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"Those who have passed from this world die
only when we whom they loved forget them"...Anon

12th Annual Wynne Genealogy Researching Reunion
September 19th, 2011 - September 25th, 2011

Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, Maryland

We will be in Annapolis, Maryland for our 12th Annual Wynne Genealogy Society Researching Reunion.
Host Hotel is Gibson's Lodgings at $99.00 a night. We will be researching at the Maryland State Archives on Tuesday and Wednesday. We will be touring the Lost Town Project lab, then going out to the Chew Property where William Chew lived on Thursday. Friday we will be going to the Third Haven Meeting house for a tour, then traveling down to Choptank for lunch and exploration of where the ships came in carrying the Wynne Girls. Saturday we will meet in the Gibson's Lodgings meeting room for discussion and white board writing, about the lines between Dr. Thomas Wynne and his brother Dr. John Wynne, and how this all twists up with the girls being in Maryland, and how it all ties together. Then Saturday night is our farewell Dinner at 7 pm. Sunday breakfast and everyone going home, after another great reunion.

Should you wish to join us for the reunion, please contact me at or call me at 972-907-1302 [central time].

Schedule of WGS 12th Annual Researching Reunion: 2011 Annapolis, MD, 12th Annual Reunion

If you are a researching descendant of Dr. Thomas Wynne, please contact me about our researching reunion, either e-mail or call me at 972-907-1302 [central time].

Pictures of our 11th Reunion 2010 which was in Philadelphia you can see them at the following link:

2010 Philadelphia, PA, 11th Annual Reunion

Wynne Book Revision

We are still working on the Wynne Book Revision, so don't be shy in contacting me!![5/27/2010]

August 9th, 2006, I announced that that the Wynne Descendants would start the task of writing the sourced book of Dr. Thomas Wynne's descendants.

Should you be of the descent of Dr. Thomas Wynne b. 1627 in Caerwys, Wales, who came to America on the ship "Welcome" with William Penn, please contact me. I wish for all the family lines that come from Dr. Thomas Wynne to be accounted for.

In the menu above, under the title "Contact, Misc", you will find a link for "Revision" which will take you to the section of this website that pertains to this Wynne Book Revision.

I would like to take this moment to explain my web site.

Please do not e-mail me telling me that I am a name collector. You are jumping to the wrong conclusion if you do so. This is a website created for the Wynne Genealogy Society, which I am the founder of. This website is used to display the things we have found discussed and are in the process of proving. This web site is to help the members find each other and place markers of information that has been found. Also note that in the first year some sources were not marked, I am endeavoring to make corrections. If you do not see a source please contract me and I will make note and work up the source into the file. Source Explanation

  My Website is always evolving, it is created for my family the Wynn/Smith/Davis/ Powell/Horn combo that makes me who I am. I hope you enjoy!

  September 2009 to January 2010, I have been lax in keeping up with my website and updating the data base, for that I appologize. I have been dealing with diabetes, a new grandbaby and other issues that has taken me away from genealogy for the last year. But I am BACK!!!! Full force and ready to get caught up. Sorry for the delays but we all have to take a moment for ourselves and families sometimes!.

  September 2009, we had our 10th annual Wynne Genealogy Reunion, in Fort Wayne, Allen County Indiana! We spent three days researching at the new Allen County Library. Was that a great researching place! Had some great lunches in the downtown area near the library. We took a horse drawn carrage ride around the historical area of Fort Wayne, arranged by Cuz Jimmie Bill's nieces husband. That was so wonderful. The had two days of working on the ins and outs of the Familytree maker program, finishing up with a great banquet on Saturday night.

  October 2008, we had our 9th annual Wynne Genealogy Reunion, in Wyomissing, PA, suburb or Reading, PA. We did research at the Chester County Historical Society and the Chester County Archives. The group then had a free day to tour the area or do more research then we spent two day working though the new Familytree maker program, with all of its new gadgets. Finishing off with a great banquet.

  September 2007, we had our 8th annual Wynne Genealogy Reunion, in Lewes, Delaware [Rehoboth Beach, DE], Gainor Johnson hosted the reunion with me. We researched at the Delaware Archives, then had a bus tour that took us to the Fisher Martin house, which is a home that was moved from the country side that is now a wildlife game preserve in to the historic area of Lewes, DE. This home was the home of the Fisher family that married Dr. Thomas Wynne's step daughter. From the details I have gathered it is the home that was given to the step-daughter and then passed to the children..

  May 10-15th, 2006, Mayor Phillip Parry of Caerwys, Wales and I hosted the Wynne Genealogy Society on our trip to Wales. Wow, was it a great trip. Unbelievable. Can not thank everyone enough for all they did for us in Caerwys, Wales. Wonderful people!!

