Turcotte Family Celebration

Some Examples of Turcotte Family Heritage ...

Alphonse Turcotte house, Ste-Famille

Home of Mrs. Alphonse Turcotte of Ste-Famille on the Île dOrléans.
(Photo : A. Turcotte).

Photo of loom

Antique furniture inside the home of Mrs. Alphonse Turcotte.
(Photos : A. Turcotte).

Photo of spinning equipment
Photo of chair
Photo of church of Ste-Marie

(Photo : A. Turcotte)

The parish of Sainte-Marie is known for its astonishing flowering of public and private oratories. In the latter category fall the domestic chapels or devotion. We have already seen two foothold in the reign of Mr. Hood: Cliche chapel and chapel Tardif. The Cure Feuiltault was not to pray to support this kind of devotion, falling in his tastes. Two other similar chapels saw the same day of his time, they located a short distance from each other in Rang Saint-Gabriel chapel chapel Turcotte and Hebert. The first was erected in 1924, then a promise of the Joseph family Turcotte.60.

1800-style house

(Photo : A. Turcotte)

Located at number 5361, avenue Royale, Boischatel, Minister of Cultural Affairs conducted its classification, because it is an architectural prototype of great historical importance.

Built in 1837 by Jacques Jacob, it has four walls of fieldstone and a gable roof with vertical planks covered with cedar shingles to the origin and currently ribbed plate, pierced by two dormers to front with drip of origin on the north side and drip serving extended gallery on the south side at both ends, gable windows are covered with shingles. As for the attic, they are hewn timbers. Finally, a fireplace in the center of the house, all complete.

The building of the last century is an interesting specimen of domestic architecture water or blend the characteristics of traditional architecture called "Norman" (including the central chimney is the main feature) Côte de Beaupré and type of the house called the "Canadian". The particulars of this house is actually only found in two other houses on the Coast Beaupré.61.

This house at his rankings belonged to a family Turcotte, it is therefore part of our heritage.

The Mauvide Genest Manor and a Turcotte Ancestor

At St-Jean de l'Île d'Orléans is the manor Mauvide-Genest. This mansion was built in 1734 by Jean Mauvide surgeon who was the King. Jean Mauvide married a girl from PEI, Marie-Anne Genest, hence the name remains Mauvide-Genest.

A little later, François-Marc Turcotte, a descendant of "Abel" married Marie-Anne Genest a descendant of Mauvide-Genest. François-Marc Turcotte and his wife lived at the mansion a few years.

In 1926, Judge Camille Pouliot, another descendant of the family bought the manor Genest, family memories, to renovate it. It is now possible to admire the house where our ancestors lived François-Marc Turcotte. This house is still inhabited today by the family of Judge Camille Pouliot.

Mauvide-Genest Manor

Collection Madame Pauline Turcotte.

Mauvide-Genest Manor, St-Jean, lÎle dOrléans.
built in 1734, 25 x 25, 1st floor
expanded in 1752, 25 x 75, 2nd floor
chapel added in 1929, current size of the house.

Photo of Marie-Anne Genest
Photo of François-Marc Turcotte

François-Marc Turcotte and Madame Marie-Anne Genest, his wife.
Poulin, J. C., LÎle dOrléans, 1927, p. 91.