Sailed from London on the 28th October arrived Auckland Sunday February 12, 1865. Captain Fillan, R.N. CABIN PASSENGERS T.J. WELCH ESQ., Manager of the Church of England Emigration Society DR. MOSSMAN Army Surgeon

BANKS, Mr. BECK, Mr. & Mrs. COX, Mr. & Mrs. DUFAUR, Mr. & Mrs. & family ERSKINE, Mr. & Mrs. & family FITZGERALD, Mr., FRANKLIN, Mrs. & the Misses FRANKLIN HORNE, Mr. & Mrs. & family McGILVIE, Miss MOSSMAN, Mrs & 2 children PRINCE, Mr. & Mrs. SMITH, Miss WILSON, Mr.
BARR, Charlotte BENNET, Bridget BIDDOCK, George BOND, James, Elizabeth, Mary Jane, BRENNEN, Edward, Fanny, William , Sarah Ann, Elizabeth, Mary, Sarah, Henry, Richard, Elizabeth & James Fanny, Joseph & Lynden BRINKELEY, John Brown BUCKINGHAM, Alfred & Win. BURGESS, Abraham BURNS, Sarah Ann BURNS, John BURRACLOUGH, Thomas BUTLER, Daniel CALDWELL, William CAMBERTON, John CAMPBELL, Jane CANNON, Mary CARDER, Hannah, George, Ann, Walter, CAREY, Jane Mary Ann, Norma, Clara & Annie CARSON, Thomas, George & Elizabeth CARTMAN, Mary Jane. CATLEY, Abraham & Rosina CONOLLY, Patrick CONWAY, Louisa COWAN, John DAVIDGE, Benjamin & Ellen DAVIS, Samuel N. DONOVAN, Peter DONOVAN, Richard DUNAGHIN, Margaret ELLIOTT, Elizabeth ERSKINE, Louisa, Jessie, Lousia ERSKINE, Thomas & Ellen FARRELL, Robert & Eliza FORD, George FREER, Thomas, Jabez, Mary, Phoebe, GAFFNEY, Bridget & Thomas M. GARDINER, Mary Ann & Francis GIBSON, Robert GILFOYLE, Roseanna & Bridget GLOVER, Alice GLOVER, Henry & Ann GOPPERTH, Benedict, Elizabeth & Clara GOULD, Rose Ann GRIBBON, Jacob HANCOCK, John, Henry & Emma HARNETT, John & Mary HARRIS, George HARWOOD, Mark, Eliza & Rob't G. HAUKERS, Thomas, Ellen & Thomas HEAPS, Edward John HENDERSON, David HILL, Mary Ann & George Ford HOLMES, Charlotte, Margaret, Fred'k & Elizabeth HYDE, Margaret JOHNSTON, William JENKINSON, Joseph, Ann, William, KARNEY, Margaret Clara & Anne KILBY, James KAY, Nathaniel, Rachael, Maria, KINNEY, Rose Jane Ellen, Sarah, Annie LINDSAY, William & Nathan LOCKYER, Samuel LOVETT, Charlotte LYNCH, Margaret LYONS, Eliza LYSAGHT, Ellen, Catherine & Patrick MACKELL, Mary MAIZE, Jane MALACKY, Rosina MALLOLLANE, Sarah MARBROOK, Henry, Lydia, Henrietta, MARSH, Thomas, Barbara & James MArion, Henry,Fred & Richard MARSHALL, ED MARSON, Ann MARTHA, W.O. & Emily Sharp McATTES, Elizabeth McAULEY, Nancy McBRIDE, James, Kennelly, Charles, McCARTHY, Timothy Elizabeth, Ellen, Jane, & McCormick, Daniel Annie C. McENTEER, James & Catherine McGANN, Catherine McKELVAY, Jas. & Mary A. McKENNA, Rose & Isabella MOIR, George NICOL, Agnes PACKWOOD, Henrietta PADDON, Margaret PARKIN, Annie PARKINSON, John W. & Louisa PATNEY, Alex. PIERCE, William PRITCHARD, Halbert & Elizabeth QUINN, John REILLY, Mary Agnes, Sylvia, ROBINSON, Mary Bernard, Briden, Catherine ROSTRICK, Charles ROWE, Martha Ann RUDDELL, Sarah SHEPHERD, Jane SKINNER, Samuel & Elizabeth SMITH, Gowan SMITH, Charles, Mary Ann, James, STAINTON, Elizabeth John F., & Eliza Ann STEADMAN, James STEVENS, Samuel & Rhoda STEVENSON, Mary E. SWEETHEY, Caroline SWEETING, Eliza, Wm & Alice Mary SYKES, Wm. Henry, Mary Ann , Ann, TAYLOR, Mary Ann George, Walter, Joseph, TAYLOR, John, Mary, Clara, Ada, Kate Elizabeth, Helena, Emily, George, Henry & Sarah William & James TRACEY, Catherine TYNDALE, Jane WALKER, Mary Ann WALKER, Joseph WALSH, Mary Anna & Eliza WALTERS, Reuben & Emma WILLIAMSON, James, Mary, Alicia WOODS, Anne & James MESSRS COMBES & DALDY are agents for the Ernestina

(Southern Cross, Tuesday, February 28, 1865, page 7) The fine clipper ship Ernestina, Captain Fillan R.N., anchored in the harbour of Auckland on Sunday, february 12 after a pleasant passage of 108 days. The Ernestina was despatched by Messrs Houlder Brothers and is a fine United States clipper ship, of 1018 tonnes, and brings the fifth party of immigrants under the auspices of the church of England Emigration Society as well as T, J. Welch Esq. of Birmingham, the general manager. There about 380 souls on board, of whom 250 are Government immigrants.------------- There are about 80 single females who have had a separate apartment, having no communication with the other parts of the ship'tween decks, an arrangement superior to those which ordinarily prevail in most vessels.


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