Dr. Thomas Wynn's Will

"TTG13's Dr. Thomas Wynns Will"

1691 Will for Dr. Thomas Wynne, Philadelphia, PA
Transcription of Dr. Thomas Wynne's Will
There is one place I put my own note: Seventh line first page: "[3 initials]"
Reason: I can not make out what they are. The rest of the document is as I read it.
I have proof read this document four times to be sure nothing is left out.
To the best of my knowledge this is a transcription of the Dr. Thomas Wynne "Will"
in its entirety. Becky Thill, 7/17/2001

Notes on Welsh writing habits:
They spell as they pronounce the words, a standard did not come until later.
They abbreviate words by placing the ending letter or letters in a superscript
[letters above the middle mark of the word.].
Samll equals Samuell, said = sd
o with slash = & , o = of
yt= that, testamt = Testament
wt = with, paymt = payment
depy Govr= Deputy Governor, Schd= scheduled
Richd = Richard, Appraisml = Appraisal
acct to Rendr = account to render

"Dr. Thomas Wynne's Will transcribed from the original"

In the name of God, Amen, I
Thomas Wynne of Philadelphia in the Province
of Pennslvania practitioner in Physick & o being
sick & weake in Body but of sound & perfect mynd
and memory and Considering the frailty of man yt
o uncertainty of death and the uncertainty of the
time when, doe make & ordaine this my Last
Will & testamt in maner & forme folloing [3 initials?]
As to what Estate god hath Blessed me with in
(my Just debts being first paid & sattisfied) I
give devise & bequeath as followeth. -Imphr
I doe hereby give & devise unto my dear and
well beloved wife Elizabeth Wynne all that
my messuage & plantaoin with the Appurtenance
wheron my family now dwelleth seituate lying
and being near the towne of Lewis in the County
Sussex, during the terme of her Naturall Life,
And after her decease to my Sonn Jonathan -
Wynne his Heires & assignes for ever. Item-
I give & bequeath unto my sd sonn Jonathan -
All that my Plantation with the appurtenances
ther unto belonging in Cedar Creek o in the sd
County of Sussex containing about two hundred
acres of Land to hold to him & his Heires for
ever from & Imidiatly after my deceased, Item-
I doe give & bequeath unto my Children now -
in America (S.zt.) Jonathan Mary Rebecca Sidney
Hanah , one morety or half part of my psonal
Estate (my negro being by mee Intended & inclued
as such) to bee divided amongst them within two
yeares after my decease according to the descresion
of my Overseeres herein after mentioned, Butt
in Regard that some of my children are already
better provided for & in i hope fuller way of Living
then others I doe therefore in a more Pticular-
Maner recomend my sonn Jonathan & my daughters
Mary Rebecca & Hannah to the care & disposal of
my sd Overseeres. And for my daughter Tabitha
now in Europe and thee hath all ready suffieiently-
partaked of my ffatherly care & tenderness of her &
as the Last mark of my Love I doe hereby give-
and bequeath unto her the sum of ffifty shillings
Lastly I doe give & bequeath unto my sd deare
and well beloved wife Elizabeth the other morety of
my Psonall Estate of wt nature or kinde forever
Ad doe Constitute & appoint her Executrix of this
my Last will & Testamt And Where as there has
been a Certaine bond entred into by mee

to Samll Buttall my Brother in Law For paymt of 50 __
and there now remaines unpd thereof the sum of twenty
five Pounds Principall money, Now my will & meaning
that my message & Plantation near Lewis towne that
bee chargeable with the Paymt there of in case the sd bond
bee isued o and I doe request and desire my dear ffriend
Thomas Lloyd depy Govr of this Province & Griffith Owen
to bee overseers of this my Last will & Tes bee aiding and
asisting to my sd dear wife in the pformance & due
Execution of the same according to the true Intent or
meaning therof In Wittness wherof I have here
unto sett my hand & seale this fifteenth day of of the
First month 1691
Sealed Published and declared
in the Psence of us Thom Wynne
Arthur Cooke
Phinehas Pemberton
Richard Thomas
Theor Roberts
Mary Holme

      "     Probate     "
  "   Schd Adminst   "    Samuell Jennings Reger Genll for the
"      on the Estate      "    Province of Pensilvania & Counties, anexed To all whome
   "              of            "    There Psents shall come Sendeth Greeting
      " Tho Wynne "     Know yee that I the sd Samll Jennings doe by the
Psents Certifie that this Twentyeth day of the 2nd mo in the
Yeare of the Reigne of Wm & Mary King & Queen
of England & o. and in the, of the Governmt of Wm Penn
Absolute Proprietor & Chief Govr over the sd Province
in America anoyb domi 1692. Ar` & in Philadelphia
Within the sd Province Elizabeth Wynn Executrix after
named did Produce & exhibit the Last will & testamt
of Thomas Wynne of Philadelphia Practitioner in
Physick & o. late deceased, dated the 15th day of the first
mo 1691/2 and according to the Laws & Customs of the
sd Province did Solemnly declare the same was the Last
Will & testamt of the sd Thomas Wynn deceased and
did allsoe pduce Arthur Cooke, Richd Thomas & Mary Holme
----Wittnesses therunto who in Like Manor
[Givn voce] Prove the same to bee by the testamt last sealed
Published & declared to be the Last will & Testemt of __
the said deceased will --------------------------------------------

… Cook having been thus Respectively proves .- -
and Insinuated is Registred in the office of Regr….
Genll..[The originall in the same remaining,] and
att the Request of the sd Elizabeth Wynne Exect_
in the said Last will & Testamt. named; I doe by
these psents give & comit unto the sd Elizabeth
Wyne full Power & Lawfull Authority well & truly
to administer upon all & Singular the Rights goods
& Credits of the sd dceeased in any manor of way
to him belonging or his sd Last will & testamt
concerning being & remaining within the Juritson
of the sd Regr Genll. Shee the sd Elizabeth Wynn
having given bond with good & sufficient security
in the sum of five hundred Pounds Lawfull money
of the sd Province not only to Excute the sd Last
Will & testamt according to law and to pay the
debts & severall Legacies therin bequeathed as Righs
is, and a Plaine & true Inventorie & Conscionable
Appraisml of all & Singular the sd Goods Rights &
Credtis of the sd deceased within the Jurisdicon
of the sd Regr Genll to make & exhibit into this
Office as the same shall come to the knowledge wch
wer is to bee delivered by Indenture at or before
the 20th day of the 4 mo: next ansering the date herof
But allsoo a Just & true acct to Rendr upon her
Solemn attestaion & declaration of her doings in the
Execution thereof on or before the twentieth day of
the second mo: 1693 or when ever after hee shall
bee Lawfully called thereunto by the Regr Genll for
the time being ; dated at the office of Regr Genll
for Probate of Wills & granting administraint
for the Province of Pensilvania & Counties aneill
all Philadelphia afor sd the day & yeare above abriement
under the hand of the the Sept & scale of the said Office
signed Cgranct Rawle dept R

[End of Transcription]

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