Death of a soldier of the Patriot War at a

Ripe Old Age

Uncle David House, who died in Plessis Aug. 15, on his 81st birthday, participated in the Patriot War. At age 23, on November 10, 1838, he with others left the city of Ogdensburg in the evening of a quiet Sabbath day,, crossing the river St. Lawrence and landing the next morning in Canada at a place known as Windmill Point, as they supposed, to assist the Canadian people in throwing of the yoke of English oppression and in becoming a free and independent people.

They soon found that they had been deceived by those whom they came to assist, and after several days of hard fighting, were obliged on the 17th to unconditionally surrender. They were marched to Kingston and were courtmartialed and condemned to die. Some on account of their youth were pardoned, and sent home while others were hung. The sentence on Mr. House in connection with some 80 others was commuted to transportation for life to Van Dieman’s land, and on Sept. 22, 1839, they left Kingston for their future home, making several stops on the way, and arriving at the harbor of Hobarttown, Van Dieman’s Land, on Feb. 4, 1840. From then, until he received his pardon from the queen of England, which was granted June 3, and signed by the lieutenant governor of Van Dieman’s land, Dec. 4, 1844, he was subject to all the hardships of convict life being hitched up like a dumb beast to draw stone for road building and other work; also drawing the plow to cultivate the soil.

After receiving his pardon, in order to return to his native land, he signed on board a whaling ship and then to another, arriving home in the spring of the year 1846, about 18 months after being pardoned, being absent seven and one-half years. He settled in the town of Orleans and remained there, until about thirteen years ago, when he removed to Plessis, where he since resided. “Uncle Dave” was an honest, upright citizen respected by all.

Webhost’s Note: This obit was published Saturday, Aug. 29, 1896, in “The Watertown Herald,” a newspaper from Watertown, Jefferson County, N. Y.

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