"ALHAMBRA" SEP. 26, 1874

CAPTAIN SINCLAIR 497 TONS From Melbourne to Hokitika, Lyttleton, Otago, Greymouth, Nelson, Wellington N.Z. This list is from


NAME AGE OCC. FROM TO RICKARD, James 24 Miner England Otago RICKARD, Charles 31 Miner England Otago CORNEFORD, John 26 Miner Lyttleton WALSH, David 34 Miner Ireland Lyttleton WILLIAMS, David 21 Miner Ireland Otago DELVES, John 36 Gasfitter England Hokitika DELVES, Mrs. 35 Wife England Hokitika DELVES, Agnes 7 Daug. England Hokitika DELVES, John 6 Son England Hokitika DELVES, Ada 3 Daug. England Hokitika DELVES, Norah 4 Daug. England Hokitika AH FOOK 21 Miner Chinese Hokitika MANNIX, Miss 19 Servant England Greymouth GIBSON, William 24 Miner Scotland Nelson STUBBS, Charles 30 Miner Scotland Otago FLETCHER, Wm. 29 Miner Scotland Greymouth HURRAN, Wm. 36 Miner Ireland Wellington RODETTI, Francis 24 Miner Ireland Hokitika GRIFFITHS, Robert 26 Miner Ireland Greymouth AH LING 24 Miner Chinese Greymouth ADAMS, Samuel 34 Miner England Greymouth ADAMS, Mrs. 34 Wife England Greymouth ADAMS, Flora 11 Daug. England Greymouth ADAMS, Fanny 10 Daug. England Greymouth ADAMS, Anna 8 Daug. England Greymouth ADAMS, ? 7 Daug. England Greymouth ADAMS, Johanna 5 Daug. England Greymouth ADAMS, John 3 Son England Greymouth

SALOON (8 persons)
MARKS, Mr. 36 Gentleman British Greymouth MARKS, Mrs. 31 Lady British Greymouth ENGEL, Mr. 37 Gentleman British Greymouth BEALE, Mr. 34 Gentleman British Greymouth BARCLAY, Mr. 32 Gentleman British Lyttleton SCHURAP, Mr. 36 Gentleman British Lyttleton DOUGLAS, Mr. 34 Gentleman British Greymouth SUBECK, Mr. 27 Gentleman British Greymouth *Notation: place where person is from not necessarily correct. DELVES family is from Ireland.


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