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John Jefferson Field Sr.
WWII Photographs
Norfolk Virginia


John Jefferson Field Sr. & his daughter (my mother), Virginia Elizabeth Field Troutt


The following gallery contains photographs that my grandfather took in WWII when he was in the US Coast Guard stationed in Norfolk, Virginia.  He was an avid photographer and during WW I (he was in the Navy) & WW II he took hundreds of photographs of the service men, their families, the ships and any other photo that documented the times.  When he died in 1986 I inherited all of his photographs, negatives, cameras and any other photo related item.  It was a couple of years before I started going though his collection.  At the bottom of one of the boxes I found this homemade wooden box.  It contained all the 600 plus negatives in this gallery.  Each negative was inserted into an envelope that had been cut in half and was labeled with the last name, sometimes the first name and Company the service man was assigned to.  All were in alpha order.  I took the negatives and the pieces of envelopes and inserted them into acid free negative holders and stored them in a notebook.  A couple of weeks ago I started the scan project.  A few each night, actually more than a few.  The name of the photograph is the name that my grandfather had assigned to each negative and they are in alpha order.  There are some unknown and probably many misspellings.  So if you perhaps find a loved one with a misspelled name or an unknown please let me know and I will correct the gallery.

I did this project to honor my grandfather and all that have served to preserve our freedom.  I feel as if I know each and every one of these guys and their families.

This is just the first part of his collection.  The next will be forthcoming.

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