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Mounts Bay Visitors


A collection of Lowestoft Fishing vessel


at Penzance, Newlyn and Lowestoft.


Lowestoft Fleet at Newlyn 1931

Identified vessels

Bows - LT643; LT1021; LT??7 “Torbay”; Funnels - LT732; LT594


Sail Pages

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LT1027 Glory, LT1099 Northern Queen, LT287, LT289 Presage, LT335, LT380 Problem,

LT382, LT70, LT744 Wave Crest, LT359 Fern, LT377 Ethel, LT1243 Blencathra

H  I

LT1192 Keswaydin, LT16 Early Blossom, LT310 Noel, LT310 Goedetia, LT439 Eric Holland


Steam Pages

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LT1171 Redwald, LT1290 Ramsey Bay, LT133 Strive, LT196 Indomitable, LT271 Netsukis,

LT299 Renascent, LT304 Sunbeam II, LT362 Mare, LT396 Bellerophon, LT397 Pathway,

LT415 Sunnyside Girl, LT736 Rajah of Mundi, LT1039 Wear, LT403 Comrades, LT706

6   7   8

LT 158 Trier, LT203 John & Norah, LT323 Faithful Star, LT335 King Henry,

LT447 East Briton, LT534 Go Ahead, LT675 Swift Wing, LT68 Reunited,

LT737 William Boys, LT74 Margaret Hide, LT76

LT122 Feasible

9   10

LT1187 SDJ, LT151 Boy’s Friend, LT324 One Accord, LT486 Lent Lily,

LT711 Lord Fisher, LT730 Implacable, LT771 Suffolk Rose


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The Lowestoft Fleet in Gwavas Lake, off Newlyn, c1860.

The area of Mounts Bay is given this name of Gwavas Lake because in ancient times there was a stretch of land between St Michael’s Mount and Newlyn, with a large lake, separated from the sea by a forest. The area was flooded by the sea in 1099. The forest roots can still be seen at very low tides.


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