Troupsburg History Taken from Steuben Historical Gazetteer

Troupsburg History Taken from Steuben Historical Gazetteer

Retyped by George E. Sawyer April 2000

The following is taken from the Historical Gazetteer of Steuben County, compiled and edited by Millard F. Roberts, and Published in 1891.  I hope everyone finds this to be enlightening and beneficial.  I have rearranged the names in the biographical section so that they are more alphabetical than in the original manuscript.

Town of Troupsburgh

   Troupsburgh is situated upon the south border of the county, west of the center, and is bounded north by Jasper, east by Woodhull, south by the state of Pennsylvania and west by West Union.  It was named in honor of Robert Troup, agent for the Pulteney estate. The town was formed from Middletown - now Addison - and Canisteo, February 12,1808.  It was reduced somewhat in territory in 1827 by taking off parts of Greenwood and Jasper, and in 1828 it was still further reduced by annexing a part to Woodhull.  A Portion of Canisteo was annexed in 1818.  The soil is a slaty and clayey loam. The surface of the town consists principally of a hilly upland, broken by the deep valleys of small streams, the principal of which is Troups creek, flowing south.  The highest summits are two thousand and five hundred feet above the sea, and are the most elevated portions of the county.   The population of Troupsburgh in 1890 was 2,165.

   Early Settlement. - The first settlement was made in this town by Samuel Rice, who was also the pioneer of the town of Addison. Mr. Rice located a little east of the center of the township as now formed, in 1805.  Orren Kittle and his brother Ephraim, came from Broome County at a very early day, and settled here.  His daughter, Sally Kittle is said to have been the first white child born in the town.  This honor is also claimed for Polly Young.  Peter Young and Peter Dolson from Addison, settled near Mr. Rice in 1806.  Lieutenant Reynolds and Jonathan Rogers settled at the same place in 1809, George Martin in 1810, and James Works in 1811.  Samuel Cady was an early settler.

is located on Troup's Creek near the geographical center of the town of Troupsburg.  It contains two churches, (Baptist and M. E.) a graded school, five general stores, a cheese factory; two saw and feed mills, three blacksmith shops, a wagon shop, one hotel and forty dwellings.  It receives a daily mail via Knoxville, PA, and a tri-weekly mail from Addison via Woodhull.

HIGHUP Post office was established October 1, 1885, with S. Wyckoff first postmaster.  The first office established here was called West Troupsburgh, which was abolished, and the people of that section were for some years without a post office nearer than Troupsburgh or Rexville.  The name is appropriate, for in this vicinity is the most elevated section of Steuben County.  A mail is received on Tuesdays and Saturdays from Canisteo.


Baptist Church - The first steps were taken toward organizing a church, May 5, 1835 at a meeting of the surrounding Baptist

Troupsburg was known for its many Maple trees


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