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On the following pages I have compiled the history of Troupsburg and the statistics of its people. I shall continue to add information as I come across it. If you have pictures that you would like to see added here I would love to add them to the picture album pages. If you have genealogy information you would like to add by all means send it and I can add that also. The purpose of this site is to showcase a lovely rural community that we all remember and treasure. I have been having problems with my computer not being able to write HTML but hope to correct that problem this year. Stay tuned. Jan 15, 2003. You will find the
1855 Census, family 1-97,  98-190,  191-280,  281-372, 
Census Index A-K,  L-Z,  
Early Births to 1901,
Early Marriages A-Clarkson, & - still under construction - check back often for updates
Cemetery Index A - Go
Cemetery Index  Gr - Pi
Cemetery Index  Pl - Z
Cemetery listings soon to be all posted
Mallory's Corners Cemetery TR 1                            Chenango Cemetery TR 9
Young Hickory Cemetery - TR 2                              Scott Cemetery TR 10
Allen Cemetery TR 3                                          Catholic Cemetery TR 11
Mount Hope Cemetery  Tr 4                                    Plaisted-Symonds Cemetery TR 12
Rogers Cemetery TR 5                                          Works Cemetery TR 13
Card Cemetery TR 6                                                Riceburg Plot TR 14
Murdock Cemetery TR 7                                          Griggs District Cemetery TR 15
Potter Street Cemetery  TR 8               
Woodlawn Cemetery -Austinburg, PA TR 16
Pioneer Cemetery _ Austinburg, PA TRX2
As well as  other biographical information about early pioneers and their families. Hopefully a pictorial History will also show up here.

This page was started April 26, 2000 with updates as time allows.
Updated  January 16, 2003

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