To see and learn of our trip please go to the following link; WALES TRIP 2006 There are over 1048 pictures of our trip. Should you wish for a CD of our trip pictures, mail me $10.00 noting Wales CD, to my address of:
Becky Thill, WGS
1907 Baylor Drive
Richardson, TX 75081-5413

  2005 was spent dealing with my mother's breast cancer, the treatment, the recovery and then the organizing of the trip to Wales. A very full emotional schedule but not a full genealogy schedule, it went on the back burner.

  October 2004, we had our 6th Annual Wynne Genealogy Reunion, in Chester County, Pennsylvania! Greg Wynne hosted the reunion with me. Boy did he set up a great reunion. He also was celebrating his birthday, so we took him to dinner to celebrate! Right now I do not have the reunion pictures on the website, but it will be coming in the future. My mother had breast cancer shortly after the reunion, so I spent the next year dealing with her treatment, not on this website. Priorities you know!! But I will be getting that reunion loaded now that my world has righted it self.

  September 2003, We had our 5th Annual Wynne Genealogy Reunion, in Butler County, Ohio. We had a blast, got to know a lot of the new members and collected over five inches of documents from their archives!!! These of course are entered into my data base and sourced appropriately. To see the pictures of the Reunion look above in the Wynne Genealogy Society button on the menu.

  June 2002, at the 4th Annual Wynne Genealogy Reunion, the book "Dr. Thomas Wynne's Legacy" which I am a Author of, was published and distributed. This book was a private publishing, there were 284 sold and there will be no more. Which means that there will only be 284 books printed of this work. This is a family history book, put together, by the researching descendants of Dr. Thomas Wynne, telling what we know of the families and how the families came to be where they are now. It is a hardback book with approximately 700 pages, and two hundred pictures.

  In the future The Wynne Genealogy Society have plans for another book. One that is totally documented and sourced to follow the "Deems" book into the future.

  I am planning in the future to present on this website a option to purchase a CD of Dr. Thomas Wynne's life as I know it. It will contain his story with all the sources, and will be in PFD format on CD. Come back in the future to read about it.

  June, 2001 the researching descendants [direct and collateral] of Dr. Thomas Wynne became the "Wynne Genealogy Society". Contact me for information should you wish to join the Society.

  June, 2001 the WYNNE-GENEALOGY-SOCIETY-L e-mail list was created for the members of the Wynne Genealogy Society. If you are a descendant [direct or collateral] to Dr. Thomas Wynne join our group on the WYNNE-GENEALOGY-SOCIETY-L e-mail list. We are a great group! To get on the e-mail list send a message to In the SUBJECT box type the word subscribe. Also type the word subscribe in the body that is all that is needed to get on the list. Should you have a problem e-mail me and I will help you, as I am the List Keeper of the list.

  There is a Rootsweb e-mail list that has almost 250 Wynne [all spellings] researchers on it. They are not of the Dr. Thomas Wynne's line, but they are of the same Welsh ancestry. The majority of the lines came to America via Virginia, NY and MA. To subscribe, to the WINN-L, e-mail to when the e-mail opens put the single word SUBSCRIBE in the subject area and also in the body of the e-mail. Should you have a problem getting on the list e-mail me as I am the List Keeper of the list.

  Dr. Thomas Wynne received the warrant for 40 acres [part of his total 1200 acres, plus 2 City Lots.] in what is now Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA in 1684. He built a summer home in 1689. This home is called the "Wynnestay". This home is still standing and is still lived in as a private residence. To see the "Wynnestay" go to the Wynnestay web site at They are now also giving private tours, contact them via their web site. I am the Web Master for the Wynnestay web site, which is a great pleasure to me being the 6th great granddaughter of Dr. Thomas Wynne.

  Elaine Peden the "William Penn Lady" was a great help to us in our "3rd Annual Wynne Genealogy Reunion" to see her page go to You can also see Elaine taking us through the tours and presenting me with a citation from the City of Philadelphia in the pictures of the "3rd Annual Wynne Genealogy Reunion" in the menu above.

  December 31, 2000, I received "The Winn-L 2000 Researcher of the Year" I am so proud. Then in February 2002, I became the List Admin. for the same e-mail list!!! It is a great one. See above how to get on the list and join a great bunch of people searching for all lines and all spellings of the Wynne family.

  If you would like to add your information to the files send me a descendant's chart with sources via e-mail, I in turn will place it in the files. You never know when someone will have the little piece you need!!

  I am a Web Designer by profession and a genealogist by hobby. I answer on an average of 625 e-mails a day. Unless I am not home you will hear back from me as soon as possible. I don't ever ignore any one I do always answer. Should you wish a web site created for you personally or for your business, e-mail me or visit my corporate website at TTG, Inc.

  The border on the left represents my mixed heritage. I am Cherokee on my mother's side of the family, I am Welsh on my father's side of the family, I am a "Okie" or a Oklahoman by heart, and a American by soul. The items on the border are the American flag foremost, then a chain of items which are the Cherokee Nation West [Oklahoma] Seal, some Welsh/Celtic designs, Sequoyah the Cherokee who wrote the Cherokee Alphabet, and then the Seal of Oklahoma.