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We hope that you will find some of those missing links that you have been trying to find. "Maybe a Brick Wall that will not come down."If you have any corrections to add, information, documents, photos, or a URL that you would  like to be added to the site please send them to me at: [email protected]
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I had to put a new Guest book on the site, the old messages that were posted before March 13, 2001 are saved in a file for you to view also. Click on the link to view those messages.  Old Guest Book   Old Guest Book # 2.
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Birth Records                                                                       
John R. Trotter & Sarah Ramsey Trotter  
Brunswick, VA History 
British Trotters
Byers Green Hall Trotter
Cemetery Records
Church Records
Civil War
Court Records
DAR Records
Death Records
Early Trotters
Family Links

James Trotter & Mary Beard included on this page are letters, family records, some photos. Check this page out if you connect to their lines it is a great wealth of info.

Letter that Susie Edger Trotter (Mrs. I. P. Trotter) wrote gathering info for her Trotter Genealogy Book that was written in 1948.

Letters that Susie Edger Trotter (Mrs. I. P. Trotter) wrote to Lois Pitt along with a Trotter Family History that Ida Barlow Trotter (Mrs. Alpha Peebles Trotter) compiled that was sent along with the letters.

Letter about Alden Percy Trotter that was written by his mother Ida (Barlow) Trotter

Marriage Records

Military Records

New York Trotters
New York Records
Reading Old Documents
Revolutionary War
Ruthven/Trotter lines
SAR Records
Scotch Chronicles
SouthCarolina Magazine
South Carolina Orbits
TN. Orbits
TN. Census Records
Trotters in Barbabos
Trotter Estate
Trotter Links
Trotter Misc. Information
Trotter Info. URL's
Trotter of Mells Park
Trotter of Morton Hall

















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