

1926 EW Podd

1928 WH Podd Ltd; Deutz 75/82hp 3cyl diesel; 61grt; 30nrt

John Reynolds born 1869, Beccles; he became a fisherman at Lowestoft

and then skipper and owner of trawler Pilot Jack, he died 1934.

1962  Sold for conversion as a houseboat, Essex


1927  FLAG JACK   - LT 1224

Sail trawler; ON 145771

65grt; 51nrt; 72 x 18.9 x 9.1ft

Built 1921  Colby Bros Ltd, Oulton Broad

Owner Frederick Chapman

1921 Reginal C Colby

1926 OF Mullender

1927 HI Podd

1928 WH Podd Ltd

1930  Deutz 3cyl 100hp; 65grt; 35nrt

1945  A E Dexter, Brixham

1946 Fleetwood Drifters Ltd, Paignton

Broken up 1953


1928  HELPING HAND   - LT 1239         

Sail Trawler; ON 145776

58grt; 45nrt; 70.9 x 18.8 x 9ft

Built  1921  G & T Smith, Rye

Owner James Breach & L Tripp

1929 WH Podd

1933 Diesel Trawlers Ltd; 4cyl Allen diesel 135hp; 59grt; 30nrt

1945 A E Dexter, Brixham.

1946 Fleetwood Drifters, Paignton

1953 R H Trawlers, London

1961 Swansea Motor & Marine Engineering Co Ltd, Swansea

1968 Daniel Mainwairing, Swansea

1970 Beached near Milford Haven


1927   LUCKY HIT  - LT 961   Official Nr 140005 

Wooden ketch-rigged sailing trawler  

Built   1920   J W & A Upham, Brixham for Robert J Weeds, Lowestoft

67.3 x 18.7 x 8.75ft;  52.56grt; 39nrt

1925 Lowestoft Fish Selling Co Ltd

1927 WH Podd

1928 WH Podd Ltd

1930 fitted with Deutz 2 cylinder 59hp diesel by Richards; 52grt; 27nrt

18 Feb 1938 Set on Newcombe Sand, Lifeboat Agnes Cross standing by. 

Towed by tug to Lowestoft and while at full speed at least some crew taken off. 

She was wrecked alongside Lowestoft North Pier, one man was thrown into the sea

but rescued by a line from the pier.  Total wreck.


1931  DUSKY QUEEN  - LT 895        

Sail Trawler; ON 140004

40grt; 28nrt; 59.9 x 17.3 x 7.7ft

Built  1920  Colby Bros Ltd, Oulton Broad    

Owner James A Black

1921 Lothian Trawlers Ltd

1923 Arthur C Challis

1931 FW Moxey

1931 WH Podd Ltd

1932 Allen 3cyl diesel 100hp

1934 Inshore Trawlers Ltd      

1941  Total Loss


1931  J.A.P.  - LT  245      

Motor Drifter Trawler; ON 162954

79grt; 40nrt; 75 x 19 x 9ft

Built 1931 S Richards Ltd Shipyard, Lowestoft

for W.H.Podd

Twin screw.  140 hp.
Named after Walter Humphrey Podd's wife, Jane Anne Podd ( nee Edmonds ).
1934 Inshore Trawlers Ltd

1960 J J Colby & Others.

1965 Colby Fish Selling Co Ltd

19th Feb 1967  Total loss - Sank  near the Smiths Knoll light vessel, North Sea.

Crew List…..

Clive Jacklin, Skipper (37), Stradbroke Rd, Lowestoft

Dave Reeder, Mate (23), High St, Lowestoft

Albert Osborne, Engineer (30), Compass Street, Lowestoft

Harry Page-Pipe, Cook (58), Lower Olland St, Bungay

Bob Rumsby, Deck Hand (57), Catherine Tce, Pakefield

Percy Hart, Passenger (56), Orford Drive, Oulton Broad

Thanks to Clem. He writes … I'm trying to contact any surviving crew members of the boat as my Uncle the Skipper has agreed for me to record a history of his life at sea. It would be great if I could get other 1st hand accounts of her sinking.


