Trefzger Families in the Americas

The traceable ancestors of all Trefzger immigrants to North America have been traced to two families from the same little town of Wehr, Germany.
The ancestors of the Trefzger immigrant to South America have been traced to a third family from the same little town of Wehr, Germany.
Are we three different families or are we all from one family ?

Welcome to this 20 year study of Trefzger immigrants to the Americas. The mass of information has been divided into 3 sections.

Contains the geography and history of our homeland, as well as lists of immigrants, directories of living descendants, and the study reports that were sent to assisting family members.
Homeland: the little town of Wehr, Baden located in the Black Forest 5 miles morth of the Rhine River and Switzerland and 25 miles east of France in the southwestern corner of Germany.

Specific Immigrants to N.A.
Contains links to 18 Trefzger immigrants who have living descendants in North America.

Specific Immigrant to S.A.
Contains a link to 1 Trefzger immigrant who has living descendants in South America.

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P.S. My great grandfather was Simon (Imm.1855), grandfather was Fred.