Scotts of N.C.

The Scotts of North Carolina

This is the family tree of my paternal grandfather, T.R. Scott

Thomas Rueben Scott was born on December 22, 1900 in Reidsville, N.C., the last child of Virginia Ann Lilliard and James Jefferson Scott.

When he was grown, he met Lucille Easter of Amelia County, Virginia and they wed on June 29, 1920 in Wentworth, N.C. They had seven children, and lived in Virginia for most of their lives. T.R. passed away on July 11, 1981, and Lucille passed on June 26, 1995. Both are buried together in Virginia.

The Thomas R. Scott family tree is as follows so far:

T.R.'s father, James J.,had been married once before and so Thomas had four half siblings who were born prior to 1891, and he had four full brothers and sisters, born after his father remarried to Virginia Lillard.

His full siblings were:

Mary Ann (born:?)

Henry Benton (born:?)

Samuel Fields (born:?)

Hugh Price (born:?)

They are the second group of children born to James Jefferson Scott and his 2nd wife, Virginia Ann Lillard. ( Her last name was originally O'Lillard, and when her father's family came over from Ireland, they dropped the O. (information via Lucille E. Scott)

James Jefferson Scott married Virginia Ann sometime after 1890, after his first wife had passed away. She was Eliza Jane Mobley. They were married on Jan. 14, 1875 in Rockingham, North Carolina.

These are T.R.'s half siblings:

James William (born: 1876)

Ada Lynch (born: ?)

Amanda (born: ?)

Eliza Kate (born: 1890?

Their father,James Jefferson Scott was born May 13, 1851 in Caswell County, N.C.

The following is taken from The Heritage of Rockingham County book;

"James Jefferson Scott was born to James Madison and Cynthia Cobb Scott,who were also born in Caswell County and lived there sometime after their marriage. When he was about 14, Jimmy was superintentent on Billy Russell's farm on County Line Creek in Caswell County. Family tradition says that he had that position because all the older men were away at war. (The Civil War)

Later on, James Scott and his family lived in the Mayfield Community. He married Eliza Jane Mobley on Jan. 14, 1875. She was the daughter of William H. and Martha Underwood Mobley. The couple had probably moved to the Wentworth area before 1890, when Eliza Jane died a few days after giving birth to their last child, ELiza Kate. James Jefferson would later tell his children that when the move was made to Wentworth, the wagons were pulled by mules whose shoes had been removed so that they would not slip on the icy roads.

In July 1891, after ELiza's death, James Scott brought a farm from A.M. Scales; he lived and worked there until he died Jan. 30, 1928." H

is second wife, Virginia Ann Lillard, passed away before him on Oct.1, 1922. James J. and his two wives are buried at Wentworth United Methodist Church, Wentworth, N.C.

His parents were James Madison Scott and Cynthia E. Cobb, and they were married on December 7, 1840 in Caswell Co.,N.C. There is a famliy legend that speaks of James Madison Scott being born in Scotland. But on various old census records, he lists his place of birth as North Carolina.

His gravestone at Wolf Island Baptist Church in Reidsville, N.C., states that J.M. Scott born: Sept. 12, 1815 - died April 24, 1899. Near his grave is his wife, Cynthia Scott, born Oct.22, 1822- died on June 2, 1897. This church is located on Wolf Island Road, Reidsville, N.C.

The earlist census records that I have been able to find him are in 1850 Federal Census Caswell County, North Carolina. This is online information and has not been verified by examing actual records.

Caswell, N.C. Sep. 24, 1850 Fed. Census:

Last Name - First Name - Age -Sex - Occupation -Place of Birth

Scott James 35 M Farmer Caswell

Scott Cynthia 28 F Caswell

Scott Rebecca C. 10 F Caswell

Scott Hannah 8 F Caswell

Scott Adaline 5 F Caswell

Scott John W. 6mos M Caswell

I have also found possible information about Cynthia Cobb Scott's father and her ancestors; follow this lineage of the Cobbs-our yankee ancestors for a moment, it will lead us back into the 1600's;

Her father was Ebenezer Cobb born abt. 1782 in Caswell Co., N.C. and married Hannah Emons on March 5, 1806. Ebenenzer's parents were Noah Cobb (born: 5-14-1739 - died:2-29-1808) and Elizabeth "Betsy" Walker , (born 5-3-1749 - died: bef. 1808)

Noah's parents were: Henry Cobb (b:2-17-1686-87 in Barnstable,Mass.) and Jemina Morse (b.4-9-1706 in Sherborn,Mass.) Her father was Noah Norse and Mary Johnson. Jemina married Henry on 7-31-1731 in Pomfret,Windham,Conn.

Henry Cobb of Mortlake(nowPomfret) purchased 1400 acres from Gov. Saltenstall on Apr.4, 1731, the same day he deeded away 3 parsels. It is reported that he was a land owner in Winham Co.,Conn. as early as 1719.

On Mar.18, 1742, with a residence on Brookfield,Westchester Co.,N.Y., he deeded all of his Conn. property to Samuel Paine. This may prove that he left Conn. for New York in late 1741 or early 1742. In 1755 Henry and his children appeared on the tax rolls of Orange Co., North Carolina (now Caswell County.) There are many Cobbs living in that area today.

from: World Connect Project, Rootsweb, via the Fisher Family Tree

You can also read the will of a Noah Cobb at this web site:

Please note: this may OR may not be the same Noah Cobb.

Getting back to the Scotts: in 1860, James Scott was 47, and I have found what may be him serving in the Confederate Army: James M. Scott was a private in Walker's Battalion, Thomas' Legion- which originated in Cherokee County, N.C. He originally enlisted into Company A, but later on transferred to Company C.

See the Civil War Soldier and Sailor web site: or type in your search field the name:Civil War Soldier and Sailor.This is a site put up by the U.S. Government to look up your Civil War ancestor.
In some census records online, I have found James M. Scott:

1870 Fed Census Oregonville Township, Rockingham, NC.

James M. Scott age 56 born N

Cynthia E. Scott age 49 born NC

Adeline, age 24 born NC

James,age 18, born NC-----( I believe this to be James Jefferson Scott)

Cynthia E, age 17, born NC

Elizabeth, age 13, born NC

Lucy Ann, age 12, born NC

Martha W., age 9, born NC

Thos. W., age 7 ,born NC

Ann R., age 5, born NC
1880 Fed. Census Oregonville, Rockingham, NC:

James Scott, age 63, wife; Scinthis, age 57, Cynthia,age 24, Lucy A., age 22, Thomas, age 16, Nannie, age 15 (Anna?)

Cynthia Cobb Scott died at age 74 on June 2, 1897, and James Madison Scott died at age 83 on April 24, 1899. Both are buried near one another in the cemetery of Wolf Island Baptist Church, on Wolf Island Road in Reidsville, N.C.

This research information was compiled by Peggy Scott. Contact at

written by Peggy Scott completed on May 30, 2003