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This page is dedicated to the Wynn's. I am a Wynn from my father, Richard Lee Wynn Sr. and from my grandfather Harley Murton Wynn on back up the line to Dr. Thomas Wynne as his sixth great grandchild. Our line goes from KS to OH to PA to Wales.

There are many lines of Wynn's [all spellings] that come from the original stock in Wales. Some went via Wales to Ireland then to the US. Some went from Wales to England then to the US. Some came from Wales directly to the US and recently we found some that came from Denmark. The ones from Denmark I am not sure if they originally started in Wales going to Denmark then to the states or what. I have not had that line clarified to me yet.

I believe you can see from my main page that the Wynne's seem to be the active ones at the moment so on this page there is not a whole lot to keep you up to date about but you will find below some articles of interest!

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WINNWOOD BEACH: the way it was.
"The Atlantic City of the West"
By Doris McMichael [email protected]
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The Rise of Thomas Wynne, Quaker Barber-Surgeon
by Geraint H. Jenkins, Ph.D.
The Journal of the Flintshire Historical Society, Volume 28, 1977-78
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