Fred Fearnot: Dime Novels by Hal Standish (H. K. Shackelford)

Fred Fearnot "Dime Novels": 300-

by Hal Standish (real name: Harvey King Shackleford)

Fred Fearnot and the Money Lenders; or Breaking up a Swindling Gang
No. 300
September 2, 1904
"Here! Here! What's this?" Fred exclaimed. "She hasn't paid back money she borrowed," replied one of the men, "and we are taking her furniture, under the contract." "I know that she has paid it," asserted Fred, "for I gave her the money for that purpose; so you stop right there."
Fred Fearnot's Gun Club; or, Shooting for a Diamond Cup
No. 301
September 9, 1904
Fred raised his rifle to aim at the target, when he was suddenly seen to stagger and his rifle fell from his grasp. Terry sprang forward to hold him up, exclaiming: "Doped, by all that's holy!"
Fred Fearnot and the Braggart; or, Having Fun with an Egotist
No. 302
September 16, 1904
As soon as he struck the water the braggart sung out at the top of his voice, and in a state of terror: "Save me! Save me! I can't swim a lick!" And the crowd roared with merriment.
Fred Fearnot and the Wall Street Broker, or, Helping the Widows and Orphans
No. 310
November 11, 1904
Fred Fearnot and "Red Pete", or, The Wickedest Man in Arizona
No. 314
December 9, 1904
Fred Fearnot and "Uncle Pike;" or, A Slick Chap from Warsaw
No. 316
December 23, 1904
"Hello! Hello!" exclaimed Fred, springing to his feet, as the detective seized the coat tail of "Uncle Pike." "The old chap must be a slick duck. You'll have to get a boat if you succeed in catching him."
Fred Fearnot's Change of Front; or, Staggering the Wall Street Brokers
No. 347
July 28, 1905
"No, sir! No, sir!" said Fred, his eyes blazing with indignation. "The mercy you showed me when you had me in your power, that will I show to you. You were as heartless as a rattle-snake; so get up and take your medicine like a man."
Fred Fearnot and the Railroad Gang; or, A Desperate Fight for Life
No. 354
September 15, 1905
"By George, young man, that was a close call for you!" exclaimed Fred, as the train approached. "In another second or two, you would have been ground to a pulp." "Yes," gasped the young man, "that was just what those fellows wanted."
Fred Fearnot's Game Teamster, or, A Hot Time on the Plains
No. 370
January 5, 1906
Fred Fearnot and the Diamond Queen; or, Helping the Treasury Department
No. 379
March 9, 1906
The Diamond Queen ordered the Chinaman to raise the iron cover of a manhole in the cellar floor. The huge negro picked up the bound figure of Fred. "Throw him down into the pit!" cried the woman. A snarl came from the bulldog.
Fred Fearnot and the Snake-Charmer; or, Out with the Circus Fakirs
No. 383
April 6, 1906
Fred and Evelyn paused, for the vindictive snake charmer had dropped on her knees and lifted the lid of the box. Out glided four pythons, one passing over the woman's shoulder. She made a peculiar hissing sound and the snakes glided toward Fred.
Fred Fearnot's Promise, or, Helping a Drunkard's Boy
No. 388
May 11, 1906
Fred Fearnot and the Silver Syndicate, or, Beating the Wall Street Sharks
No. 394
June 22, 1906
Fred Fearnot and his No-Hit Game; or, Striking Out the Champions
No. 399
July 27, 1906
All the batsman could get off Fred's delivery was an easy pop fly. It ought to have been an easy out, but Fred saw Carter run away out from third base and deliberately collide with the second baseman, knocking him down with awful force.
Fred Fearnot and the Farmer's Boy, or, A Greenhorn from the Country
No. 404
August 31, 1906
Fred Fearnot and the White Moose; or, Out on a Strange Hunt
No. 405
September 7, 1906
Terry caught up his rifle as the crashing in the underbrush increased, but Fred threw up the barrel with his left arm, saying; "Don't shoot!" Just then a strange apparition rushed into the circle of firelight.
Fred Fearnot's Foot Ball Boys, or, Winning on the Gridiron
No. 410
October 12, 1906
Fred Fearnot and the Broker's Game, or, Downing a Wall Street Gang
No. 411
October 19, 1906
Fred Fearnot and the Temperance Boy; or, Driving Out the Home Wreckers
No. 415
November 16, 1906
Fred ran up the steps, followed by the young temperance orator. Two men were carrying out a sewing machine. The poor woman was offering them a valuable paper as security, if they would leave it. Her intoxicated husband now appeared in the doorway.
Fred Fearnot and the Mill Girl; or, The Factory Gang of Fairdale
No. 418
December 7, 1906
Just as the mill girl reached the sidewalk, she beheld the factory gang waiting for her. Big Jim Barton seized her arm, and she uttered a shriek, and dropped her satchel. At this moment, Fred appeared in the office doorway.
Fred Fearnot and the Boy Who Tried; or Bound to Rise in the World
No. 421
December 28, 1906

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