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Troupsburg History
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churches, in a conference held at the house of Rufus Fuller.  Rev. Edward Murdock acted as moderator, and Rufus Fuller was elected clerk.  Some years later meetings were held in the eastern part of the town in what is known as the "Chenango Settlement," from the fact that many of the settlers there were from Chenango County.  Services were held at the house of John S. Miller and others, until 1839, when the schoolhouse was built in District No. 4, and occupied by the society.  April 7, 1855 the East Troupsburgh Baptist Church was organized. A church was built in the "Chenango settlement" at a cost of $3,000 and dedicated November 4, 1875.
    Rev. Mr. Wade preached at the schoolhouse at Troupsburg Center as early as 1844.  This society also built a church which was dedicated June 3, 1874. The value of the church property is about $2,500. Present membership is one hundred and forty-one.

Free-Will Baptist Church-
This society was organized in 1850, since which time services have been held in various parts of the town.

Methodist Episcopal Church- A class was formed in 1819, under the leadership of Uzal McMindes.  This society secured the "Gospel Lot" of one hundred acres from the Pulteney estate, being the first organized church in this town.  A church was built at a cost of $5,000 in 1872 and dedicated December 29 the same year.
    A class was organized in the Chenango settlement in 1846, and Henry Bates made leader.  During the pastorate of Rev. E. B. Thomas a church was built at an expense of $2,000.


Troupsburg Cheese Factory- Built in 1865 has been under the management of the present proprietor, James McKinley since 1885.  Mr. McKinley manufactures nothing but full cream cheese.  The factory is equipped with all the modern appliances and turns out about twelve cheeses a day of an average weight of sixty pounds.  It is located at the Center, near Troup's Creek.

Sanford & Gleason's Planing, Matching, Shingle and Feed Mill - is located on North Street in Troupsburgh, and was built by the above firm in the fall of 1888.  It is furnished with a fifteen horse power engine.  Its capacity for grinding is two hundred bushels a day.  This firm also deals in lumber.

Healey's Saw and Feed Mill - Located on Troup's Creek at Troupsburgh, was built in 1885 upon the site of one which was destroyed by fire.  It has an engine of twenty-four horsepower, and a capacity for sawing 10,000 feet in ten hours.

Baley's Saw Mill - It was built by Thomas Baley, and was run for many years by waterpower.  It was since enlarged by his sons, who put in modern machinery, with a steam engine.  It has facilities for sawing, planing, and making shingles and material for grape baskets.  The mill is located at Young Hickory.

Troupsburg, NY is located along the Pennsylvania border south of  Rochester, NY

Baptist Church,Methodist Church,
Free Will Church were all built in 1800's

Troupsburg, Steuben Co.
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