Terry Family History
Terry Family History
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Terry Family History

1770 Lewis Terry was born in South Carolina.
1816 Duncan Terry born to Lewis and Constance Terry

Lewis Terry and his family moved from South Carolina to Georgia around this time, based on the birthplaces of different family members found in 1840, 1850 and 1860 Murray County Georgia Census records (The county was founded in 1832).

The Terry's were farmers in pre Civil War Murray County Georgia according to census records, and the Will of Lewis Terry.

1836 Kimsey Carder born in Murray County, Ga. June 20, 1836.

George W. Terry born to Duncan and Wysetta Terry.

1851 Will of Lewis Terry proved.

Duncan Lafayette Terry born to Duncan and Wysetta Terry.

1859 Harriet Sliger born in Louisiana



Carder, John L. - Private July 3, 1861.

Carder, Kimsey - Private July 3, 1861.


Carder, John L. - Private. Died Dec. 5, 1862.

39th Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Company A, Cohutta Rangers
Terry, George W. (son of William Terry) -- Private - March 10, 1862.
Terry, William J. -- Private - March 10, 1862.

11th Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Company C, Murray Rifle Company
Terry, G. W. (son of Duncan Terry) -- Private - March 1, 1862. Wounded at 2nd Manassas, Virginia August 30, 1862.

1862 Duncan Terry dies in poor health. Will of Duncan Terry

Terry, George W. (Son of William Terry) -- Private - Killed at Missionary Ridge, Tennessee November 25, 1863.

Terry, G. W. (son of Duncan Terry) - Captured October 1863. No later record.
Note: According to family stories told around the dinner table, George W. Terry was an officer in the 11th Regiment, Georgia Infantry, Company C, Murray Rifle Company of the Confederate army. As the story goes, he was leading a charge up a hill, but when he turned back to check on his troops, he realized, much to his dismay, that no one had followed him. As he made an abrupt turn to rejoin his men, his saddle-strap broke and he fell off his horse. The Union Army captured him and he was held for some time in a prison camp, where he was forced to eat rats to survive.


Carder, Kimsey - Wounded in right wrist and left shoulder in 1864. In General Hospital July-Aug. 1864. Pension records show he was at home on wounded furlough close of war.

Terry, William J. - Roll for April 30, 1864, last on file, shows him present. No later record.

1865 Carder, Kimsey - Paroled at Kingston, Ga. May 12, 1865.

Wyzetta Terry, G.W. Terry, Joseph W. Terry, Jonnah Terry, and Martha Terry sell their land in Georgia for $1200 and move to Scott County Arkansas. Wyzetta was scalped by Indians during an attack on the new homestead in Arkansas, and had to live the rest of her life (to the age of 104 years) with a metal plate attached to her head.

1880 Louis Alexander Terry born to Duncan Lafayette Terry and Harriet Sliger
1880 1880 Scott County Arkansas Census shows:
D. Lafayette, 26: Born in Georgia, parents born in South Carolina
Harriet, 21: Born in Louisiana, parents born in Tenessee
Louis, 5 mo: Born in Arkansas, father born in Georgia, mother born in Louisiana
James Sligo, 5: Wife's brother, Orphan, born in Arkansas, parents born in Tenessee
1883 Donnie Terry born to Duncan Lafayette Terry and Harriet Sliger
1885 Ola Terry born to Duncan Lafayette Terry and Harriet Sliger
1886 Hettie Terry born to Duncan Lafayette Terry and Harriet Sliger
1889 Duncan Lafayette Terry is tried and convicted of unlawfully introducing liquor to the Indian Territory. He is sentenced to serve 2 year in the Ohio State Penitentiary.
1889 William Lafayette Terry born to Duncan Lafayette Terry and Harriet Sliger
1894 Harriet Sliger Terry dies.
1896 Duncan Lafayette Terry marries Ina Adams. Reside in Oaklodge, Indian Territory.
1904 Donnie Terry marries Oscar Dugan in Bokoshe, LeFlore County, Oklahoma
1905 Duncan Lafayette Terry marries Mollie Gaddy. Reside in Spiro, Indian Territory.
1906 Hettie Terry marries Robert Mosley in Fort Smith, Arkansas
1907 Louis Alexander Terry marries Sarah McCullar in Sebastian County, Arkansas
1913 Ola Terry marries Web Dugan in Kansas City, Missouri
1915 Kimsey Carder dies in Whitfield County, Ga. June 21
1920 Louis Lafayette Terry Family counted in 1920 Shady Point Census - Shady Point Township, Leflore County, OK
1932 Louis Alexander Terry tried for murder
1936 William Lafayette Terry marries Ruby Unruh
1958 Louis Alexander Terry dies
1958 Donnie Dugan dies
1963 Ola Dugan dies

Indian Territory, Oklahoma

Choctaw Nation, Oklahoma

Duncan Lafayette Terry and children


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