1930  BOY CLIFFORD  - LT 1202     

Sail Trawler; ON 140016

56grt; 41nrt; 68.5 x 19.7 x 9.25ft

Built   1920   S Richards Ltd, Lowestoft

Owner John Smith

1930 WH Podd Ltd

1933 Diesel Trawlers Ltd; Allen 4cyl diesel 135hp

1945 TW Perrett, Brixham

1946 Fleetwood Drifters Ltd, Paignton

1948  Sold to Norway


1937   HOLKAR   - LT 18 

Sail Trawler; ON 145806

60grt; 48nrt; 70.7 x 18.8 x 9ft

Built 1924   G & T Smith, Rye

Owner WJ Williams

1925 Elsie Williams

1937 WH Podd Ltd; Allen 6cyl diesel 160hp; 62grt; 27nrt

1937 Diesel Trawlers Ltd

1945 A E Dexter, Brixham

1946 Fleetwood Drifters Ltd, Paignton

1953 RH Trawlers Ltd, London

1957 JJ Colby, Lowestoft

1962 Hubert Jones, Swansea



1947 – 1960

 After returning from Padstow, following WWII, the fleet was sold,

with the exception of J.A.P.  Sold 1960

and PILOT JACK  Sold 1962


W.F.P.  – LT 144

ON 183972

112grt; 40nrt; 87.1 x 21.05 x 10ft

AK Diesel engine 360hp

Built by Richards Ironworks Ltd, Horn Hill, Lowestoft

Order placed to build a steel trawler 19th March 1949

10th January 1950 Named

Named after Walter Francis Podd

5th May 1950 Launched

Owners Diesel Trawlers Ltd

December 1950  Made her first trip

She had trouble with the variable pitch propeller and was sold

March 1952 Sold to Boston Deep Sea Fisheries, Lowestoft

1953 Renamed BOSTON HUNTER

1958 Anthony Gibbs & Sons Ltd, London

1958 Sold to Chile

1969 Total Loss



ON 166690

100grt; 42nrt; 88.5 x 19.8 x 10.2ft

Built 1932 Fellows & Co Ltd, Yarmouth

Completed 1942; Allen diesel 7cyl 300hp

Owners Lowestoft Motor Trawlers Ltd


Awarded to C.R. Atkins,  Deckhand; 10th Nov 1948; Off Lowestoft

If anyone can add to the details of this incident, please write.

1954 Lengthened 90.1ft; Crossley 4cyl 230hp engine

1961 Damaged in a collision, went aground in fog and was scrapped.


1952   LORD WENLOCK   - LT 1143

Steam Drifter Trawler; ON 130038

91grt; 39nrt; 84 x 18.15 x 9.05

Built in 1911 by Cochrane & Son, Selby.

Holmes Compound engine 175hp

Owners Lowestoft Steam Herring Drifters Ltd

1943 HB Jackson

1946 Lowestoft Herring Drifters Ltd

1951 Torbay Trawlers Ltd, Brixham

1952 WH Podd Ltd; Crossley diesel 240hp, by LBS Engineering Co Ltd; 87grt; 38nrt

1954 Inshore Trawlers Ltd.

1961  Sold to Aberdeen

1963 Sold to Gamashie Fishing & Marketing Ltd, Accra, Ghana.

1965  Reported total loss.


1953   EAGER  - LT 1166  Steel  Drifter trawler

Steam Drifter Trawler; ON 132962

102grt; 47nrt; 88.0 x 19.1 x 9ft

Built 1912 (Yard Nr 528) Cochrane, Selby  for  Sidney G. Allerton

T.3-cyl by Crabtree & Co Ltd, Great Yarmouth; 225hp

7th March 1912: Launched

1933  Part ownership, transferred to Frederick Spashett.

1945  Sold to Bay Fisheries, Fleetwood (B. A. Parkes, manager)

1947  Sold to Henry B. Roberts, Lowestoft.

1951  Sold to Eager Fishing Co Ltd, Lowestoft (J. W. Burwood, manager)

1953  Sold to W. H. Podd Ltd, Lowestoft.

1953  Transferred to Diesel Trawlers Ltd, Lowestoft (Edward W. Podd, manager)

1954  Steam engine replace by 300hp AKD diesel

          by W. H. Podd Ltd, Lowestoft

1963  Sold to Gamashie Fishing & Marketing Ltd, Accra, Ghana.

1972  Sunk

Thanks to Gil Mayes for additional information


W.F.P. (2)  - LT  310

Wooden trawler; ON 187026

Built 1957  Thomas Summers Ltd,  Fraserburgh

    for Lowestoft Motor Trawlers Ltd (W.H.Podd)

126grt; 49nrt; 94.5  x 22.4  x  9.9ft 

Engines : 3 cylinder, 300 hp A.K. Diesels Ltd.

1968 Repossessed by the White Fish Authority.

1969 Sold to Putford Enterprises Ltd., Paignton

1970 Brian E Pearce, Poole, Dorset

1971 Hazel M Adam, Ormesby, Norfolk

1971 Brian E & Hazel M Pearce

1972 Total loss in the Mediterranean.



Side fishing wooden trawler; ON 187037

126grt; 49nrt; 94.5 x 22.4 x 9.9ft

AK Diesel 300hp engine

Built in 1958   Thomas Summers & Co, Fraserburgh

for Inshore Trawlers Ltd as ADA KIRBY

But before the name was registered the spelling of ADA KERBY had been carved on her.

20 Nov 1964  Caister Lifeboat gave assistance

1968  Sold to the White Fish Authority.

1969  Sold to Putford  Enterprise  Ltd. 

1976  Sold  and  converted  to  cargo  and  yacht. 

[ 1978 Listed by Lloyds as converted to general cargo;

          hull strengthened with ferro-concrete. ]

1981  Arrested  off  Coruna  while  Smuggling.

1983  Sunk  at  Moorings. Total  Loss.

Thanks to Stanley  Earl  ( Port  of  Lowestoft  Research  Society )





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