The following write up and passenger list is from Owen Clough who is nice enough to allow me to post it on my site. The Eagle Speed. Arrival in Auckland The fine ship Eagle Speed made her anchorage in the harbor yesterday morning 16th October 1864, after a protracted voyage of 125 days from London. She left Gravesend on the 12th June, and after a succession of adverse winds down the channel, took her final departure from near Mounte's Bay Cornwell on the 22nd June. Light Variable winds were experienced until crossing the equator, on the 1st August. During the 19 days the ship was detained by these winds, between Cape de Verde Islands and the equator, it was discovered that the main piece of the rudder was sprung, and that the tiller made nearly double the angle with the ships keel of that of the tall piece. This unfortunate circumstance considerably impeded the progress of the ship during the remainder of the voyage, as it was found necessary, in order to steer the ship at all, to carry much less sail than she otherwise would have done. From the equator to the Cape of Good Hope the usual trade winds and southerly weather was experienced. The Island of Tristan D'Aounha was made on the 25th August, and the Meridian of the Cape on the 1st September. From this point to the S.W cape of Tasmania the ship had, for most part, steady breeze and fair weather. It was however found impossible to bring out the sailing capabilities of this fine vessel, in consequence of the damage done to the rudder, even under an ordinary pressure of sail no canvas could be kept on the mizzen mast. Immedediately upon the discovery of the disabled condition of the rudder, the necessary precautions were at once taken, and a spare tiller was forged on board. The New Zealand coast was sighted on the 13th October, and the North Cape rounded the following day, Cape Brett being passed on Saturday. Moderate winds from the N.R have prevailed on the coast. The above report will account for the protracted and tedious passage of this vessel. Before leaving Auckland a new rudder will be shipped, and we have no doubt the fine qualities of this clipper ship will be brought out on her return trip. The Eagle Speed is in command of Captain Brinsden, who it will be remembered, came last year in command of the "William Miles". Captain Brinsden, has on this occasion , won the esteem of the passengers, who speak of him in the highest terms, and the neat and cleanly appearance of the ship upon entering the harbor is commendable. The total number of passengers aboard is 101, a large number of whom are the Church of England Settlement, and have received free passage. Dr. Fredrick John Robinson, F.B.C.S. England, is the medical officer and superintendent in charge. There have been no deaths and only one birth during the voyage. The Eagle Speed is one of the largest vessels that have entered our harbor, her register being 1237 tons. She has on board over 1500 tons of merchandise. Her handsome saloon is particularly worthy of notice. It is fitted up with the latest improvements and has every possible convenience for the comfort of passengers.

Below is the passenger list.


Rev, Mr SAYWELL, Mrs SAYWELL, three children and governess. Archeson THOMPSON Farmer Dr F ROBINSON Surgeon Henry RUDMAN Gentlman IBBETSON Assistant Commissary, Mary IBBETSON Ella Edith IBBETSON Fredrick HENRY Mary HENRY Daniel HENRY George HENRY Richard HENRY L.M.C. CHARLES

Second Cabin

James DAVIES Farmer Catherine, Ann, Elizabeth, Margaret DAVIES Sarah REECE Peter Edward CHEAL Surveyor Walter STINTON Engineer W.G. COX Farmer Charles COX Chemist Thomas BARBER Jeweller Edwin PARKER Farmer Charles W. GALE Farmer Miss McGUINNESS John THOMPSON Farmer Henry THOMPSON Brewer W.H. PARKER Agriculturist Nicholas MARSH Farmer R.W. SLADE Francis DELL Miller Joseph. S. COX Agriculturist Arthur FARRAR Gentleman C.F. COUNSELL Edwin STURKEY Cabinet Maker Colin J. CAMPBELL Gentleman Elizabeth Grace CAMPBELL Mr HALLAHAN Clerk John SEARLEY Clerk Patrick HUGHES Margaret KEMBLE Oliver GARRETT Ploughman William JONES Ploughman James MATTHEWS Carpenter and Wheelwright John Cooke CLOUGH Mechanical Engineer, his wife Elinor CLOUGH George ROSLING Labourer William WEDDING Labourer Thomas and Sarah WEDDING John VOKES Currier John CHARLTON Farmer and Builder Martha CHARLTON Emma.M. CHARLTON John MACKLOW Farmer and Provision Dealer William Charles MACKLOW Walter James MACKLOW Samual.E. ALSOP Farmer John TOYNE Labourer John TILSLEY Veterinary Surgeon Harriet.S. TILSLEY James GREY Leather-Dresser Kim WILLIAMS Labourer George REEVES Carpenter William MORRIS Builder S.M. LANGDON Farmer Harriet and John.M. LANGDON James CLAYDEN Farmer Eliza and Alfred CLAYDEN William BOWEN Farmer Isabella and Elenor BOWEN Thomas P. HINDE Malster J.W. REEVES Butcher and Farmer Edwin WALKER Lithographer William M. MORDY House Carpenter Henry WHITE Mariner Harry WHITE Thomas OLIVER Farmer Joseph OLIVER Farmer Mary and Phillip James MILLER Thomas KERR Grocer Sarah A. PEARCE Phillip G. PEARCE Ebenezer and Charlotte PEARCE Henry PEARCE Mouldmaker Fredrick WELLS Butcher Thomas RUSSELL Butcher Clara PEOPLE Charles SCOTT Gentleman Thomas DALTON Samual DALTON Henry PLANK Carpenter W. McADAMS Miner Sarah McADAMS David JONES Miner Thomas HALL Miner Charles LOWE Bricklayer Catherine LOWE Richard Charles LOWE John James LOWE Margaret Ann LOWE Thomas HARRIS Carpenter Mary and Louisa HARRIS James Wyatt HARDING Blacksmith Rebecca HARDING John James Henry HARDING Charles HARDING Elizabeth HARDING James Wyatt HARDING William Lowry HARDING Fredrick SHERWIN Carpenter Penelope SHERWIN Kate SHERWIN Anne SHERWIN Thomas McCALHIN Miner George BEER Joiner Elizabeth BEER George James BEER John BEER Josiah BEER Robert LUDLOW Farm Labourer Hugh CAIRNS Farm Labourer William Henry MADILL Farm Labourer Edwin JENKIN Miner Joseph McLAUGNUM ( This name had crease mark through it. the last three letters could be wrong ) John COLLINS Minor John EVANS Miner Hester EVANS Margaret EVANS ANN EVANS John WILLIAMS Miner Elizabeth WILLIAMS Thomas JONES Miner Mary JONES William PHILLIPS Miner James PHILLIPS Miner Griffith LLOYD Miner Mary LLOYD Henry Curtis Miner Mary CURTIS William HONEYFORD Labourer Paul WILLIAMS Miner LAVINA WILLIAMS John Paul WILLIAMS Thomas WILLIAMS Charles WILLIAMS David KENNEDY Labourer John McMULLAN Labourer Margaret McMULLAN John DUNCAN Labourer Thomas DOUGHTY Miner Hannah and Samual DOUGHTY Harriet BURROUGH Servent John BAILY Miner Eliza BAILY William and Anne BURTON Louisa BURTON Hugh and Mary McILBOW


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